The Causality of Time (Book 1)

By Jonnathan Strawthorne All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Scifi

Chapter 6: Growth

The two factions moved forward with their creative processes to determine the correct definition of moral consensus. The Originator tolerated this approach, for the time being, to allow for the hypotheses to be precisely determined; however, it knew the final outcome to be and silently despaired over the decision. It was probably not one it would have made.

Feverish calculations of chaos coalescence drove the RI Group to throw caution to the proverbial solar wind and adopt an adaptation model based on external stimuli and self-interest. Unforeseen circumstances of random probabilities, it was postulated, would drive their creation to develop physically and intellectually in a faster and smoother direction within the creative process.

As the biophysicists and mathematicians calculated the immeasurable probabilities involved, in one small corner of the theoretical test bed, an insignificant technician noticed a string of calculations that seemed to belie the accepted outcome of the random-intelligence model. Far within the mathematical equation, a subtle trend of errant deviation seemed to rear its ugly head. The algorithm pointed toward an extremely aggressive trait of the test subject in question.

The technician ran and reran the algorithm, slightly tweaking the mathematics on the second run to ascertain if the conclusion would stay the same. The biological calculations showed a remarkable upside to RI; however, the subtle detriments concerned the technician with such great weight that it contemplated bringing the predictions to the RI committee.

The “aggressive trait” anomaly was not something to be taken lightly. The RI group was a pressing force to deal with. Extremely capable and highly intelligent, they dominated the scientific hierarchy. Approaching them with anything opposite to their theories was akin to sacrilege; the lowly technician justifiably feared for its position and subsequently refused to divulge the errant mathematical subject. However, the nagging problem of the algorithm continued to haunt its conscience, and it brought the issue up with one of the Twelve Elders assigned oversight of the projects.

“My lord, in my duty as one of the mathematical editors for the RI group, I came across an anomaly in the algorithm that seems to suggest a rather unfavorable outcome for the test species to be examined. It indicates a small probability of extreme aggressiveness on behalf of the sentient biological beings. Thus, it may jeopardize the welfare of the associated material surroundings. It concerns me to the point I thought I should bring this to someone’s attention before the physical process of assembly begins,” it said with humble servitude.

“You have done well. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. I will follow up with this situation immediately to determine an appropriate course of action. Perhaps the Originator will need to provide insight on this matter,” the elder explained.

The technician moved away with evident relief to continue its editing, never to approach the subject again. The elder pondered this revelation and decided to bring it up at one of the Twelve Elders discussion forums. They were in a position to issue decrees or laws, and it was their ultimate decision that would impact the direction of the test project. With that, the elder, one of the Twelve Elders, issued a desire to convene a discussion group to determine if the anomaly constituted continued clarification or should be referred to the Group of Seven. Shortly after that, the Twelve Elders studied the mathematical and quantitative analysis of the algorithm and realized the technician’s observance and conclusions were substantiated. A concern echoed throughout the discussion, and it was agreed upon to approach the RI group with the evidence and determine an appropriate course of action first before referring it to the Group of Seven.

At first, the reaction of the RI group was cordial and committed to resolving the anomaly; however, as time wore on, it seemed the situation was being dismissed and attention was being focused on other, more pressing issues. This did not sit well with the Twelve Elders, as it was their responsibility to make sure protocol was adhered to, documented, and addressed. The RI group brought forth revised algorithms to sequence the DNA of the test subject to answer the nagging question of mental stability; however, when the programs were run, the result remained fundamentally the same. The Twelve Elders had no choice but to refer the issue to the Group of Seven for investigative review and final determination. This infuriated the RI group as they postulated not enough time was given to fully understand the randomness of the equations.

“The studies show the anomalous behaviour is not mathematically inevitable, nor statistically probable. The reaction from the Focused Intelligence group is unfounded and, quite frankly, dangerous. How can we allow subtle improbabilities to determine the very course of our work without the analysis to determine the factuality of the concern itself?” the Authorial agued.

“We are not suggesting you shut down your experimentation, but to deal with the abnormality. That is all,” one of the Twelve Elders said.

“Yes, of course we will, but how can we deal with it if it hasn’t happened yet? What precautions can we take now? We do not know if it will even come to fruition. This is like chasing random bits of energized dark matter that may or may not change into something we know nothing about,” the Authorial replied.

“Perhaps rearrange the molecular structure or chemical coding. I am not a scientist. You are. Please, do not continue to frustrate our patience, my brother. We understand your dilemma, however the abnormality must be dealt with in a satisfactory manner,” the Elder said.

“And what way is that, if I may ask?” the Authorial asked.

“With a conclusion that eliminates any chance for the abnormality to develop,” the Elder replied.

The RI group erupted into a chaos of voices vying for the Twelve Elders’ attention. With each member asking questions in a torrent of scientific rhetoric, the Twelve Elders gave up and adjourned the meeting, deciding it was severe enough to refer the issue.

The groups of scientists, biologists, physicists, engineers, and mathematicians gathered in their various areas to discuss this new development for the RI group. What was to be the outcome? Would the test even be allowed to move forward? The Authorial, the head of the RI group, decided it was time to gather all the materials about the test studies and move them to another area for safekeeping, as it seemed an unfavorable decision was about to be made. The time to make a move was now, before the Group of Seven made a decision.

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