The Adventures of Gold the Bread

By tha525744 All Rights Reserved ©

Children / Adventure


Gold was just born seconds ago and has decided to leave his destiny behind and go on an adventure to different places in the world. Gold has to try to keep people and animals from devouring him, to do that he has to hide and blend in with objects.

Chapter 1

Hey, when I was born I was warm, I mean hot. I was born in the oven, what I saw in there was magnificent. I saw a bright red and orange colored moving hot, flame. I tried to touch him, he warned me to not touch him or I'll burn and go in the trash. I didn't want to get thrown out so I just had a conversation with him until the others awakened. When the other breads awakened I became good friends with them. Some where golden brown, some where burnt, some where just pale and sticky. I was one of the golden brown. when I was finished Jack, the baker took me and some of my friends out of the oven before the rest. Jack rested us on a light brown cutting board to let us cool down before he started the next possess.
"Hey do you know what is on the outside of this bakery?" I questioned.
"No, you and I were just born today. How would I know anything?"" Answered Bill.
"You know what I'm gong to run out of this bakery and explore the outside world to change my destiny."

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