The Causality of Time (Book 1)

By Jonnathan Strawthorne All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Scifi

Chapter 5 - Atlantis Dream

It was a beautiful city located within a circle of small islands situated in the Adriatic Sea. Limestone blocks had been shipped in from the north to construct the harbor adjacent to the city, and the walls of the town were clad with granite and gold. It was a city that commemorated the relationship between humanity and their gods.

The temples gleamed in the sunlight, throwing off beams of brilliance into the deep-blue sky and the aqua green of the sea. The city-state had no ambition of empire or to dominate its neighboring city-states. Trade was its goal, along with the establishment of the arts and philosophical teachings that would bring Homo sapiens up from the level of animals to that of the gods.

Ships from the ports of various neighboring nations would come with their loads of cedar, gold, silver, onyx stone, emerald, ruby, purple, and silk for trade and sometimes as gifts. The city was a testament to man’s accomplishments now abandoned and forgotten.

To walk the ramparts was to witness a spectacle of beauty and light. The sunlight would dance along the waves of the sea and eventually skip across the shores of the islands. The greenery of the vegetation waved its beckoning call to anyone willing to stop for but a few moments. It was a city to be proud of and to be recognized and appreciated for its technological accomplishments, as well as its political and economic prowess.

It had begun as a simple settlement of seafarers looking for a place to trade their fish and other goods. Strategically located south of the Greek landmass, west of the start of Asia, and northwest of the Middle East, the surrounding nations eventually began moving merchandise around, converging upon the city for trade and final shipment. That palatial landmass of conurbation became a powerhouse of economic activity and wealth. It owed allegiance to no one, yet it was to everyone a vital link in the chains of political and economic machinations.

It was at the very inception of the thought to build a city-state that the Trilateral Perigee, as the group members liked to call themselves, approached those simple people. In a biological form and consciousness, they convinced the people of the need to create a city of such splendor and glory as to be a testament to man’s freedom of choice.

The Trilateral Perigee was made up of individual multidimensional beings displaced, in their minds, by the mandate of the Originator to stop intermingling with humanity and interfering in their development of conscience and consciousness. Those creatures were not satisfied with adhering to the order due to their overwhelming desire for recognition, power, and the potential to be worshipped as gods. So, they took it upon themselves to influence the seafaring individuals, convincing them to build a city in honor of the Trilateral Perigee and their defiance.

The people of that tribe were in awe of those beings and considered them gods, erecting temples to honor them with sacrifices and supplications. The power of those multidimensional entities was awesome to behold not only intellectually and creatively, but also physically, as they were able to harness, to a limited degree, the power of nature for their use.

It was not long before the inhabitants of the city became enslaved to the wishes and desires of those beings and were compelled to provide offerings to gain their favor. Due to the love and devotion those people gave to their interstellar brethren, the multidimensional beings bestowed upon them a vast quantity of knowledge and experience in the mathematical, scientific, biological, mechanical, electrical, political, and economic studies. It acted as a springboard in their ability to become the most powerful, most influential, and most creative city-state in the known world.

However, as with all civilizations, their demise was not immediate; many times such a death is not even noticed. The citizens of those states carry on with their lives, oblivious to the impending doom to be carried out over years, decades, or centuries, not realizing they lived within the death throes of an idea that at one time worked but was captured and destroyed by the greed and corruption of its followers.

The Trilateral Perigee members were so intoxicated with the success of their city and the worship of those citizens that they eventually began discussing the idea of extending their influence and power over the neighboring nations, with the ultimate goal of giving birth to an empire. The situation did not go unnoticed, and the causality of that time was soon to be brought to the fore to be witnessed by all.

Once again, the Majestic Twelve sent out a decree for all direct physical contact and influence of humanity be stopped. The order did nothing to change the Trilateral Perigee’s position on the matter. They continued their plans with deliberation and purpose.

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