The Mermaid's Tale

By DG Coutinho All Rights Reserved ©

Children / Adventure


The Mermaid's Tale is the story of little Akua a slave girl who grows up to be a pirate Captain and her companion Hasani the mermaid it is an adventure which has its fair share of deception and disguise, foiling a kidnap, stealing a treasure map and a brush with the king of England. There is a good helping of love and friendship and baddies getting what they deserve. It is now almost thirty years since Akua first arrived, but on land, Akua would be closer to eighty-five. The Mermaid knows that if Akua remains living in the sea even a minute after the midnight on her thirtieth ocean year, her actual age would consume her all at once. Together they plan to make Akua a Pirate Captain so that she can be buried at sea when she dies and return to Hasani for a Mermaid Forever. Akua agrees to go ashore but her heart hardens with grief at being separated from Hasani and she begins to erase The Mermaid from her memory. Hasani has no choice but to give up her mermaid essence, to find Akua and bring her back to the sea. Trouble is, mermaids who give up their mermaid essence willingly; become unrecognisable beyond the ocean, even to the people they love.


Journal entry Professor Rachel Askham 28 May 2014

I have been intrigued by the findings at Smithridge University school of Marine Archeology. It seems they have been interested in funding research for anyone who can piece together a theoretical, historical account from some evidence that they have had in their archives for over fifty years:

I. Birth certificate of male Louis George Iolaus Hermes Fitzroy. April 29th, 1696 London Father unknown

II. Nautical map and coordinates Spain circa 1689

The documents listed above found with the enclosed parchments and papers. Their location, a chest hidden behind the rotting book panel of a sunken ship, called ‘The Hell’s Star’. They were excavated and examined by marine archaeologists. They are said to be a varied assorted collection of accounts from diaries, ship’s log entries and letters. Neatly pleated into a jewelled box bound by ribbon and Cedar bark and sealed with a type of red wax indented with a fine small semi-precious heart-shaped black stone and a coil of bright orange tightly curled hair that biologists say has the cellular base of fish protein.

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