A Strawberry's Growth

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Cephas Tuyois. When saying his name, remember that he likes Sea Fish. A 15 year-old boy who gets transported from Earth to a strawberry-shaped planet, Fruilluna. Yep, you heard right. How does gravity work there? Doesn't matter, but what does matter is that it is coming to an end. He'll have to venture across the lands and collect memory stones for mysterious reasons. Another problem is at stake, as well. What's with all of these anthropomorphic animals? And why are most of them adorable? Well, except for the fact that some are legitimately trying to murder the little child. Should a 15 year-old boy really be doing this sort of thing? Keep an eye out for a certain dog. Dog person? I don't know anymore.

The Big Patch

“Ugh... It’s too much of a good day, but without him... without him...”

Save log: Cephas Tuyois, a certainly unique little 15 year-old boy who loves strawberries, games, and lots of other stuff. Maybe I should revise my save log since it’s so basic. Maybe add in the fact that my name sounds similar to sea fish. Life was, and still is, very peaceful, at least until I become cognizant of some strange noise. Naturally, I go to inspect the noise, but not before saving my game again. Who knows if you might break a rib, contact your worse fear times two, or connect with a bunch of dogs? The noise comes from my bed, which I rustle in a quirky manner. In a not-so-quirky manner, a malevolent hand yanks me into a distorted portal of distortion, and it comes to no surprise that my screams fill the void. Wait, can voids really be filled? I have no time to think for an answer since I’m busy with being scared for my life until I hit land, a particularly grassy one at that.

Strange... My face isn’t in pain, and neither am I! But my mind blatantly is due to the fact that my intense confusion of this new place gives me a minor headache. At least the lush atmosphere contains a grand array of green, fruits of orange, and green orange trees, but I see no strawberry bushes. It’s quite a shame since a strawberry patch could extend across the land for acres! Gah, no more marveling! I have to become accustomed to my surroundings! I start to walk, but a particularly fluffy bear interrupts my stroll.

“Ah! Sorry, so sorry!” Mr. Bear apologizes frantically, brushing me off like a homemade feather duster.

“Don’t worry! I’m fine,” I cheerfully reply in an effort to reassure him.

“Wait... Hold on...” He examines me all over and around like a vigilant cop in airport security, only much furrier. “Aqua green strawberry shirt... Stretchy jeans... Tan sneakers... Grandeur afro...” His voice is painfully familiar to me as my appearance is to him, but I don’t remember ever meeting an bipedal bear in my life, at least I don’t think I ever have... His face suddenly lights up and abruptly inhales as if he has just remembered everything that has ever happened to him. “You’re my charge, Maru!” Hugs from him almost suffocate me, but are nonetheless fluffy and comforting, even if I am almost entirely bewildered.

“Whoa, what do you mean?! Not that I don’t enjoy hugs, but...” He lets me go and stares into my eyes with his own emerald ones.

“What do you mean, ‘what do you mean?’ I’m Blaze, remember? Your fiery bear guardian? You remember me, don’t you?” While Blaze tries to get me to remember him, a sudden but cursory vision depicting Blaze and myself playing together invades my mind, bringing back my full recognition of Blaze shortly afterward.

“It’s totally you, Blaze!” I try to give back a hug of equal power, but Blaze easily overpowers me without even meaning to.

“Man, I missed you too much! Today is so much better now, Let’s get going! I wanna show you you where you’re gonna live!” “Live” is a strong word.

Before I even ask questions, Blaze already has me on his back, carrying me to a massive golden house lined with marble along with teal doors, windows, and a roof of a slightly darker teal. In other words, my dream house. “This house is so amazing!” I blurt out in awe.

My house is so amazing? Thank you very much, Maru. Now, let’s go inside!” Blaze seems enthusiastic, but the interior of the house doesn’t reflect his mood. Aside from the necessities like couches, other rooms, an air conditioner, a refrigerator, and a bed, the house is mostly empty. At least the golden color of the interior is still magnificent! “Oh yeah, sorry for the emptiness. I was only really focusing on a good, comfortable place to live. I know your love for electronics, but I never anticipated you to arrive. I just couldn’t get myself motivated after...” Blaze doesn’t finish his sentence.


“After something really horrifying.” He feels uncomfortable with the topic, so i just drop it.

“Well, now that I’m around, I’ll help you put some stuff in here!”

“Oh, you don’t have to do that.”

“I don’t mind! It’s my job to spoil you as your charge, or whatever that means.”

Blaze rubs the back of his head in a modest manner while his cheeks turn rosy and a big smile grows on his face. “That’s really nice of you, Maru. Well, all you have to do is fish and catch bugs, then sell them to the local Set Sell store. Any fruits are game, as well. I would say that we could get a job together, but they aren’t hiring. One last thing, our currency.” Blaze shows me an item that looks like a smooth, seedless, leafless yellow strawberry. “This is a Boina! It has a counter that tells you how many boins, our currency, you have.” I take the Boina, which has a zero in the counter box. “I feel horribly bad leaving this all up to you, but—" he lets out a huge yawn "—I haven’t slept in over a week...”

“That’s absolutely fine! You just get some rest.” After my reply, Blaze gives me another tight embrace, holding me for much longer.

“I’m so glad you’re back with me, Maru...” After he releases the embrace, Blaze takes me to the door and provides me with necessary tools to earn money. “I should be up again soon. Be safe...”

“I will, as long as you get some rest!” We wave to each other and exchange warms smiles as I leave the house.

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