My Half Of The Universe

By MtNaphtali All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Drama

Fuel to The Fire

That night me and Moriah sat on the roof. “You never told me about why you ran off.”, she said. I sucked my lip.

“Do I have to?”

“No.”, she responded after a minute. I thought.

“I couldn’t be around them anymore. My family.”

“Why is that?”

I closed my eyes. “I don’t know.” She waited for me to say more. “Because they only supported gay rights because they are my rights. They couldn’t care for any of it until it applied to them. Fuck, they didn’t care when two people close to me had their house burned down because they were gay. My dad’s an asshole.”

She waited, “But… they were making a change?”

“I guess. But too little to late.”

“Shit.”, Moriah said, standing up and dusting off her pants.

“What is it.”

“No matter how late, at least they were trying.”

I sat up. “Are you seriously taking their side on this?”

“I’m just saying you shouldn’t be mad at their effort. That’s already more than a lot of parents would do.”

“Shit, I never want to see them again.”

“Could you not have worked it out with them?”

“Why are you acting like you know them so well?”

“I just think you should be fucking grateful! At least they were attempting to make a change. Fuck.” She yelled, kicking the ridge of the roof.

I was silent. “I’m sorry.”

“No you aren’t.”

“Nevermind, I don’t want to talk about this.”, I said. She sat down, facing away from me. We sat in silence for a while. Eventually I made my way over to her and sat down.

“You’re right.”

“I know I am.”, she said, “just… opinions can change, families are once in a lifetime. I never got a chance to talk to my family, but yours seem ready to listen.”

That night I went straight up to Eric. “I think I need to go home.”

He stared for a while. “I think I should come with you.”

The rest of the night was a whirlwind. Moriah hot wired a car for us, we packed what little things we had, and said our goodbyes. Eric cried. I didn’t. And then we were gone.

Most of the long drive was in silence- we were never stopped by police, bought gas without a questioning look, and took turns at the wheel. I'm pretty sure Eric was drunk part of the time, but he told me it doesn't count if you can still spell sober.

"S-O-B-ER", he said proudly. I soon realized that though it had only been days away from my family, part of me missed them. Fuck. I missed them. When we finally pulled down the road into our county, we both looked like wrecks. We crashed at Rudder’s the first night, no questions asked. I wasn’t sure I was ready to go back. But here I was.

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