The Causality of Time (Book 1)

By Jonnathan Strawthorne All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Scifi

Chapter 3 - The Gods of Time

The Primus looked up from his studies with a quizzical expression, focusing its attention on the member standing before it. The bio-geneticist was an individual with an impeccable record and a sense of genius in the creation and manipulation of various genetic structures. For this kind of individual to come before him, the matter at hand must have been of extreme importance.

“If I may, I would like to report an anomaly of missing time. It has shown up in the vibration codes of the gene structure of the Homo sapiens species,” it reported.

“Yes, of course. Please proceed,” the Primus replied.

“Within the Homo sapiens species, the vibration codes of the particle structures within their genes have skipped five beats. The vibration cycle does not match the algorithms established by the mathematics division nor the chemical composition of the established directives. I am not sure on what to do,” it stated.

“Hmmm…That is most disconcerting. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. We will need to look into this immediately. I will instruct the Group of Seven to investigate the situation and ask the Twelve Elders to adjudicate the potential outcome,” the Primus replied.

“I will forward all the relevant materials to the Group of Seven for their analysis, my lord.”

“That is most helpful. Thank you.”

Those vibration codes had significant value in the makeup of the third dimension. They accounted for the very fabric of space-time, allowing for the creation of time and the physical universe. Those vibrations created a sonic frequency, thrusting waves of particles through dark matter to form specific molecules by agitating the disruptive nature of antimatter and dark energy. The combination of those two primary facets was the building block within the makeup of matter.

That was very significant, as it indicated purposeful tampering with the codes and direction of the creation. The long-term significance potentially included a vast divergence from the original intent of the physical makeup of man and the universe itself. The resulting outcome, at that point, was unknown; hence, an investigative analysis by the Group of Seven was paramount in determining the course of action. Time was of the essence.

Yes, time was of the essence, and so too were energy and light. Without the nature of time, neither energy nor light could exist within the third dimension. Time was the source, energy was the fuel, and light was the reality. Those multidimensional beings, as the creators of time and space, feverishly worked out the computations regarding the replacement vibration codes. Discovering the effects over millions of years would result in a drastically different species of man than the one which the FI group had grown so doggedly unwavering in their pursuit of.

The situation with humanity’s quantum makeup was not the intent of the FI Group. Their project became hijacked by an insidious reprogramming of their test subjects. It was not acceptable, and they were determined to find out who was behind the sabotage.

An investigative group composed of geneticists, chemists, mathematicians, and particle scientists was put together to infiltrate each of the RI Group’s respective divisions to find out who the saboteur was. The process of espionage was very new to the FI Group. They were relying on the mutual respect and trust of all within the fourteenth dimension’s organizational structure. The whole situation was highly unusual and created much concern.

The five skipped vibration beats of the particles in question meant a part of the energy wave compound had either been sabotaged, re-calibrated, replaced, or stolen. This “time skip” would alter established portions of reality as indicated by light photons not working correctly; hence, a purposeful path of change or destruction was in motion. The time skip meant there would be a jerking motion of reality in the perception of the Homo sapiens species. The awareness of time would not be fluid or purposefully directional; instead, humanity would experience time in reverse or experience a jumping forward, thus creating havoc within its reality.

The ability for Homo sapiens to procreate, build relationships, manufacture material things, grow communities, develop societies, and eventually progress to a civilization status would be impossible. The whole structure would begin to fall apart and eventually fail.

That intolerable situation was beyond the scope of acceptance. The FI Group needed to determine how the vibration codes became hijacked and how the new systems were slipped in under the five-beat time-skip pace. At first glance, it would seem impossible to accomplish, but further investigation demonstrated the subtle slowdown of the vibrations resulted due to the compression of the energy source - the various strings of particle energy making up the particles themselves. Instead of being stretched, they were compressed under extreme pressure into different alternate expressions or vivacity outside of antimatter and dark energy; hence, they restructured the vibration-wave process, creating the resulting wave displacement. That compression process forced the particles to drop five vibration beats, hence the time-skip situation.

It would have taken immense energy to compress the particle strings enough to slow their vibration wave process by five beats. To them, it was unfathomable even to contemplate the fact that power of that magnitude was available. Who or what could have accomplished such a thing?

There were two other forces possibly at work there. The first would have been gravity, and the second would have been nuclear. Those two conjectures were exhaustively investigated to determine if they were the tools used to accomplish such a feat.

With the combination of matter and antimatter, along with the use of gravity and particle fission under a controlled environment, the energy would be enough to knock the particles out of its vibration sequence, and even entirely out of the third dimension. That revelation shocked the investigative committee, the Group of Seven, to its very core, as they knew there had to be a purpose behind the sabotage. It also meant it was possible for anyone to have been behind the act. So the number of potential saboteurs increased dramatically, and the investigative process slowly began to grind down to a crawl.

The Primus took all of those developing crises in stride and conferred with the Group of Seven and the Twelve Elders to determine the best course of action to take to correct the situation. It was decided to let the vibration sequence run its course for a period, to determine the eventual outcome categorically. Upon definitively learning the conclusion, it would be at that point that implementation of a change in the molecular makeup of Homo sapiens would begin.

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