The Envies

By sixtyniah All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Romance


en·vy ˈenvē/ noun 1. a feeling of discontented or resentful longing aroused by someone else's possessions, qualities, or luck. ---- Envy is a secret organization set apart from the natural restraints of humanity. It is dedicated to destroying the O.S. and rewriting the world in it's image through heinous crimes and unorthodox methods. For the longest, Envy’s been at the top, Envy has been winning. But Envy is bad. Evil. And they’re about to start paying for their sins. ---- Amara, Roman, Vexia, and Rhys make up team XERONUS, and, after failing the Yren Mission, have their entire reputation to prove. The four are being tasked to trek to one of the most exclusive and dangerous cities in the world to get their status back and to hopefully be one step closer in bringing the O.S. down. However, when they find a dead body and blood-written note just before the start of their mission, things start to go haywire. ----- AMARA is trying to prove herself, and her worth, to her family. ROMAN wants answers. VEX is doing what she thinks is right. RHYS just wants to protect his little sister.


The 10 Commandments

As An Envy, I Hereby Pledge to Abide By These Laws

SYSTEM UNASSAILABLE: Envy shall reign by any means necessary.

NATURAL SELECTION: Only Envy is warranted to make rules for others.

WICKED MERCY: Envy shall relish in violence, inflicting damage whenever and however possible. There is no mercy for the wicked, and there is no mercy for the good.

MISERABLE PLEASURE: Envy shall delight in causing not only physical but also mental anguish.

CHAOS AND WRATH: Disorder and maelstrom shall prevail. Mistakes will be met with punishment, not forgiveness.

CURSED MARK: Envy has no sympathy, Envy is without rue, Envy is limitless, Envy will never stop coming.

CAUTION AND DECEIT: Lie and cheat when it is necessary, do not be quick to trust. Don’t fear to act, but act cautiously.

FRIENDS: The enemy of your enemy is not your friend, but an ally. You have no friends, only foes.

OMNIA CUM PRETIO: Everything comes with a price.

GUARDED LAIC: Envy’s malicious cause must be protected at all costs—I submit to its missions, conceal its true name, and hide my affiliation when in public.

Any disregard of these laws will be met with the INFANDUS POENIA, the Unspeakable Punishment.

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