My Half Of The Universe

By MtNaphtali All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Drama

The Death of Me

I learned that that night was supposed to be the meteor shower where dad planned on celebrating his electoral win. I got dressed and walked there in the dark. Standing in the thick grass, I watched the sky. Stars were shooting from one side to the other. I watched the star which divided the universe, and it’s helplessness to the mixing of it all. I sat. There are no sides in the universe. It’s just one big, fucked up mess. Watching Anne’s face fade in the sky, I lay back. “You will be the death of me.” Through the grass I could see each person from the town lying in a field, gazing into the constellations. My parents lay on a blanket only yards away, oblivious to my presence. I know that sometimes it is time to walk away, but this is not one of those times. Emmy and Orla were on their own blanket too. I think my dad was crying. At least I knew that across the world, everyone was looking at the same sky. And no, maybe nothing would get better, not anytime soon. But at least we were all together.

And so, I decided I was ready.

Stepping into the open field,

I spread my arms,

ready to bear the sun.

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