At Any Cost | Book One of Exafortespent

By Alma Azura Celia All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Drama

Fifty Four: At Any Cost

Goddamn it.

What should I do, what should I do? Matthew won’t let me stay over and how can I get the information about his parents' company or whatever business they're in? I need to hand over some of the important information that could help the agency by this Sunday like what Mr. Warren had said to me. And that means I only have two days left until Sunday. I have to do something.

Oh, I got it.

Let’s see if this would work.

I rush into my bedroom, not passing anyone on my way and walk into my closet. I tap my finger on my chin repeatedly as I look through the clothes in search for what I have in mind.

Black clothes, I need black clothes.

My face lights up as I see a black leather jacket and a pair of black skinny jeans. I quickly snatch the clothes and slip into them quickly.

As I'm done putting on the clothes, my eyes catch a glimpse of little switch at the drawer at the center of the room and my eyes narrow at it. I zip up the jacket as I walk over to where the switch is. I reach for it and click the switch. The lower part of the drawer opens and I look into it.

Oh, some equipment and weapons! Finally find those things when needed.

I grab a signal booster device and a taser, in case something goes wrong and I don’t want to use a gun yet because I only going to use that when I’m under a very dangerous situation.

Wait, if I use Colton’s motorcycle, then it would make me visible to other more clearly. What should I do? Oh. I saw a black convertible in the garage but whose car is it? I don’t want Uncle Henry or Aunt Sarah gets angry because of me using it without their approval.

I walk out of the room and push open Colton’s room door and quickly close it back with wide eyes, breath stuck in my throat.

What the hell?

“Ashley, you know there’s a rule to knock on someone’s room door first before get into the room, don’t you?” He says, looking down at me with a scowl as he steps out of his room and close the door behind him.

“Sorry." I give him an apologetic smile. "I’m in a rush and I need to ask you about something. This is urgent.”

“You mean, that urgent?” He raises his eyebrows in interest. I nod my head quickly. “Yes, Colton. Very.”

He nods his head quickly and open the door slightly, cocking his head between the gap. “Uh, Nat. I’ll be back in a few.”


He closes the door again and pull me by the hand towards my room. He shuts the door behind him and grins down at me, checking out my outfit.

“So now you’re going to go out there and be the badass woman like in the movie, aren’t you?” He says, keeping the grin on his face. I shrug a little, smiling sheepishly at him. “Yeah. I need to. So, I want to ask you about something.”

“Go ahead.” He motions me to ask the question. I bite my lips, suddenly feeling nervous to ask the simple question, afraid that I can't use the car and make own self disappointed on my own idea.

“About that Dodge in the garage, whose car is it?

“Oh. It’s dad’s car, actually.” He answers simply. His answer make a frown shows on my face in disappointment as I nod my head a little. “Oh."

“Where are you going anyway?” He raises his eyebrows, staring me down. I let out a sigh and straighten my back with a determinant look on my face.

“Matthew’s house. It’s time to be serious with my job.” I nod a little, more to myself with a serious look on my face. He grins widely at me, patting my back a few times in appreciation.

“Finally. And if you’re asking if you can use the car, you obviously can. Because dad doesn’t use that car a lot. His favorite car is his Audi. So yeah. You can use it.” He shrugs slightly. I look up at him with hopeful glint in my eyes.

“Really? He won’t be mad?”

“No, of course not. The key is in the garage. But, don’t scratch it. Or else.” He stares down at me threateningly. I scoff at his threat, waving him off.

“Of course I won’t. What the heck would I do until I’m going to get that car a little scratch? Nowhere.”

“Be careful. Call me if something goes wrong.” He says, the threatening look that was on his face gets replaced with worry. I put a hand on his shoulder, smiling. “I will.”

I pack the equipment and my laptop into my backpack and jog downstairs into the garage. I search for the key and quickly walk over to the black car that awaits me, grinning a little at the sight and then another sight makes my grin falls immediately.

Hold up.

The car is in the back of the jeep.

Shit. What should I do? Should I get this out first or just go with it? But that car could be an attention magnet because of its size, well, what can I expect, it's Jeep car after all, and it also has a white color.

I let out a groan and quickly jog upstairs and knock on Colton’s door, tapping my foot impatiently as I wait for the door to swing open. The door finally swings open and Colton standing there with a scowl on his face and his arms already folded over his chest. “Now what?”

“Can you get the jeep out so I can go straight to Matthew’s house?” I ask nervously, afraid he might get mad at me for keep disturbing him. He stares at me for a few seconds and let out a defeated sigh. “Fine.”

We quickly walk down the stairs into the garage and I quickly take the car key and get into the car. I ignite the engine on and quickly drive it out of the garage and to the street. I drive the car past his house, looking over the gate of the house for a second and mutter a profanity under my breath.

Damn. Why are there so many guards tonight?

There are usually just two of them outside, and now, there's fucking five of them. What in the actual hell is going on in there? I keep driving the car past his house and make a quick u-turn. I go back to his house and park my car meters away from his house.

I cut the engine off and get my laptop and the signal booster out of my bag and let out a breath.

Let’s see if this would work.

I put on the signal booster and open my laptop. I quickly get to the network and try my best to not forget doing all the thing I should so I won’t get caught again.

I wait until the processing phase done, gritting my teeth hard as I hope I won’t get caught anymore. The screen goes out for a second and go back on.

Access granted.

I made it. I MADE IT.

I vigorously goes through the files and take a look at them but carefully at the same time with my eyebrows furrowed hard and my teeth clenching hard in focus.

There’s nothing in here.

Nothing about all of the drugs except some medical equipment shipping to the other side of the country and a few other countries. Nevada, San Francisco, New York City and a lot more cities.

Could they actually send the drugs with the equipment altogether? They probably could. But that means there should be someone else to check on that because I’m only here to search for the information. It’s not my job to the thing.

I look up at the house gate, at the same time I see two cars lined up and stop in front of it. I furrow my eyebrows at the sight and keep my eyes on it.

Are those Matthew’s parents cars?

I don’t think so. I never see that car before. Or maybe it is their cars. I haven’t seen it because they probably not using the car often. But why do they even need to use that many cars?

The window of the car roll down and I quickly zoom up my sight to the person in the car with my glasses and the sight make me furrow my eyebrows.

Who is that?

I’ve never seen him before. He’s probably Matthew’a extended family member. But why are there so many guards outside. There has to be a reason for them to assign lot of guards outside their house.

Maybe there’s something really going on in there. And that could probably be the reason why Matthew wouldn’t let me stay over at his house. Because something would be going on in there.

I click my tongue in annoyance and adjust my glasses back to its normal state. I look back at my laptop screen and quickly go to the security camera system.

Matthew’s parents are there, in what I expected is Mr. Williams office, seated on the couch with four guards in the room with them.

I look at the gate camera and the guards still there, watching the house from outside. I look closely at them and each of them have at least one gun with them. And they keep walking back and forth with their gazes focus on every inch of the house.

What is actually going on in there?

I need to get inside.

But how?

Oh, I could just say I need to see Matthew and talk about something to him they would probably let me in. But wouldn’t that be pretty dangerous in this foreign situation I would be in? Who knows something dangerous might going to happen when I'm in there?

No. They won’t do anything to me. Nothing dangerous will definitely happen in there. They're probably just going to discuss about business. And that is definitely something I need to hear and tell to Mr. Warren.

How can I get in there? Maybe I just need to say to the guards I need to see Matthew and just get inside. They will let me in. Well, they have to. But of course I need to change my car first.

I turn the engine on and quickly drive back home. I quickly park the car and go upstairs and take my car key and run downstairs. I quickly get into my car and drive it to Matthew’s house. The guards stop my car and I roll down my window, smiling at them.

“Hi. I’m here to see Matthew.”

“Oh, Ashley." The guard smiles a little and then it falters after a second. "I’m sorry miss, but we can’t let you in for now, we’re having an important meeting now and it can’t be disrupted. I’m sorry, I guess you should come back tomorrow.”

“But it’s important for me and him.” I insist with a frown, hoping it will get him to let me in. He lets a frown shows on his own face at my facial expression.

“I’m sorry , miss, I can’t let you in.”

“Okay, then. Thank you.” I flash him a smile and roll up my car window. I let the frown comes back to my face and drive back to my home, frowning.

What should I do now? I need to know what is really going on in there.

By just looking through the security camera won’t be enough for me. I saw his face and immediately forgot to take a picture of his face. I guess I was too caught up in my own mind on how to make the guards to let me in.

I step out of my car and quickly run upstairs, sighing sadly. I guess there’s nothing I can do now other than watching through the security camera.

That's it! I hope they also record voices too other then images. I wish.

I open my laptop and see they already gathered in the lounge. The mysterious man has four man behind him as well. He sits on the armchair and begin to talk with Matthew’s parents. I grin as I know they also record voice and quickly put the volume on its highest level and listen to the conversation.

“You know you don’t have much time.” The man says, leaning back onto the chair in a relaxed manner, but still look intimidating at the same time.

“We already made the serums, but not as much as you requested.” Mr. Williams replies, his face already turn hard as he stares back at the man, a little nervousness can be seen on his face.

“I guess you better be hurry if you don’t want me to end your son and daughter's lives myself.” He says through gritted teeth as he already sits rigidly in his seat.

“That’s not our deal." He stares at the man dead in the eyes. Don’t you dare lay a finger on them.” Mr. Williams threatens, pointing his finger threateningly at hi,.

“I have control over you, Alexander.” The man says, crossing his arms with a smug looking smirk on his face as he leans back into his seat. Mr. Williams can only stare and glare at him, seem to have nothing else he can really do.

So this man is the one who’s in control.

“Don’t bring my son and daughter into this shit.” Mr. Williams says through gritted teeth, standing to his feet and step closer to the man. The atmosphere goes more tense as the guards from both side raise their guns towards each other and their leader.

“I’m not going to if you give me what I want. I give you time until the end of March because I know it'll take time to make them. You know what would happen to them if you're not finished by then.”

“Yes.” Mr. Williams says, gaining back his composure and motion his guards to put their guns down. They obey him, but still look on edge.

“Now if you excuse me, I have another meeting to attend.”

I widen my eyes in surprise and shut my laptop close. I need to follow this man. I frantically grab a gun from my closet since I know this man is obviously dangerous from the way he talked to Mr. And Mrs. Williams.

I run to the Uncle Henry’s Dodge and slip into it. I quickly turn the engine on and it roars to life. I quickly drive the car out of the garage and roll down the window quickly.

“Clark open the gate!” I yell out. He quickly opens the automatic gate and I drive through it quickly. I keep driving until I find their car. I keep following their cars carefully, trying not to make them have any suspicion on me.

I keep following the car for another thirty five minutes when they drive towards the gate of a grand, beautiful mansion. I stop the car meters away from the mansion and watch the cars get through the gate.

I keep staring at the car until my eyes catch another movement. I look up and see two guards run towards me and I quickly drive my car away from the mysterious man's mansion.

Who is he? What makes Mr. Williams afraid of him? There’s got to be something between them.

I park the car and get into the house, sighing in exasperation. I drop myself onto my bed and fold open my laptop. I search for the man identity with the face recognition app after taking a screenshot of the security camera's footage. Pictures of him and some information show up on the screen and I furrow my eyebrow at the results. There's nothing about this man at all. Not even his ID moreover criminal records.

I need to tell this to Mr. Warren.

I type the e-mail quickly and send it to him. Within five minutes, his reply show up. He says he’s going to tell other senior agent to investigate about him and telling me not to go any closer to him before things get cleared up.

There’s got to be something about him. Something dangerous. I guess I better wait for another week before going after him again. I still have a lot of time until the end of March. But what if he changes his mind about it and decided to end the Williamses lives?

As much as I hate him, I don’t want anything to happen to him. And definitely his family. They're important for my job, the agency.

And wait, what if the man is actually some kind of mafia's leader that rules the city? That type of person is ruthless and cruel. They would do anything to get what they want. And in this case, Matthew and Victoria are the victim of his own father filthy business.

Damn, Matthew probably doesn’t even know what his parents actually doing and he’s going to take the consequences because of it.

I should protect him and his family at any cost.

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