The Causality of Time (Book 1)

By Jonnathan Strawthorne All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Scifi

Chapter 4 - Consequential Action

The Authorial moved about, carefully observing the undertakings of each member of the RI Group. The level of intensity within was exponentially higher than that of the FI Group. Without a doubt, they wanted their hypothesis, their experimentation, and their final results accepted by the Originator. The RI Group wanted their conclusion hailed as the ultimate victory of determining the validity of chaos coalescence and the randomness of choice.

In their reasoning, it would perhaps allow for self-determination. The choice would be entirely up to the intelligent creation and would not be dependent on predetermined rules, actions, methodologies, or causalities. Also, an adaptation of choice would become a serious contender for further analysis.

The Authorial was not involved in usurping the creative process of intelligent life; instead, it was interested in sharing the direction of the creation’s purpose. Also, the Authorial wanted a precedent for this choice, and the approved right to make the decision not only for itself, but also for all other intelligent creatures. The option of intellectual, moral, scientific, and creative processes, according to the Authorial, should be in the control of each intelligent being, not mandated or coded by a higher authority.

So all possible avenues of assuring success were studied and explored, with many of them implemented. The RI Group occasionally abducted individual humans to study their molecular and biological compositions for the possible enhancement of their creation and the possibility of using the fundamentals of this entity to their advantage.

Those multidimensional beings would always reveal themselves as biological creatures—sometimes in plain view and sometimes through the shadows of the night. Many people would report those visitations as either dreams or visions, resulting in much fear and confusion, unaware that they had physically left their location and been transported to a waiting ship just out of Earth’s orbit. The RI Group would either harvest eggs or sperm from their hosts for artificial genetic productions or re-combinations with their biological creations to study the possible outcomes of those combinations. The genetic combinations created all sorts of monstrous and horrendous abnormalities of human and alien alike.

Discarding many of the genetically produced entities became common practice; storing separate lines of genetic alterations for future analysis and study was routine. Some began an introduction to the Earth’s biosphere as large bipedal mammalian entities wandering the foothills and mountains of earth’s various ranges. Occasionally, people caught glimpses of them traveling through snow packs and dense forests. Their intellectual capacity was considerably stunted—almost to an animal-like state; hence, they did not play a significant role in the development of human beings.

Deflection and confusion were the Authorial’s primary goals when utilizing abductions and genetic re-combinations. They were not done to assist in the enlightenment of man for the furtherance of the FI Group’s agenda. The Authorial wanted to undermine the FI Group’s ability to successfully conclude that conscience with a predetermined moral code was more acceptable than a blank slate of chaos coalescence.

Early on in the introduction of Homo sapiens, the RI Group, having started their creative efforts millions of years prior, closely studied humanity’s behaviors and choices. Of course, they were not openly or aggressively sabotaging the FI Group’s studies, but instead were keenly interested and desired to know which approach would be the most effective. The Authorial did not contemplate or suggest the sabotage of the vibration codes of man’s particle makeup. It was completely unaware that the situation had developed.

The RI Group was just as shocked and amazed at the audacity of the situation and was just as equally confused as to how the case had taken place. The FI Group, however, became very suspicious and doubted the integrity of the RI Group’s intentions. The free flow of information and the open attitude between the two groups began to disintegrate; hence, the scientific and creative collaboration slowed to a complete standstill.

The situation did not bode well for either group’s creation. It only helped to enhance an already slowing decline of purpose and direction. As data accumulated, they were buried away throughout the various dimensions and zippered within layers of dark matter and dark energy. For tens of thousands of years, the situation continued and contributed to the eventual decline of the general accumulation of knowledge and wisdom.

Eventually, the situation of discord and mistrust became too much for either group to cope. The concerns and complaints needed to be aired for all to hear and attempt to understand. Decisions were required but based on real data, not assumptions or misunderstandings.

The Group of Seven and the Twelve Elders reorganized into a new committee called the Majestic Twelve. The group included four members from the Group of Seven, four members from the Twelve Elders, and two members from each competing scientific team. Anticipating the Majestic Twelve would be able to coordinate and implement investigations and adjudicate issues if questions or concerns came up, everyone concerned agreed to the reorganization of intellectual resources. Quickly, the study process began to move forward with a freer and more open atmosphere of cooperation between the RI Group and the FI Group.

By that time, humanity had begun to spread out over the face of the earth, developing civilizations and empires. The dawn of man’s expansion coincided with the restructuring of the administrative monitoring of the scientific process within the fourteenth dimension. Once the restructuring process had been finalized, visitations for the intervention of man’s future growth became more frequent, hence the dramatic rise of coordinated civilizations and the study of various scientific methodologies.

The multidimensional beings always appeared to man, if not in dreams and visions, then in physical, biological forms. Those forms would include other bipedal human structures with a more significant stature, subsequently calling themselves the Annunaki. Those beings assisted in the planning, structuring, engineering, and development of many great cities, including Nineveh, Babylon, and Ur. Over time, they preferred the biological transcendence of their consciousness because of the power it evoked over the people of that period.

That recognition and power provided a very detrimental, drug-like state of psychological narcosis and craving. It was something those multidimensional beings had never previously experienced, and soon they began to crave the adulation and love of humanity. It was not far off from worship, with those entities being fully aware of its potential outcome.

That developing narcosis had not initially been part of the intent, so it was not accounted for; hence, the Majestic Twelve suggested the practice stop, and humanity be left alone to grow on their own. For a specific few of the FI Group and RI Group, the situation did not sit well. The drug-like nature of their craving began overwhelming their sensibilities and reasonableness, whereby they continued the interventionist program under clandestine operations in complete opposition to the directives given by the Majestic Twelve, the Primus, the Authorial, and the Originator itself.

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