The Causality of Time (Book 1)

By Jonnathan Strawthorne All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Scifi

Chapter 2: Without Time

Eons passed with as little notice as the passing of a flower or a butterfly from one season to the next; the perfection of this flow transcended all accountability as the birthplace of creativity, innovation, and probability. It was at this time that mass, energy, and light became entwined with the reality of purpose and creation. Energetic time essence was wound into the very fabric of matter to form the attraction of gravity and light. These showed the pure brilliance of quantum physics that brought so much delight to the entities. They proceeded to perform these miracles on a plethora of blank canvases of time and gravity, drawing out the subtleties of different creations that only a master of engineering in physical matter could transpose.

It is with the development of light and gravity that creation started.

The breath of energy flew from its lips

Hands of a worker molded the clay of galaxies

As particles of light and antimatter swarmed

Gravity gave way to dark energy

Flying apart at speeds beyond relativity

Unimaginable works as a tapestry of constellations

It appointed each to its place

Allowing the formation of solar systems

All entities of its creation wondered at the novelty

The creative instinct of its thoughts

How each process moved beyond chaos

Toward the glad tidings of stability

Colors coalesced as paintings light years across

Expressions of beauty unfolded through shapes

Only to be swallowed by the blackest of black holes

Power too enormous for thought, too much for light

Energy rippled out from its hands

Molding the clay of a universe

Lighting up the dark matter of space and time

Coalescing the processes of thought and purpose

Into relative works of creativity

Beyond the wonders of awe

Toward a final power of expression

Too enormous for thought, too much for the dark

It was from that time of creation it began to be murmured: the notion of perhaps bringing forth another intelligence—one that could challenge the ideas of these entities; debate broke out over the creative possibilities. Questions were asked, and experiments were performed to prove the hypothesis.

The Originator looked on, listening intently to the discussions and enjoying the creative interactions of all these entities while sometimes adjusting the conversations and fine-tuning the directions of thought to help with the growth of conclusions and processes. Yes, this was the Originator’s reality, desire, and purpose—to share life and all its wonders, joys, and mysteries for the entirety of time.

It had contemplated this moment for an uncertain amount of time as it devised methods of creation through the pure power of intellectual ability. Calculations of immense theoretical probabilities stampeded through its mind as possibilities of life presented themselves to its thought patterns.

The Originator had moved the equations far into the future to determine the probable outcomes of its actions and the possible choices its creation would make and the subsequent action/reaction cycle to occur. Trillions upon trillions of cycles presented themselves in its mind with a recurring theme of necessity. With each mathematical calculation, there was an opposite yet equal equation balancing the possible outcome. It found there was no other way.

The Originator presented its thoughts to members of its society for discussion, yet even with each expansion of the process, the answer always remained the same. There were mathematical laws of consequential substance that could not be broken in the creative applications of free will and choice. No matter the direction of time, matter, or dimension, it always remained constant. This was due to the interplay of a conscious decision by each form of intelligence; hence, the Originator knew there had to be fundamental laws written into the fabric of choice and free will. Otherwise, anarchy would erupt, and a breakdown of society would ensue.

The Originator locked within the very fabric of the energy used to create the various universes vibration codes that would ensure a harmonious blend of structure and creative free will. It was with those codes that the Primus and Authorial proceeded to move forward in their quest for the base answer for free will.

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