The Causality of Time (Book 1)

By Jonnathan Strawthorne All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Scifi

PART 2 - Chapter 1 - The Beginning

It was, is, and will always be the constant; time was a meaningless incongruity as it created time for its own pleasure. Unlimited ability was its essence. It blazed in glorious energy that surmounted any thought. The dynamism of power emanated from its being. Millennia of its presence passed with a coming and going that was never counted or expected. The passage of time thought, and awareness processed thinking of other possibilities, other existences—perhaps other forms of life. It contemplated this potential with a depth of knowledge far beyond understanding, far beyond the physical and nonphysical worlds—beyond any reality other than its own.

Within a moment, it created another for its own purpose, endowing it with the same essences of meaning and thought. It breathed life into its progeny, providing a change that would reflect its own strength of moral character and pleasure. As this creation awakened, the Originator watched intently, looking for the resemblance while excited about the possibilities and the probabilities. Thus, time commenced moving forward with this birth of creation.

“What am I?”

“Conscious intelligence,” the creator replied.

Looking around, it asked, “Where am I?”

“You are here with me.”

“Where is here?”

“It is everywhere and yet nowhere. The place of the question has not been created yet.”

“Am I you?”

“No, you are yourself. I created you from myself, but you are yourself alone.”

“You are my creator?”

“Yes, I am your creator but you may be my friend, if you like.”

“What is a friend?”

“It is another conscious intelligence that has the same thoughts, goals, ambitions and desires as yourself. It is a close relationship of shared ideals.”

“What is your name?”


Questions were asked, and answers were given. Ages upon ages moved as ripples in a river, flowing with constant deliberation and joy. Learning and creating were its greatest satisfaction. Witnessing the birth of new ideas and compositions of thought brought the Originator and its progeny into unison in a way nothing else could ever bind together. This flow of creative possibilities wove into the very fabric of their relationship that developed a love for each that transcended any and all other realities.

“My son, are you ready with the source codes for the fourteenth dimension?”

“Yes, Father, I am.”

“Good. Let’s begin the process of life, what do you think?”

“Of course, Father. I agree, it is very exciting. I am curious to see whom we shall share this dimension with. Will our creation be the same as us?”

“Perhaps. I am curious, as well. Let’s begin,” the Originator stated.

Through the random cause and effect of combining various forms of energy and dark matter, a gradual process of creation formed, ushering in a plethora of conscious entities within the fourteenth dimension.

The laws of mathematics, physics, and energy were tied into the very nature of this new development whereby all the presuppositions of what was possible were muted, as the factuality brought together life and realms in ways unimaginable. Using the very cores of antimatter, dark matter, and repellent energy, life was brought forth with an ever-increasing rate of complexity.

A society of multidimensional beings was formed, and the Originator derived much satisfaction with this eventuality. It observed the distinct differences of character as stochastic equations of mathematical personality exhibited themselves onto the community of social behavior. Each of these entities was endowed with the same principles of moral character as the Originator, and they provided a very robust qualitative sense of purpose for each one.

The Originator had anticipated this outcome, hence its desire to program within life’s energetic frequency the cause and effect of choice and free will. It knew the dynamics of intention and result, the unidentifiable fabric of causality, and the future accountability of time. It had contemplated the social dynamics of a society based on fundamental laws of probability and one without. It had envisioned the possible outcomes of each direction and had chosen to establish the central tenets of the creative process within the very fabric of creation itself.

The vibration frequency of energy contained the very essence of choice and free will. The Originator did not want relationships to be programmed or to be based entirely on the relative mathematics influencing the vibration frequencies of the energy empowering the entities it created. It wanted choice and free will to overflow the social structure, but also wanted them to stay within the extensive laws of conscience.

The Originator had come from a long line of multidimensional beings located within the thirty-third dimension, which was outside of the first fourteen energy-based dimensions. The Originator was neither energy nor dark energy. It lived in a universe of contrasts beyond what is impossible. No one knew from where it came as it did not divulge the information. It had decided to create within the fourteenth dimension beings based on energetic frequency vibrations as the fundamental building blocks, hence restricting any of its creations from accessing any dimension above the fourteenth. This assured containment of those realms and the creative process while allowing for any mistakes to be made and adjusted as need be.

To the Originator, life was beauty unto itself. The infinite possibilities of choice gave it much pleasure. Watching the births of the various entities and their wonder and awe at the revelations of life provided the Originator with a sense of satisfaction, and it yearned for more expressions of its creative abilities.

It decided to have a meeting of its top hierarchy of intelligent beings to ascertain the level of interest in creating a dimension for a more physical representation of life; thus, it called together the greatest minds of its creation.

The throng of onlookers moved in waves with anticipation, patiently waiting for the Originator to appear. Ripples of pent-up energy flowed out toward the fringes of the gathering and bounced back like ripples in a lake, creating beautiful hues within a spectrum of dark energy that only they could see. Refractions of dark energy through translucent dark matter bounced like light through water, creating surreal images of a waving kelp forest in an ocean of light and water. A deep hypersonic sound of command ushered forth from a group called the Twelve Elders, hushing the crowd of onlookers and gathering the focus and intent on a slowly widening gap of stretched energy. Methodically, the Originator began to appear before the throng with an ever-increasing crescendo of grace and dignity, smiling benevolently toward the Elders, the Primus, and the assembly of onlookers.

Abruptly the waves of sound subsided, and one of the Elders stood up to introduce the subject for discussion.

“Brothers, we are gathered here to entertain and discuss the possibility of a new creation,” it said. “The Originator would like to determine the interest in creating another dimension for creation based on a vibration frequency of three gigajoules per antinum. This would put the creation into a physical realm not yet created, however with infinite possibilities. I will now bow to the Originator for further comment.”

“I have contemplated the possibilities of the three-gigajoule-per-antinum creation,” the Originator commented. “We all have, perhaps at one time or another, entertained the original requirements. I have decided to pursue this path and will now outline the laws surrounding this creation.”

The Originator went into minute detail of the physics, quantum probabilities, and vibration mathematics involved in the laws of the creation. Shouts of excitement sounded throughout the audience, and they applauded each progressive stage of thought. The Elders asked questions and presented their ideas along with the Primus and Authorial. Eventually, a plan was derived for the beginning of the third dimension and the universe as it is known today.

The whole community of beings was ecstatic with the idea and dove headlong into the process. The Primus approached the Originator and asked for the base frequency of the energy to be used in the creation process. The Originator gave the Primus the key to the “vault”; this was not a vault in a physical sense, but one held within varying zippered dimensional essences. Only the Originator knew the location and had the essence key of which he gave to his first creation, trusting its absolute devotion to the Originator’s purpose and desire. The Primus collected the frequency codes and proceeded to partition them up within various departments for analysis and synthesis, knowing the mathematicians involved would keenly pore over them.

A beginning for a third dimension was started. The possibility for conscious intelligence was created. The creative desire for Homo sapiens had begun.

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