At Any Cost | Book One of Exafortespent

By Alma Azura Celia All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Drama

Eight: Moving Day

Sunday has come, and I have to go and move to Aunt Sarah’s house. It sucks, actually. Because I can’t go on a trip with my friends before the new school year starts. And because it’s a new school too, it will be new friends, new environment, and new people too.

A car honks outside my house and quickly run through the front door, knowing it will be Aunt Sarah and Uncle Henry picking me up.

“Uncle Henry!” I quicken my running as I see him step out of the car. With sunglasses rests on his head and his gaze at me, he smiles. I stretch my arms wide and attack him with the tightest hug I have ever given to anyone like a little girl I am.

“Sophie.” He hugs me back and chuckles. We stay like that for a moment and let go of each other. He take a step back and stares at the already grinning me. “It’s been a while, yes?”

“Yes, it is." I grin. "And I’m great, how about you?”

“I’m grand, knowing my niece would be a secret agent soon.” He smacks my shoulder playfully, making me laugh a little. My eyes avert past him, and my gaze meets Aunt Sarah’s.

“Aunt Sarah.” I walk past Uncle Henry towards Aunt Sarah and wrap my arms around her back with a wide smile on my face. She hugs me back, rubbing my back softly. We stay like that for a few seconds and then let go of each other.

“Hi, honey. Ready for your first real job ever?” She nudges me lightly with a grin stretch across her face. She wiggles her eyebrows, making a laugh escape from me.

“More than ever. Oh, please come in.” I take a step to the side, giving them a way to walk into the house. They smile at me and walk past me towards the house.


“Tyler.” Dad and Uncle Henry hugs, patting each other’s back until loud thuds can be heard in the process.

I don’t understand why every man and boy I know always patting each other’s back like that. It must be somehow hurt until loud thuds like that can be heard. I bet they would be having backaches soon.

They let go of each other and share a brief nod. Dad faces Aunt Sarah and hugs her. They let go of each other and smiles. “How are you both?” Dad looks at Aunt Sarah and Uncle Henry back and forth.

“We’re grand. I can’t believe our niece going to be an agent soon. You already are grown up. And you look more beautiful and mature now.” Aunt Sarah says.

Oh trust me, I’m so fucking childish.

Though the compliment from her about me getting more mature making me scoff internally, the compliment from her about me getting more beautiful making my cheeks burns as a sheepish smile forms on my face. It’s just an Aunt to niece compliment. Why am I feeling so awkward and sheepish?

“Thank you.”

We walk into the living room and dad sits himself on the armchair while Aunt Sarah, Uncle Henry, and me sit on the couch.

“So, is my favorite niece excited about her job?” Aunt Sarah looks at me and grins.

“I’m ecstatic! This is my dream job since like I was 5! What could make someone happier then their own dreams come true?” I grin happily at her.

“You’re right. Dream come true is one of the greatest thing in the world. Oh, Colton and Ellie said they can’t wait for you to move in and see them. Especially Colton, he’s the most excited one.” Aunt Sarah smiles.

Yeah, can’t wait to put pranks on me, saying shit, and pissing me off every single day. Or probably hours, minute, second, and millisecond.

“I can’t wait too.” I fake a smile, rolling my eyes internally as I think about Colton and his fucked up demeanor.

“I’m going to miss you.” I rest my head on dad’s chest, frowning deeply as I feel his chest rises and falls.

“As well as I am, kitten.” He rubs my back gently as he rests his head on top of mine. “Just keep me updated and ask me anything on the phone.” He kisses my head and hug me tightly one last time. He lets go of me, smiling, and I return it sadly.

I walk towards Uncle Henry’s car and get into it. I roll down the window and wave my hand slowly at him. I give him one last smile. He returns it as he waves his hand back at me. The car begin to move forward, and I keep my gaze on him. The car keeps getting further away from him, until it’s too hard for me to make out his figure.

Sighing, I roll up the window and rest my head on the window. I look out at the too familiar neighborhood passing before me, until it all gone.

“Colton, Ellie, we’re home!” Aunt Sarah shouts as I walk behind her. I look around the place from where I’m standing, amazed by the view.

Wow, this house is huge! (Though their previous house is huge too). And this is not a house, this is a mansion!

“Honey, I’m going to the bedroom now. My back aching.” Uncle Henry says, seems like he’s a bit hurting.

See? I already told ya.

“Oh, okay. Do you need something?” Aunt Sarah asks, seems a little bit worried. He sends her a reassuring smile and put a hand on her shoulder gently. “No, thank you. I’m fine.”

“Oh, okay then.” She nods.

“Sophie!” Ellie runs towards me fast and I go to my knees, stretching my arms open. She stops running and give me a bone-crushing hug.

She seems like a little girl around her age, short, tiny, adorable, and chubby! But, don’t underestimate her strength. For example: her hugs and grasps.

Her hug, can get the breath knocked out of you. And her grasp, when she’s excited or angry, can make your hand hurting for a while. And plus, if you piss her off, then she will punch you, hard. So hard her punch will leave a slight bruise. Seems creepy for girls around her age, right?

I hoist her up and look at her, smiling. She stares at me with her big and round green eyes of her. “Hi, Ellie, long time no see.”

“It is. I miss you so much.” She juts her lower lips out and hugs me, more gently.

Ugh, she’s too adorable to look at. And look at those chubby cheeks! Who doesn’t tempted to pinch those?

“I miss you too.” I smile and then a thought crosses my mind. “Oh, where’s Colton?” My eyes wandering around the room, looking for any signs of Colton.

It’s weird that Colton hasn’t comes out yet and greet me with those fake politeness and perfect smile of his. Maybe not maybe, he’s in my room, preparing a welcome prank for me that of course, would lead to another bad things.

What a great welcome gift for me.

“He’s in his room, playing video games.” Ellie replies, pouting slightly. I nod slowly. “Oh.”

“So,” Aunt Sarah sighs and clasps her hands. I put Ellie down to the floor and she goes running upstairs. I look at her in confusion and bring my attention back to Aunt Sarah. “Your room would be upstairs, next to Colton’s.”

Ugh, why? Why is my room has to be next to him? Is there any other room? Can’t I just stay and sleep downstairs, at the lounge? And I would gladly sleep on the couch. Even though my body would be aching in the next morning.

“Your room already all prepared and your stuffs already in there. And don’t be shy, this is your house too. And don’t be shy to ask for something from me and Henry, because we are your ‘parents’ now.” She smiles.

“Uh, sure. Thank you.” I smile gratefully at her.

“Don’t mention it. No need to say that.”


“You can go to your room now, maybe you want to check it out. Oh, if you don’t like the color of the wall and the wallpaper, or the duvet, or maybe the color of the furniture, you can tell me and we’ll change it to the color you like.”

“Okay.” I give her one last smile and make my way to the grand stairwell. I walk up the stairs slowly, still admiring about how beautiful and huge this house is.

I walk towards my room, passing a room with cute stickers and drawing stick onto the door. And next to her room must be Colton’s because a loud music blaring from inside the room. I hope Ellie’s room is soundproof because if it’s not, I know she can’t sleep peacefully at night.

I continue on walking and stop in front of my room door. I take in a deep breath and push the door open. A gasp escape past my lips as I see what’s inside my room.

Wow, this room is two times bigger than my room back at home that already big enough for me! I didn’t feel like I’m staying in some houses bedroom, but more like in a fucking 5 stars hotel room!

But not really, I’m just overreacting.

My room huge and looks kind of like a princess suite in the movie. The walls covered with a light blue elegant yet cute floral wallpaper. A white queen-sized bed that looks like what princess has in the movie, placed in front of the door, making me feel like a princess already. (Don’t know why though. And don’t ask me why).

A white study desk full with arranged stationary, books and a laptop, that I guess is the one from Mr. Warren, placed on my left side until a glass door that leads to the balcony.

At the right side of me, a LCD TV hangs onto the wall and a bookshelf placed right in front of a white comfy-looking couch. A white dresser full of perfume and makeup equipment, white-colored bookshelf, placed next to a door that leads to the bathroom.

I slip my bag off of my shoulder and let it falls next to the bed foot and walk towards the door at the far end of the room, I open it slowly and tap on the light switch.

There’s a bathtub in front of me and a shower placed next to it. A toilet placed at my right side, a sink at my left side and a door to the closet next to the sink. I open the door and HOLY MOTHER OF CLOTHES! I thought I would be a nerd for real but I’m not.

There’s a few pairs of school uniform, of course, because I’ll be transferred to an elite school that requires the students to wear uniform, dresses, skirts, shirts, shorts, jeans, jackets, coats, trainers, heels, boots, and a lot more other things.

I notice a box at the accessories section of the closet and walk toward it. Oh, a glasses and sunglasses. Suddenly, the words Mr. Warren had said before flash across my mind.

“In this case, you will be wearing glasses. Dress like a nerd is an unnecessary.”

Right, that mean I’m going to be an ordinary girl with glasses. But the clothes I have in here, a lot of it, is too sexy for an ordinary girl. That means I should be a sexy kind of geek. But how? I don’t even know how to be a goddamn sexy goddess kind of girl and that smarties in the class at the same time! I guess I have to. Just like what Claire had said, there’s no turning back now.

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