Bound In Blood

By Renee Julian All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Fantasy


Alex Mystique has had an interesting path in life. Abandoned as a child and tormented by cruel men, Alex was discovered by Silva Sylquin, the leader of an infamous group of assassins; The First Drawns. Now, Alex is one of the greatest assassins in all the land but when a certain mysterious man approaches their Sanctuary, life suddenly becomes a whole lot more complicated.


In my line of work, stealth, secrecy and the lack of remorse is all we know. It’s something we have been taught from such an early age that it just comes naturally. We do not shed a tear for those who fall by our hand nor do their cries haunt our nightmares. At least not mine.

Some may call me heartless, others may describe me as a murderer. Me? I call myself motivated. Determined to please my dear mistress and help my family to succeed. Of course the gold is nice but that is not my reasoning nor has it ever been. I simply do as I am told when I am told it, waiting for the praise which follows and the smile adorn my mother’s face.

However, things cannot remain that way forever. Eventually, fate catches up with you and there is nothing you can do, no matter how hard you try to evade it. Your destiny will always find you and despite your refusal and desperation to fight it, you are powerless. Your whole life has been scribed and those choices and actions you have made which you believe to be your own, well they never were. You are a mere puppet to the gods, simply praying they have not some terrible end planned for you or a life full of tragedy and despair. You hope and you beg but at the end of the day, it makes no difference. The gods aren’t listening, nor were they ever.

I was always told to choose my own path in this world but now I know that it was all a load of malarky from the beginning. There is no such thing as choosing one’s own path. You are built to live life a certain way. All those events that happen around you, well they have been scribed simply so you follow the road they lay out before you and you don’t even realise it. Without thinking, you travel toward the life and responsibility befitting of you. All those “mistakes” you’ve made and the “accidents” you’ve caused? They could have been no other way. There is no purpose of regret for it could not have been evaded; it was required so that your kismet may come to fruition.

I have learned firsthand that no matter how fast you run or how early your head start is, you will never outrun your fate. It is far more powerful than you can even comprehend and it will always succeed. It will destroy anything or anyone whom stands in its way and jeopardises its mighty plan. Its plan for you.

I have been kicked while I was down and have lost those close to me all because of some godsforsaken prophecy which I want no part of. That’s right, there’s a prophecy to all of this and I am the key. The key to unleashing the archaic arts on mankind, for better or worse. That is the only option I have been presented and the only one I wish not to have the liberty of choosing. I want no part of it, despite my heritage or whatever inborn ability I possess. I just want to go home.

Ever since I was a child, I had been told that the archaic arts were nothing but lies and tales told to children to instil wonder in their hearts and imagination to whirl through their heads; it held no other purpose. Well, it was the tellers of such tales who had been lying all along. It is so very real and something I wished would remain in storybooks and in the overactive imaginations of children. It had no place here.

Perhaps you are confused by all of this, your face screwed up as you try to piece this together, unable to fill in the gaps. You are yet to understand our plight and the pain we have endured. Well, I can assure you it shall all be revealed in due time and those countless holes shall bring it all together. You will finally see. You will finally know. You will finally understand.

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