The Causality of Time (Book 1)

By Jonnathan Strawthorne All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Scifi

Chapter 9: Intervention

(5.5 million years before 1221 BC)

The state of man, it would seem, was one of creation by divine beings of unimaginable intellect and benevolence. At least, that is what the manuscripts of old would like to have us believe; however, the course of our rise was more complicated than that which was written.

Those multidimensional beings, it seemed, suffered from the same state of heart and mind as humanity. Quivering on the edge of self-denial and self-indulgence, they would plunge forth into the unknown depths of creation with various theories of development, and sometimes they did so without thoroughly mapping out the final conclusions of their current actions. It would seem they did not know what the possible findings would be; however, who was to know or understand the true nature of a god’s disposition?

God? Gods? The concept of divine beings implied simplicity, yet this thought was to be, eventually, a conundrum of opposing ideas. At one time, “God’s will” was the reason for any disease, warfare, poverty, and death. Once the superstitious meanings were finally discarded out of practicality, mankind was able to define his/her own course of probable action or reaction. This opened a floodgate of potential possibilities.

From the time of the first creative experiment on man, the multidimensional beings used various methods of creation to determine the ultimate structure, nature, and mental acuity of their finished version. This was not done in isolation but through a collaborative affair on various chosen locations throughout the world. Multiple types of man were created: Australopithecus afarensis, Homo habilis, Homo erectus, Homo ergaster, and finally, the last but not the least, Homo sapiens.

The biological, intellectual, emotional aspects and conscious free will of those creatures of antiquity were mapped out and experimented. One after another, they fell to the side due to cold, hard facts and the necessary improvements of the subsequent hominid lineages. Each latter species, save the last, was eliminated due to prevailing upgrades incorporated through adaptive creation or, as many would like to understand, evolutionary and adaptive coalescent assembly—a politically correct way of saying “evolutionary creation.”

Perhaps, however, the beings involved knew their purpose and the purpose of the experiment. They continued through eons of time—a period that encompassed an approximate 5.5 million years of adaptive creation. They made improvements where needed and cast aside what was unnecessary. Each species was unique within its right; they were all collections of different DNA strands.

The Primus and the FI group worked ceaselessly throughout all this time and ran the calculations for each of the strands and pairs of RNA and DNA. They ran the sequences for each of the added species to finally come to the culmination of their creative genius: Homo sapiens—a being endowed with their intellectual, moral, emotional, and psychological standards. With cause for conscience and free will, it was ultimately favorably predisposed toward its needs and the needs of others. A base pair founded on relationships was intertwined with the primary human-relationship structure—the family.

The FI group were, needless to say, quite proud of their achievement and looked forward to the final outcome of the debate that was formally initiated by the Authorial itself. It was a race of creative free will, choice, and self-determination. Who would win? Would there be a winner?

So from the earliest periods of mankind’s history, the intervention was the norm. A simple adjustment of the biology or the intellectual capacity of humanity involved a multidimensional intervention with plausible explanations of revelation for the various communities visited. This resulted in a plethora of myths, tales, fables, and stories coming out of each tribe and nation of man. Questions upon questions arose that were never answered, never explained, and never revealed, their answers only to be dispensed at the appointed times.

It was at this stage that Talmido’s father’s prayer of supplication reached the Primus with such urgency and devotion that it moved the FI group to take action and intervene for the sake of mankind. To help it understand the machinations of its own makeup—the reasons for its displays of benevolence or malevolence toward each other. It was done to nurture an awareness of its natural adaptation to its environment and its need to protect and take care of this creation—to assist in the understanding of the perilous nature of man and its biosphere.

The flash of light with the thunderous noise covering Talmido’s father and mother was not from the raiding party, nor from the clouds overhead; instead, the sound originated from the landing craft incorporated into the multidimensional beings’ purpose and the reason for intervention. Upon landing, a creature of considerable stature, bipedal and breathing the oxygen-and nitrogen-rich atmosphere, walked out onto the dust-filled plain of Mesopotamia. It picked up the man and woman, calmly walked back to the craft, laid them gently down onto gurneys, and strapped them in for the short flight to their final destination.

Upon being strapped in, the entity pointed various instruments toward the two people and waved a finger in the air to commence the sequence of coding the telomerase of each person’s gene pool. This involved the trans-generation of the DNA and RNA strands of any potential children. It would effectively rewrite their chemical codes to incorporate the various genes with biological regeneration, immortality, disease resistance, and the brain rewiring involved in increasing intellectual, emotional, and spatial cognition. In short, the couple’s children would inherit unique gifts, including the ability to live forever, improved brain function, regrowth of tissues and limbs, and immunity to any disease, whether it be of the fungal, bacterial, microbial, or viral form.

The purpose of the Primus’s intervention was as mentioned before; however, a more extensive plan was at work, one at which the Primus was not going to fail—a program involving the very existence of the Homo sapiens species.

It wasn’t long before the RI group became aware of this exception in the plan and began to wonder at the Originator’s intentions. Doubt began to fill the minds of the RI group, and eventually, it grew into a full-fledged cause for rebellion.

“This does not feel right. Why are the Focused Intelligence group taking liberties with their visitations to their Homo sapiens? Why is the Originator tolerating this?” one member of the RI group said.

“Have any of us been visiting our creations? I, for one, have not. The whole idea was for us to leave the creation to grow on its own, to determine the best course of action regarding the use of either the FI groups or our methodology,” another member brought up.

“Yes, yes, that was the original intention; however, I think the rules have just unexpectedly changed. I assume we are now free to do as we please with our creation,” the Authorial said.

“It does not make sense. How can either scientific methodology be determined if they are being manipulated?” one member questioned.

“The use of an unbiased scientific methodology was discarded. It is my belief we are now allowed to use what we can to influence or enhance our creation to a more favorable conclusion,” the Authorial said.

Many of the members showed dissatisfaction at the answer and shook their heads in confusion and wonder at the situation.

The RI group began in haste the visiting of its creation via physical means to improve its makeup and to provide advancements of teachings and the understanding of its environment and purpose in life.

This spawned a developmental race between the two factions involving periodic physical changes or involvement in their growth of individual consciousness and civilization. The interventions became more and more pronounced as time went on to the point that they provided each side with distinct advantages.

From this point of growth, the RI group took a position of rebalancing in the whole process, wanting to perhaps merge the two creations into one final juxtaposition that revealed the true nature of conscience and free will. Hence, they extracted their creation’s DNA and worked under clandestine operations to collect DNA from the FI group’s human creation. This new development transpired under the Homo sapiens phase of the FI group’s experimentation efforts. With this further progress, the RI group formed a new, undeclared sentient being on the far side of the third dimension’s universe, far off from the competing factions’ creations.

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