The Causality of Time (Book 1)

By Jonnathan Strawthorne All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Scifi

Chapter 4: Divergence

The multidimensional beings of physical creation worked out the chemistry, biology, and physics of humanity, knowing the permanency and flexibility of those laws. They worked into the fabric of the equations fundamental probabilities that were open to choice, back doors of quantum physics, thus nudging the outcomes along paths of creative exploration.

Consciousness was an enigma of quantitative programming far, far beyond chemical or electrical action or reaction; it encompassed the synergy of all random, chaos, and structured theories that postulated the openness of probable direction and inherent coalescing. The intertwining of the two outcomes threw the mathematicians into proverbial spasms of intellectual backflips, lively debates, and cooperative intent.

As the testing intensified and the data were verified, it became apparent that focused-intelligence needed favorable surroundings and future opportunities for it to flourish and grow. Deprivation of creative possibility could not be in its makeup. It needed to be continuously stimulated intellectually, emotionally, psychologically, and physically for it to be satisfied with its purpose and direction in life. This was hardwired into its consciousness, within the deep recesses of its brain, which would enhance its power of reason and control. The FI poured themselves into the scientific study of carbon-based intelligence with vigor and excitement, which presented possibilities without precedence and innovative conclusions with astounding results.

The RI, however, decided to continue with their first hypothesis and create without the laws of conscience and free will, instead creating by pairing random and chaos theories into one cohesive learning process. The RI called this adaptive resolution. These two groups continued to study and move along their chosen paths, each deciding the time and place to initiate their study subjects. The RI, because of their straightforward approach to intelligence and free will, moved forward with their subjects within the same universe as the FI group at a much earlier time, and they placed their creation on a world similarly designed and positioned as earth, yet with many subtle differences.

They assumed that when enough eons of time had passed, these would grow into vastly different results. They wanted to study the outcome of their decisions to ascertain the effectiveness of each group’s approach.

So it was that intelligent life started in two distinct galaxies within a cluster of galaxies. The RI chose to populate a massive rocky planet based on a gaseous mixture of helium and hydrogen, and the FI decided to use a small rocky planet based on a gaseous mixture of nitrogen and oxygen. It was with these two platforms of creation that the race for answers was started and intelligent life began.

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