What Murdered The Fosters?

By Taura00 All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Romance


Valencia Foster is a girl who loses her parents in an accident. Living with her grandfather's housekeeper, she manages to run into Nixon--a boy promising her a day to see the thief of her parents lives. In their adventure to find the criminal, they run into an ally who says he'll lend a hand. But, he may turn out to be a challenger for a prize Valencia has yet to see.

Chapter 1

As I gaze into the mirror, I realize…..life isn’t what it seems.

Hold me in your arms~. Make me fall~.”

I jump up from my sleep. That dream again. I gazed toward the moonlit window near my bed. Ever since my mother left, I still hear her singing that song. It was the song that my father wrote and sung at their wedding. I really do miss them--my parents. We were driving to the mall when they were shot in the car. No one knows who murdered them; all I know is that I could’ve been shot as well. I knew I wasn’t going to get any sleep after that dream, so I put my feet on the cool wooden floor and stood up. The door creaked when I opened it, stepping into the moonlight lit hallway. No one sleeps at this house; my grandfather’s housekeeper comes in the daytime to watch me--leaving when the sky gets dark. Once in the kitchen, I decided that I would make a fruit bowl and watch some television. I sat on the couch--fruit bowl in my hand-- and looked to see what was on TV. Romance, terrible comedy, bad cartoons….Ya know what? Let’s go with romance. “ I love you….I’ve always loved yo--” click. Nope. Way too cheesy. Finishing up my fruit bowl, I headed back to room to see if I could get some sleep. Except, when I walked in my room, the lights were on. “I’m almost positive I kept the lights off…” I flicked them off and crawled into bed, too tired to care.

I woke up from the sunlight streaming through the window blanketing my face. I sat up in bed and gazed around sleepily at my room. The room was neat and tidy, like I always left it, with everything tucked away and hidden. I rolled out of bed and lazily got dressed. I looked at myself in the mirror. Wearing a delicate baby blue dress to go with my eyes and shiny white ribbons to go with my dark brown hair, I was ready to head out.

“Valencia? Are you ready?”

“Yes ma’am! I’ll be right down!”

Tossing on a light coat of lipgloss and grabbing my bag, I headed out with my Grandfather’s housekeeper to the market.

Today was bustling with people running from one stand to another, trying to find the best deals and get back home in time for dinner. It’s normally quiet, but recently there was an announcement that this market is to be torn down to build a mall. I’m not particularly against a mall, but this WAS the last market standing. I like the market better. It’s more old fashioned and...safe. But, “all good things come to an end”. At least that’s what father used to say. I smirked.

“What’s on your mind Valencia?” Mrs.Smyth--my grandfathers housekeeper-- asked.

“Oh nothing. Just remembering the old times.” I smiled at her than looked down at my shoes. “Mrs.Smyth?”


“Do you think the person who...murdered my family… Do you think they even think about it?”

Mrs.Smyth took a sharp intake of breath. Then-- sighing, stated,“Valencia you know the police tried their hardest. It’s out of our hands- and has been...I think it’s time to move on.”

I stopped walking Move on? MOVE ON? How can someone move on when the person who killed their parents ran away with no evidence left behind! Tears burned my eyes and I switched the weight of my feet and started running out of the market. My dress and ribbons whipping and flapping behind me.

“Valencia? Valencia! Valencia wait!”

I burst through the front door and ran into my room slamming my bedroom door shut. I started furiously pacing back and forth, calming myself down. I looked at the mirror angled perfectly in the corner. Without even thinking, I grabbed my bag and threw it at the glass. The bag hit the mirror and little glass shards scattered across the floor. I stood there, to shocked to move. What on earth did I do? I started panicking and tried picking up the shards with my hands. One got caught on my hand with a sharp pain, drawing out blood. I stared at it as it trickled down my skin and dropped onto a large shard of glass. The red droplet dissolved into the glass disappearing.

“Valencia! Valencia I’m sorry!”

Shoot! She already caught up! Panicking, I got up and started kicking the shards under my dresser and threw a dress over the mirror to cover up the evidence. I sat on the bed and started pulling the shard out of my hand.

“Listen Valencia…” Mrs.Smyth opened the door out of breath and looked at my hand. “Valencia! What happened?” She ran and started to reach for my hand. I jerked it away.

“What is it?” I asked nonchalantly. Hiding the cut beneath my other hand.

Mrs.Smyth took her gaze off my hand and looked up at me. Her eyes were full of empathy. I hated that.

“If you’re not going to say anything then leave.” I reply in annoyance.

Mrs.Smyth flinches, and I know my words made their mark.

“Ok...Ok I’ll leave.” She walked to the door stopping when her hand reached the doorknob. “If you need anything i’ll be in the kitchen.” And with that, she left me.

I opened my eyes to my room being dark save for the little bit of light from the lamp on my desk. Underneath the light was a tray of food--no doubt from Mrs.Smyth. When did I fall asleep? I sat up, wincing from the pain coming from my hand. The blood dried around the shard still engraved in my hand. I looked at my dress from where my hand was resting. Great. Now my dress is covered in blood. I really am an idiot. I got up and changed into my nightgown, brushing all the tangles and ribbons out of my hair. Removing the shard from my hand and bandaging it, I glanced toward my dresser. I guess I should clean up those shards before Mrs.Smyth comes tomorrow. I get out of the room and grab the wooden broom leaning against the corner of the living room. In order to get all the shards out I had to completely move the dresser from the wall. Ugh. What a mess. What am I going to do with a mirrorless mirror? The glass shards click and trickle across the floor into a pile. As I was throwing away the shards, I noticed something. The largest shard was reflecting a red light against the walls of the room. What the? I reached for it like a moth would a lamp. I grabbed it and threw the other ones away. I stood next to the trash, mesmerized by the glass shard in my hand. I brought the shard to my room and sanded down the edges so it wouldn’t cut. It’s kinda pretty. Maybe I can make it a necklace or something. Yawning, I put the shard on the desk and curled up under the warm covers and welcomed sleep.
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