Rise Of the Bloodmoon Vol#1

By Yuki Aya Masahiko All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Thriller


Shinzuku, Is a young girl who must overcome the killer hidden inside. But will she be able to keep her double life a secret?

Day 1

In school, Shinzuku Misato ended up falling asleep in class. The teacher starts to yell at her while her head rests on the desk.

[Ms. Honda] “Miss Misato!! This class is not for sleeping! Wake up this instant! Besides you have been called to the office!”

Shinzuku jumps up and reply’s, “oh my, I am sorry!” and off she runs to the office. When she enters, they tell her to go in to the Principle’s office.

[Shinzuku Misato] “Yes!? Mister Gaichi?”

[Mr. Gaichi] “Ah Miss Misato, nice of you to finally join me. I have some bad news for you. Your student loans are going unpaid, and if you don’t get a job soon we will have no choice but to let you go.”

[Shinzuku Misato] “Huh...Oh my god my loans!! Yes, I have been having a tough time trying to get a job here, one that will allow me to go to school and work at the same time.”

[Mr. Gaichi] “Hmmm well Miss Misato, try looking in the classifieds for someone who is hiring because if you do not get a job soon and pay these loans back, we must expel you from here. I am sorry about this. I know how hard it is for you, but I will allow you to pay a portion of it each week once you have a job and I will give you a reference if need be.”

[Shinzuku Misato] “Yes! Sir!′ Shinzuku then bows to him, turns away, and says her goodbyes then leaves. Shinzuku packs up her locker as the popular boy of school swings by her locker. She notices him and bows to him.

[Shinzuku Misato] “Oh my god...Mr. Toshiro I am so sorry I didn’t even see you there..”

[Kaze Toshiro] “It is alright... I hear you are having issues paying back your school loans?”

[Shinzuku Misato] “Yes! That is right...But how did you...” her voice trails off.

[Kaze Toshiro] “Let’s just say the word gets around. You can always come and work for my father...But one catch though...”

[Shinzuku Misato] “What’s that?”

[Kaze Toshiro] “You will be working for him, but you will be doing what I say.” He moves in close like he is going to kiss her and whispers, “I always did wanna see just how far you will go for a job.” He backs away as she is blushing and turns her back to him.

[Shinzuku Misato] “Drop Dead!!” she yells as she knees him in the groin, and then she runs off with her backpack on and heads home. As she enters her apartment, she takes off her shoes and puts them on the rack. Then she slips into her slippers and turns the corner. As she comes around the corner into the living room, her friend scares the crap out of her.

[Shinzuku Misato] “Ahhh!!! What are you doing here?”

[Junko Nao] “Shinzuku! Is that any way to treat a friend?”

[Shinzuku Misato] “Oh sorry Junko! I just had a bit of a rough day at school that’s all.”

[Junko Nao] “Yeah I heard! Are you going to be ok? The word is all over school that your loans are piling up fast.”

[Shinzuku Misato] “Yeah and I must find a job as soon as possible or I am done for.”

Junko had a stack of papers in her hands. [Junko Nao] “Well here take these classifieds and look at the adds to see if there is anything open. I don’t think there are very many openings this time of year.”

Shinzuku takes the paper and starts looking for work, but the only job that stands out is for a position as a butler at the Yamaguchi Mansion.

* Hiring: Position as a Butler for Yamaguchi Residence. Please

bring a resume and credentials for a person to person interview.

The interviewer will be done by Mr. Heroyuki. After the interview,

we will call you. The address is 50-001 Yamaguchi Drive Tokyo.*

[Shinzuku Misato] “Well Junko the only job I can find is this one for a butler position. I’m not sure I fit that type.” Shinzuku then starts to giggle but then Junko looks at her and smiles.

[Junko Nao] “Why not? I can help you look and sound the part. I mean you really need this job. There is not many out there right now and if you find something better then quit and go to the job you really want.”

[Shinzuko Misato] “You really think we can pull this off?”

[Junko Nao] “Of course we can Shinzuku...But first, you are not going to like part of this...”

[Shinzuku Misato] “What’s that?”

[Junko Nao] “We have gotta cut your hair short!” she giggles.

[Shinzuko Misato] “What!!!No Way!!”

[Junko Nao] “Shinzuku! We have to do it or else it will not look right.”

[Shinzuko Misato] “Oh Ok...”

Junko gets a pair of scissors and she begins to cut Shinzuku’s hair little by little. Shinzuku closes her eyes. After cutting Shinzuku’s hair short, Junko gets some gel to style her hair and spikes the back. Junko hands her a mirror and Shinzuku looks depressed a little.

[Shinzuku Misato] “Aw man I look like a boy...”

[Junko Nao] “Shinzuku! That is the point!” Junko starts to laugh at her and Shinzuku starts to blush.

[Shinzuku Misato] “Let’s get this over with then!”

[Junko Nao] “I will be right back. I’m going to see if my father has any tuxedos and clothing items that he is not using at the moment.” Shinzuku starts making rice and spicy curry. When Junko finally returns, she drags Shinzuku back in her room and hands her bandages.

[Shinzuku Misato] “What am I suppose to do with this?”

[Junko Nao] “Wrap it around your chest! Duhhh!! You wouldn’t look right as a butler if you had boobs.” Junko then starts to giggle again and Shinzuku did as she asked and begins to put on a black butler suite.

[Junko Nao] “Oh my god! Shinzuku you look so adorable! Now to teach you how to act more like a butler.”

[Shinzunku Misato] “Junko how do you know so much about being a butler?”

[Junko Nao] “My father. He was a butler for a family but they ended up hiring someone much younger.” Junko then teaches her to be more butler like, But she is still clumsy.

[Junko Nao] “Well I guess that’s as good as it gets. Just try not to get more nervous than you already are. Hey! Shinzuku! May I ask you a question?”

[Shinzuko Misato] “Sure what is it?”

[Junko Nao] “Where is it you go every night? I see you leave and head off somewhere, Being late at night it is kinda dangerous with a serial killer out there and things.”

[Shinzuko Misato] “Huh...Serial killer?”

[Junko Nao] “Yeah some nut job is going around killing people. But get this the people who died are always known criminals. Talk about a modern batman!”

[Shinzuko Misato] “Junko..Is there anything else they have said?”

[Junko Nao] “That’s pretty much all they know. Have you heard anything about it?”

[Shinzuko Misato] “No! I haven’t, But if the only people who are being killed are criminals then what is the problem?”

[Junko Nao] “Shinzuku! They may have been criminals but people can change. Plus murder is still murder no matter how you look at it.”

[Shinzuko Nao] “Yea I suppose your right. Anyways I better head over there and attempt to get this job.”

[Junko Nao] *Sighs* “Hey! One more thing Shinzuku!”

[Shinzuko Misato] “Yeah, what is it?”

[Junko Nao] “You can’t go sounding like that and we have to give you more of a male name.”

[Shinzuko Misato] “Yeah I forgot about that...”

[Junko Nao] “Here take this!” Junko hands her a black choker and on the inside of it, There is a button.

[Shinzuko Misato] “Huh...What is this?”

[Shinzuko Misato] “It is a voice changer that I made in my spare time for fun. You push the button and it will change your voice to a more masculine voice.”

[Shinzuko Misato] “Neat..” Shinzuku then puts it on and hits the button and starts talking. She starts to sound like a young male.

[Shinzuko Misato] “Awesome!”

[Junko Nao] “And Shinzuku your name! You should change it to Shin. It suits you and hardly anyone would notice it’s actually your name.”

[Shinzuko Misato] “Shin? I like that! Thank you Junko and make sure you stop by the apartment every once in while.”

Junko Nao] “Of course now I wish you luck... You better head over there before it gets late.” Shin then leaves the apartment and runs into the manager a much older lady and she stops him in the hall.

[Apartment Manager] “Mr!!” Shin then bows to the older lady and tells her...

[Shinzuko Misato] “Yes?” She then bows to Shin and says, “Are you friends with Miss Misato?” She then replies to the manager.

[Shinzuko Misato] “yes I know her. It’s my sister.”

[Apartment Manager] “Your sister is late on her rent again. I will have to evict her if this keeps up.”

[Shinzuko Misato] “No need my sister has an interview. That’s where she is right now for a job. But, listen I am in a hurry and must head out, but I will let her know.” She then bows to the manager and rushes out the door. She then hails a cab and gets in and tells the cab where to go. Then they both drive off and an hour later they arrive at the Mansion. She then takes a deep breath and walks up to the door and rings the door bell a maid in a pink maid uniform answers the door.

[Maid 2] “Sorry we are not excepting any door to door salesmen!”

Shinzuku puts her foot in the door to prevent her from shutting the door.

[Maid 2] “Excuse me! Move your foot!!”

Then a man comes up behind the maid and looks over her shoulder. The man has short neat blond hair and deep hazel eyes. There was a glow about him. He was the perfect looking man Shinzuku had ever seen and he was looking right at her.

[Man in the suite] “Ah yes! You must be Mr. Misato!”

[Shinzuku Misato] “How did you...”

[Man in the suite] “Oh your friend called and told me to expect you.”

[Maid 2] “Whaaa!! You didn’t tell me we were going to higher another butler...”

[Man in the suite] “Get back to work! This is between me and him. Please! Mr. Misato come right in!” She bows to him and he bows back to her, They both walk over to the comfortable looking chairs near the fire place. [Man in the suite] “Miss Amarante! Bring us some refreshments!”

They both sit down across from one another and look at each other.

[Shinzuku Misato] Thinking: (Oh my god when he stares at me its like he is staring right through me)

[Man in the suite] “Mr. Misato, Do you normally space off?”

[Shinzuku Misato] “Oh..I am sorry I didn’t mean to um...”

[Akito Yamaguchi] “Doesn’t matter Mr.Misato! Do you know much about the Yamaguchi family?”

[Shinzuku Misato] “Just a little... Um not to interrupt but I thought a Mr. Heroyuki was supposed to do the interview?”

[Akito Yamaguchi] “He had some things to do, so I told him I could do it myself. May I see your credentials?” She then hands him her credentials along with her reference and he starts going through them and he reads them intently.

[Shinzuku Misato] Thinking: (I hope everything goes well.. I can’t stop thinking how nice he smells)

The maid called Amarante returns with the refreshments, She stops and stares at Shin and she looks back at her. Yamaguchi then looks up at her and sees the maid standing there staring.

[Akito Yamaguchi] “You know it is awfully rude to stare Miss Amarante?”

[Mai Amarante] “Oh...Yes..I am sorry Master!” She then walks away kinda fast and goes back into the kitchen.

[Akito Yamaguchi] “Mr. Misato your resume and references are very impressive indeed.”

[Shinzuku Misato] “Th..Thank you!”

[Akito Yamaguchi] “It’s ok to be nervous...Who is it you said you worked for?”

[Shinzuku Misato] “Oh..I worked for a family called Orochi.. ”

[Akito Yamaguchi] “Hmmm...I can’t say that I heard of that family. I will get back to you tomorrow..Is this the right number I can call you from?”

[Shinzuku Misato] “Yes! Everything there is current.”

[Akito Yamaguchi] “Great I will be in touch..” Yamaguchi then stands and then Shin stands. They both say their goodbyes and bow to each other. Shin is seen out by the Maid in the pink maid dress.

[Keiko Tsukiko] “Well I guess we got off on the wrong foot. I am Ms.Tsukiko and you are Mr. Misato! Correct?”

[Shinzuku Misato] “Yes!” And they both bow to each other as well and Shin puts on her shoes and walks out the door.

[Shinzuku Misato] Thinking: (I hope everything went ok..But that other maid seems a little strange..I should look a little more into her)

Shin then heads down to the main curb and hails a cab. When the cab pulls over she gets into the cab and tells him the address. She arrives at the apartment and undoes her tie and walks in. She takes her shoes off putting them on the rack and slips into her slippers. Then she hears something in the next room and opens the drawer to the stand next to the front door. She reaches in and grabs a knife and sneaks behind a wall waiting for whoever is in there. She then grabs the person and slips the knife in front of their throat and reaches to turn the light on and notices it's her friend.

[Shinzuku Misato] “Junko!! Stop doing that!! I really need to get my locks changed...”

[Junko Nao] “I am sorry Shinzuku! I had an argument with my mom and my father and was wanting to stay here for tonight.”

[Shinzuku Misato] “Sure...What is that delicious smell?”

[Junko Nao] “I was making you dinner while you were away so you could have something nice to eat instead of the ramen you make.”

[Shinzuku Misato] “Thank you! Junko!” They both step onto the tatami rug with there slippers and sit down on there Zabuton at the dinner table. They break apart their chopsticks and bow there heads. They both shout *Itadakimasu* Then they both start to dig into some homemade ramen.

[Shinzuku Misato] “Oh wow Junko! I didn’t know you could cook so well.”

[Junko Nao] “Ah it was nothing...I am glad you like it!” They both pick up there bowls and begin eating their ramen when a broadcast on the tv comes on about the serial killer.

* It looks like we have another serial killer this time at Lunar beach.

The killer has killed now a total of 10 people in the past few weeks.

From what we can tell there is still no leads as to what happened here.*

Shinzuku then turns off the tv and Junko looks at her and they both finish there ramen and clean up their bowls.

[Junko Nao] “By the way Shinzuku you never did tell me how the interview went?”

[Shinzuku Misato] “Well it seemed like it went well. The guy who was supposed to do it couldn’t make it, so Yamaguchi himself gave the interview. I never in my life seen such a handsome guy like him before. He was just so perfect,” she says as she starts to space out.

[Junko Nao] “Uhh Shinzuku... Snap out of it!” And they both started laughing a little.

[Junko Nao] “Well I think it’s time to turn in.. Wouldn’t you say? Have a nice night Shinzuku!”

[Shinzuku Misato] “Yea! You too!” Junko then goes into the guest bedroom while Shinzuku cleans up after dinner.Later Shinzuku goes to check up on Junko and notices her fast asleep. She then goes into her room and changes into a pair of tight jeans, a dark brown shirt, and a baseball cap. She goes to the floorboard in the living room, lifts up the board and pulls out her sword. She cleans the blade off and puts it on her back. She slips out the door not to make a sound making sure no one is around and she runs off to an ally way. She finds a guy walking down the ally kinda drunk. He hears someone behind him and he turns around slowly... She runs at him knocking him out and she drags him into an abandoned house near him. She then ties him up to an old looking bed frame starting with his arms, then his legs, and then she tapes his mouth shut. She patiently waits for him to wake up. Once he wakes up, he freaks out and looks at her and asks her,“Why are you doing this?”

[Luna] “You are the one going around killing young children...”

[Serial Killer] “What!!? You are a crazy bitch!! I haven’t done anything!”

[Luna] “I have seen your work...I have been following you..”

[Serial Killer] “Your next once I get loose bitch! Just watch! I’ll make you beg for me to stop!” She then pulls out her knife and starts to rub the blade along his face and she looks intently into his eyes...

[Luna] “Do you know who I am?” she slyly banters. He makes a jarring discovery.

[Serial Killer] “Oh my god... You are that killer!! They call you Luna because you always kill during a full moon... And the victims are always known killers... You are no better than me!! You fucking hypocrite!!” Luna then gets even closer and whispers in his ear.

[Luna] “I am not like you... I kill the people who kill because the justice system doesn’t work well enough for people like them. Plus I can track your kind a lot easier then the police and I don’t have to abide by their rules.”

[Serial Killer] “So, Bitch you think your going to kill me then?”

[Luna] “Yes!” She then takes his watch and takes out her sword and swiftly chops off his head decapitating him. She looks as his eyes begin to turn pure white and blood pours out of his neck from all sides. She then cleans her sword off and begins to draw with her knife on his chest engraving a full moon onto his chest. Leaving behind papers that prove he is the child murderer and pictures that she took of him prior to killing him, she cleans up and leaves the scene before the cops get there. Luna hides in the shadows as she runs all the way back home. She slips out of her shoes and puts them on the rack and slips into her slippers. She returns her kill kit back under the floor boards, and then she goes back to her room, gets into her night shirt and night pants. She puts the cloths and hat she was wearing into the washing machine and slips under the covers and falls fast to sleep.

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