Time's up

By Jasmine All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Thriller


Ben Walsh will find it very difficult to keep it together when he goes through programs to become an assassin. Will he fail or succeeded? There are going to be many challenges he's going to face but he will break through like never before


Ben Walsh was an Assassin. He worked for the Central Intelligence Agency for nearly twenty years. Before working for the CIA he had a family. A wife and a daughter, but once he joined the CIA his past life vanished just like that. When you worked for the CIA you could say goodbye to your family for good.

Surprisingly, Ben took it pretty well. He wasn’t feeling to good to leave his family behind but... There were bigger things coming in his life. And it’s not like he could have said no. The man who recruited him, Ryan Stewart threatened he would hurt Ben’s family if he refused then would kill him. So he said yes to the job. His first job was simple. He had to kill a man who took things from the innocent people. It wasn’t easy. Ben threw up after he was done with his first kill. His partner Charles Keller laughed it off. “Oh you weakling, you’ll get used to that.” Ben dropped the stuff and left so Charles could deal with it.

When he got home after his first kill he looked in his bathroom mirror. He did not like what he saw in his eyes, a killer. His scruffy black beard, dark hair, brown eyes. He must’ve been crazy if he thought he could get through another kill. Then he started to think about what they’d do to him if he backed off. Ben knew he had to kill time before Ryan wanted him back at the CIA headquarters. He decided to go get some coffee at the nearest cafe. With that he went out his bathroom and grabbed a coat and headed out.

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