Blood Bond (The Last Mistivy)

By leslienjohnson All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Romance


Miaes (Me-Es) is a human who has been brought up in a society where Monarchy werewolves are on top and vampires and humans are at the bottom of the food chain. Ever since she met the Monarch Prince Rueben when she was a little girl she was completely mesmerized by him. Her attraction to him seemed to grow stronger every time they were together but for some reason there is something holding her back. What happens when she finds out she is not really human and she realizes she is the one person that the Monarchy, Rogues, and Vampires want to control.


In the beginning the war started in a great havoc. The children of the moon outnumbered the remaining vampires strong enough to fight against them. Werewolves, we call them, because they take the form of humans and that of a greater wolf. By using their strength in numbers, as well as their day walking abilities, the war had become more brutal during the last ten thousand years. Then at the end of the war, the final attack came, our own kind betrayed by our own selves. Werewolves and a group of non-immortals finally breached the Isle of the Immortals. Slaughtering millions of refugee vampires causing the immortals to surrender. Upon their surrender they settled with an agreement. That all immortals and lesser vampires were to be separated from each other. Condemned and exiled we were from the very thoughts of society, we were reduced to nothing but experiments and slaves to darkness. Forced to lurk in the shadows amongst humans. Only immortals spared no such penalty in this.

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