The Causality of Time (Book 1)

By Jonnathan Strawthorne All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Scifi

Chapter 8: Subversive Adaptation

It would seem, on the surface, to question the Originator, from the viewpoint of a rational being, was suicidal or, simply put, fallacious reasoning. The Authorial and its cohorts had decided for themselves they were correct and desired to continue on with their experiments. To be creators was a compelling reason for their position. To possibly be worshiped as gods was perhaps the drug motivating their epic journey down a path of unprecedented change and awareness.

From that moment, the Authorial group took up a position within the fourth dimension to keep access to their pet project close at hand. Within the third dimension, they seeded a world close to the heart of two suns with a biological creature based on a helium/hydrogen process. No genetic predisposition was entertained or coded. The entity was a blank slate of consciousness.

The refinement process continued on with a frenetic pace, entertaining and dissolving ideas as fast as they were submitted. New and exciting creatures were engineered to inhabit this world of possibilities. Many of them were based on thermal dynamics, nuclear reaction, and ethos-flux compression. The variety was staggering. The interactions were complex and decidedly asymmetrical. No one species relied on another for sustenance or biodiversity coherence or balance. For the entities creating those biological creatures, it was intensely satisfying to find out what would dominate the future of this world.

How would the original species deal with lower life forms? What approach would it take in mastering itself and the environment around it? Would the species be content with their world or press forward in exploring and colonizing space and other planets?

These questions were genuinely intriguing for the creating entities. The mathematical equations combined with the chemical reactions provided a unique test bed of possibilities too numerous to even imagine.

Eons of time drifted by without notice, and the test subjects grew in number and intelligence. They flourished as a result of their self-interest bias, learning skills through random cause-and-effect processes. Their synaptic pairing and coupling gradually strengthened their learning abilities to the point that they could harness and process the invisible wavelengths of radiation. A hierarchy of power, strength, and intelligence soon demonstrated itself among the species to the point that communities were established for the sake of protection. The language was developed through the use of a resonator chamber in the back of the subject’s skull. By compressing and decompressing the nuclear-combination cycle, the being could provide for tone, inflection, pitch, pace, and dialect. The language came out in a partial “wind through the trees” sound.

The sound would start at the back of the skull chamber and gradually move forward through the skull socket, resonating back and forth to create the whooshing sound of wind through a cavern.

When the decompression process was used, a quasi-bone structure in the front of the chamber would snap against the chamber wall, thus creating a clicking sound in conjunction with the exhalation sound. The speed, depth of tone, and the number of compression and decompression cycles used would indicate the precise word and the meaning behind the sound. The alphabet was more phonetic in nature.

As all languages share a central theme of commonality, the creature’s style evolved to incorporate their unique vocal expressions with meanings and translations.

From language arose the intellectual capability of the species and the sharing of ideas, wants, needs, and desires. The ability for communication had been incorporated into their structure; however, the expression had not been given to them. The creators allowed for serendipity to filter through and take hold.

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