Project 27: C Squad

By Dermo All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Adventure

Chapter 1

Ryan starred down at his hand in astonishment. "Dr. Grayson, what am I," he asked in horror. He then realized his leg was the same. Mixed feelings of astonishment and anger clashed in his brain.

He was then told to migrate down the hall to another room. Inside were 3 complete strangers, all the same as him.
Daniel, a hard worker, who had wanted to be a marine, had done so well, he had been chosen, besides the fact that he is 6 ft. 7 in. tall. Riley, who had had an ambition to be in the navy, had proved herself when an army jeep had been deployed from an airplane. It had headed straight for 3 trainees, and she had jumped in the way and pushed them aside. Her arm had been crushed in the process. Abigail, who was witty, but not particularly strong, had aced the test.
As for Ryan, he had no clue why he had been chosen, but there had to be a reason.
As soon as he met the others, he knew why they had been chosen. Daniel and Riley were pretty strong, and Abigail was smart."Alright, scrubs. My name is General Cooper. I'll be your Offensive Instructor." Bellowed General Cooper. "Come this way."
Ryan was amazed at the intricate technology all over. They were then brought to a big square room with a speaker in the top left corner, and a thick glass window looking into a observation room on the back wall."And so it begins,"muttered General Cooper.
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