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Adventure / Romance

Chapter 20

Her words unraveled me down to my core. If I was simply a brute (as she’d so eloquently described me earlier) then I’d have taken her immediately. Knowing, however, that she was a virgin and quite innocent in all these matters, I had to take my time. I felt my entire body rise in temperature, heat pulsating in my cheeks, reflecting her own nervous blush.

“Oh aye, I’ll claim ye,” I whispered back huskily. She shuddered as my hands once again roamed her body. I wanted to memorize every inch of her flesh. I held her gaze as I bent my head slowly, placing kiss after kiss upon her silky, pale skin. Her eyes fluttered closed as she squirmed beneath me. I chuckled softly, elated to see that she was responding to me, that she was enjoying this. I moved back to her face, cupping her cheek as her blue eyes opened. Our lips met, kissing deeply, more eagerly than before, our breathing becoming rapid, her breasts pressed tightly to my chest. I pulled away, wishing to see her face, to claim not only her but this entire moment. Forever. She would be mine, and I would hopelessly be hers for all eternity.

She seemed confused as I stared.

“Are ye nervous?” I asked. She smiled timidly and nodded a bit. I brushed my thumb across her round cheek.

“I’ll no’ hurt ye.” I promised.

“I know.” She smiled, trembling beneath me. I nuzzled my face in the crook of her neck, letting my lips linger on her damp skin. She moaned again, a quiet, tiny sound, that made the beast buried within me want her so badly. I continued to kiss her, sensing she was comfortable with that, that she liked it. I moved my hand slowly down her waist, to the inside of her thigh, gently pushing it aside. I moved my lips over hers, feeling the deep vibration of her next moans as I began to rub her more sensitive parts. I growled against her lips as her moans grew, as she writhed in pleasure beneath me, at my touch. When I sensed she was ready for another step forward, I pushed my fingers inside her, pulling our lips apart to check her expression. She was red as could be, panting heavily, craning her head back as her eyes shut in ecstasy. I smirked, feeling my own sense of pleasure, knowing I was the source of hers.

Her eyes sprang open, her expression greedy as she reached up and clasped my face in her hands, pulling my lips back to hers. I smiled deeply, chuckling against her mouth.

“Killian,” she breathed against me. I knew what she desired. I withdrew my fingers, pulling away from her, using my knees to push her legs apart. She stared at my face with so much trust, so much adoration. I leaned forward, placing my hands on either side of her head, sensing she’d want my body near hers, for this to be as close and intimate as possible. She ran her hands up my forearms to my biceps, my muscles taught with excitement and nerves. I kissed her again, readying myself.

“Are ye ready, my wee one?” I said against her jaw.

“Yes,” she breathed, her hands gripping my back tight, pulling my hips closer. I groaned as I pushed slowly inside her, our connection altogether otherworldly. She gasped, her nails digging into my lower back. I pressed my chest to hers, continuing to ease my way in.

“Are ye alright?” I asked, concerned. I slowed my approach.

“Mmm,” she moaned in response, biting her bottom lip. I groaned again, pressing forward, deeply, until our hips touch. She moaned again, pleasure mingled with pain. There was not much else I could have done to warn her. She was a small woman, smaller than I had ever realized. Though now that I was in her, I felt it. A wave of pleasure rippled through me, nearly causing me to lose myself. I steadied my breathing, opening my eyes to stare at her.

“Are ye hurt?” I asked, cupping her face. She opened her eyes, unable to hide the truth.

“It’s…good…but..d-different,” she said nervously. I chuckled, pulling my hips away ever so slightly.

“Yer so wee,” I said, cherishing her even more so now. “I feel as though I’ll shatter ye.” She laughed nervously, pulling me back into her as her eyes closed.

“You won’t.” She promised. I took her at her word, slowly easing my way out and back in, giving her time enough to adjust to the feel and the rhythm. Embarrassment flooded my veins, knowing my release would be here all too soon. I picked up the pace as she clutched my back, moaning louder now. I growled, breaking our connection as wave upon wave of pleasure washed over me. I felt dizzy at the euphoria of the moment, but my mind and heart pulled me back quickly.

Breathing heavily, I pressed our noses together, smiling.

“I’m sorry, I—”

She placed her hand on my chest, grinning up at me, stopping my words.

“I…” she began. I could see the nervousness in her eyes. I waited patiently.

“I love you,” she breathed. My heart nearly lurched from my chest. Although this seemed a whirlwind romance that had the potential to fall flat and die, I knew it was vastly different. I’d seen the outcome of our decisions. I knew deep in my heart that Emmelyne was mine forever.

“I love ye, too, my faerie,” I placed a deep kiss on her lips, pulling away, brushing a strand of hair from her forehead.

“How do ye feel?” I asked, feeling my brows pull up. She pursed her lips for a moment, wriggling her hips beneath me.

“Sore.” She admitted. I felt guilty at causing her pain while I was given nothing but the ultimate pleasure. I traced the outline of her face gently.

“What can I do to make ye feel better?” I asked. She shivered, a chill settling upon us both as the heat of our lovemaking dissipated. Her eyes wandered to the tub. I laughed.

“Back in the bath for ye, eh?” I said. She bit her lip and smiled, nodding. I pushed away from her to stand, feeling more guilt as I stared at the bloodied mess, the evidence that I’d been the one to finally claim her innocence. A small, pink scar shined just below her hip, our deception no longer necessary. She propped herself up on her elbows, catching sight of the blood, her face becoming mortified. She opened her mouth, and I was angered, knowing she sought to apologize.

“Don’t ye say it.” I warned. Her eyes flashed to me, confused. Her eyes widened as she stared at me, clearly below my hips. I rolled my eyes.

“’Tis normal,” I whispered, closing the gap between us, holding the back of her slender neck. “So don’ ye apologize, alright?” I said. She nodded. I pulled her into my arms, carrying her back to the warmth of the tub. I stepped in, the temperature still scalding thanks to the coals beneath. As I eased my way down, I pulled her on top of me so we faced one another. She sighed as the water lapped at her midsection. I kept my hands on her hips.

“So, even after that, ye love me?” I teased, watching her blush. Her hands rested on my forearms as she nodded.

“Yes, I do,” she bit her lip, making me sense there was more she was fighting to say.

“Out wi’ it.” I said lightly. Her eyes found mine, seeking the courage within me.

“Did you…like it?” She whispered. I burst into a fit of laughter, causing her to jump at the sudden noise. She seemed hurt.

“Emmelyne,” I said, still chuckling as I trailed my fingers up and down her spine. “I’ve been waitin’ for this since the moment I saw ye.” I admitted. She flashed her teeth in a grin.

“The real question is, did you like it?” I asked, readying myself for her to say no. She thought a moment, causing my stomach to plummet.

“More than I thought I would,” she admitted, staring down at the water, her dainty fingers reaching out to graze my stomach muscles. I shuddered, invigorated at her touch.

“I was always told it was…horrible, the pain,” she whispered, trailing her hand up to my chest. I felt myself grow hot and excited once more.

“But you…you’re kind, gentle,” her eyes caught mine, sincerity dripping from them as her other hand joined in, exploring my flesh. To feel her touch was the epitome of my life. Her brow furrowed.

“I was told women weren’t supposed to enjoy it, that it was wrong,” she shook her head, her eyes falling from my face as she fought through her confusion. I silently let her.

“But I…I want you…more, again,” she admitted, warring with herself, both her hands splayed on my chest, emitting a wet warmth. Excitement curled in my gut, flashing through my veins. I wanted to tease her, to ask if I’d been that good, but I knew this was more serious to her.

“Emmelyne, that’s no’ a bad thing, not at all,” I said, using a curled finger to push her chin up. She was still flummoxed, her face glowing anew in the firelight. She felt different, emotionally, that much I could tell. I desired to make her feel good, feeling selfish for not giving her a release that she’d never felt before.

“Yer mine, and I’m yers.” I said. She smirked, nodding.

“So we…we can, do this more?” She asked. I chuckled, jostling her as I did so.

“Gods, I want ye even more now, every second of every hour, if you’ll let me,” I teased. She laughed, timidly winding her hands up and behind my neck, her perky breasts grazing my chest. She stared into my eyes, and I could see her desire, her new level of trust—her love. Without her visions of the future, I doubted we’d be here, now. It was almost a relief to have all the guesswork removed for us so we could simply dive right into this relationship.

I sat forward, kissing her, moving one hand from her hip to her womanhood. She gasped against me, shuddering as I toyed with her.

“Relax,” I whispered. She obeyed as I found the delicate, sensitive spot I was searching for. She moaned, pressing her chest against mine, her face in the crook of my neck, her nails biting into my shoulder. Her moans increased, rising in pitch, her thighs quivering. I readied myself, adjusting my hips to enter her as soon as her release was over. She ceased her noises, becoming still for a moment as pleasure rolled over her. I groaned, feeling myself stretched taut once more. She cried out, the noise turning to small squeaks. I grasped her hips as she collapsed from the high, pushing myself into her once more, the water splashing over the edge of the tub. She was weak from her first release, trembling against me, but awakening once more as I picked up the pace.

She pulled away, our eyes locking as I wound my hand into the hair at the nape of her neck, my other gripping her hip, pushing her down onto me. I was ready to lose myself once more, ready to give in.

“Oh,” she moaned. I slowed, feeling her tighten. I growled, tugging her hair gently as I could, deepening our connection. She cried out, much louder this time, her thighs gripping my legs tight. Without warning, I met her at the same moment she released, unable to break our connection but not caring that I hadn’t. She was fully mine. She collapsed onto my chest, panting with exertion. I wrapped my arms about her, pulling her ever closer, kissing her cheek. She trembled in my arms, still twitching every few moments.

“How was that?” I whispered in her ear. I felt her smile against my chest.

“I want that forever.” She whispered back. My heart soared.

“Aye, me too.” I said.

“I want you to always hold me this close. Swear it,” she demanded, still unable to move. I chuckled.

“Aye, I swear it, for I know you’ll find a way to kill me if I don’t.”

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