At Any Cost | Book One of Exafortespent

By Alma Azura Celia All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Drama

Fifty Three: Possessive 'Lil Boyfriend

The annoying sound of the alarm beeping from the nightstand make an annoyed groan escapes from me as I tap the alarm off. I bury my head under the cover, groaning once again.

I throw the cover off my body and jump off my bed, walking straight into the dark bathroom and switch the light on. My eyes turns into slits as the lights pierce into my eyes, blinding me for a split second. I close the door and walk to the sink, pulling my messed up hair into a bun.

I slip into my uniform and put on the navy blue varsity jacket. I put on my shoes and walk out of the closet. Snatching my heavy bag on my way down the stairs, I grunt to myself.

This is stupid. But it’s a worth trying for. As long as I can do anything to get as many information as I can from the house.

I walk out of the house, seeing Matthew’s car on the side of the road. I ignore him and walk to my car. I open my car door and throw my bag to the passenger seat.

“Hey! Ashley!” He shouts from outside the gate. I roll my eyes and look at him. “What, Matthew?”

“The deal, remember? You have to come to school with me everyday.”

Shit. Why did I forget about it?

I let out a sigh and grab my bag, locking my car. I get into his car, not telling a word. He stands there in front of the gate, looking into the car with perplexity on his face. He shakes his head and steps into the car.

“It’s very rare of the Ashley I know for not to letting out a scowl and complain? You must be a clone of her.” He stares at me with his narrowed eyes.

“Stop joking. I’m just following your deal.” I scowl.

“Ah, there she is. She’s back.” He grins happily, only to make me roll my eyes in annoyance.

He grips on the steering wheel and drive the car fast. I just look out the window, seeing the houses in the neighborhood passing in front of my eyes in a quick pace.

He parks the car and I quickly take my seat belt off, pulling the door handle. I step out of the car and already getting stares from the kids passing by the car. They start to whisper with each other, probably spreading rumors and other shit about me and Matthew. I roll my eyes at them and sling my bag over my shoulder.

“Ashley,” I turn around and ask him silently with my stare and raised eyebrows.

“Let’s go.”

I nod my head and begin to walk with him. He takes my hand into his gently. I look up at him in confusion, but he’s not looking back at me. I furrow my eyebrows, thinking of what the heck is he thinking until he fucking hold my hand in his. Is he trying to do something I don't know yet?

I try to pull my hand out of his hold, only to make his hold tighten. I glare at him but he doesn't even spare me a glance. And now, all of the kids is definitely watching and staring at us. Most of the girls even give me glares. I ignore their stares, giving up on trying get my hand out of Matthew’s.

We walk into the class and his hold on my hand is loosening. I quickly pull my hand away from him. I turn to him and give him a glare but he only stares at me in confusion. I roll my eyes at him and walk to my seat next to Chloe. I drop myself onto the chair, scowling as I huff.

Sophie, you can’t be angry. Remember your plan. Remember it.

I let out a sigh and look at Chloe, her eyes staring at me with perplexity. She opens her mouth, about to say something, only to close it again as she keeps staring at me. I ask her with my stare but she keeps doing the same thing over and over again.

“Chloe, are you okay?” I stare at her in concern. She doesn’t do anything but to continue to stare at me with bewilderment. She shakes her head a little, still staring at me. "Did I just see what I think I really see?”

“What do you mean?” I furrow my eyebrows, trying to think of what she’s actually mean. Until I realize it’s about me and Matthew. We're holding hands. Well actually, he's the one who was holding my hand, forcefully.

“You, holding hand with him.” She says, still staring at me with wide eyes. I let out a big sigh as I roll my eyes. Now that she has said that, I know that all of the kids in the school are definitely thinking about the same thing.

Damn you, Matthew.

“Trust me, I was forced to. Not really knowing the reason why, though.” I shrug.

“This is so strange. Few days ago both of you fighting again. And now? It’s unbelievable.” She says, shaking her head in amazement. A smile appear on her face and I roll my eyes at her, knowing where this conversation is going.

“I told you before. I was forced to.” I scowl, crossing my arms over my chest.

“But why didn’t you fight him?” She asks, raising her eyebrows.

“Because of the deal, obviously.” I scoff. But it's mainly because he didn't want to freaking let go of my hand and I don't want to make a scene this early in the morning.

“You know what? Most of the class when you haven’t get into here, they were talking about you, in Matthew car. Is it true you came Matthew?” She says, lowering her tone as she gets her face closer to my ear. I sigh, trying to calm myself down.

“Yes. And once again, it’s because of the deal I am trapped in.”

“But, why would he do that when he hates you? And you! You hate him too!” She exclaims. I look around the class and the kids already looking at our way in silence. I turn my gaze back to Chloe, popping my eyes at her. “Can you lower your voice please? People are watching right now.”

“Sorry." She smiles apologetically after looking at the kids behind me. "I mean, why did he do that? There must be something about that right?” She whispers.

“He just want to play me like a doll. Sooner or later he will get bored of me and just throw me away.” I scoff, shaking my head at my own words. She widens her eyes, shaking her head.

“He would never do such thing! I know him. And I know something like that would never cross his mind.” She frowns.

“But what about now? You see it yourself.”

“What if he’s actually, secretly like you for this whole time? He keeps fighting with you because he don’t want you to know what he truly feels about you.” She says, smiling widely. I look at her weirdly and then shake my head.

“Where is that conspiracy theory came from? That is so impossible and just sound so weird.” I grimace at the thought a little.

“What people truly feel inside, they are the only one who knows that. Including Matthew. Who knows?” She shrugs her shoulders, grinning at me. I let out a little groan, can't believe of what she's saying.

“Stop saying me those things. It would be impossible for him to feel that way towards me.” I scowl. I hate him, and he hates me. So things like that would be impossible. And thoughts like that have never cross my mind.

“It is possible. Stop saying that things are impossible to happen.” She frowns.

“But things are impossible with him.” I state.

“Stop it. I’m tired of that word. Everything is possible in this world if we try to make it happen and fate can make impossible things that’s not logical to happen too.”

“Maybe you’re right.” I sigh, deciding to just agree with her so she shuts her mouth.

“Great then. Can you tell me what is the deal actually?” She says, seems excited as she looks at me. Seems like my plan doesn't work that well.

“I have to work on all of his homework, go to him everyday to school, go to parties with him though I don’t want to, sitting on your table on every lunchtime, and last but the shittiest, do all of the thing he want me to do.”

“That sounds like a possessive 'lil boyfriend. But the ‘working on his homework’ and ‘do all the things he want you to do’ part make it sounds like you’re his maid now. But he loves you so much and now he’s being possessive.” She says, looking at the ceiling dreamily as she probably imagining Matthew and me together. I scoff at her words, feeling a little silly by listening to her last words. Why would he loves me and be possessive of me?

“Hell no.” I scoff again, waving her words off. And then the memory of yesterday comes into my mind. The new deal. Shit.

“Oh, and believe it or not, at first he wouldn’t let me go out with Austin anymore. It’s crazy.”

“And that added another point for the chance of him being possessive of you.” She smiles. I shrug at her, she's probably right. But it's not like I'm interested in it. Things like that will never happen between the both of us. Never. But there's a possibility that he would ask about that eventually.

“Maybe it will happen.”

“What? So now you’re saying you like him?” She squeals a little, looking so fucking happy about it. I stare at her in disbelief, eyes widening like a saucer. “What?! No!” I let out a sigh and stare back at her. “What I'm saying is he probably likes me. But it doesn't mean that I would let something like that happen.”

“Oof, you're no fun. You're definitely going to break his heart to pieces." She frowns.

“And I don't really care."

“Trust me. It’s already a fate for Matthew and you to be together. You can’t change your fate. I just know it.” She smiles. I roll my eyes at her, sighing. “Whatever.”

The bell ring for the lunchtime and the class is over. I stand to my feet and begin to walk out of the class with Chloe by my side.

“Ashley!” I don't turn my body around to look at the person, knowing that it's Matthew. I sigh quietly. “What, Matthew?”

He stops in front of me, his face looks hard but something glinting in his eyes. “You’re going to sit at our table.”

“I know." I roll my eyes. "Stop reminding me. Do I look like a forgetful person?” I stare at him questioningly.


I roll my eyes and continue to walk when suddenly Matthew grab my hand and hold it in his. God, what is happening to this boy?

I get a yogurt, fruit salad, chicken nuggets, and a bottle of mineral water and walk to Matthew’s table. I smile at them awkwardly. Though I know them, we rarely talk to each other in a daily basis.

“You’re on a diet?” Matthew says, eyeing my food tray. I turn my head and giving him a look. He only stares at me and I roll my eyes.

“Don’t you ever think of people that eats salad and a little amount of food is on a diet. I just like salad, okay? Look. I even eat chicken nuggets.” I say, motioning my hand to my lovely looking chicken nuggets. He stares at me, his face still hard.

“You’re going to get sick.”

“And since when you care about me getting sick?” The table is silent after the words come out from me, all of them looking back and forth at me and Matthew. He lets out a sigh and start eating his lunch. I let out a scoff and smile mockingly at him. I fold my arms and turn to him.

“So now you’re not answering huh? Something knock your thought out of your head?” I raise one of my eyebrows, smirking at him.

He jumps to his feet, a scowl taking over his face. He grips my wrist and drags me out of the room quickly. I jerk my hand off of his, in attempt to get my wrist out of his grip, but he’s way stronger than I am.

Why can’t I fight him? I can fight professionally with my dad, my coach, and few of my muscular friend that is way easier for them to beat but I always win the fight against them. But why can’t I with him?

He keeps pulling my hands with him, dragging me away from the silent cafeteria. I’m curious of why the teacher in here doesn’t do a single thing to safe me from the tight grip of Matthew's. They are even nowhere to be seen. Where the hell are they?

“Let go of my fucking wrist!” I growl, staring at his back and hoping it will burn a hole on it. He doesn’t let out a word. And from that I know that he’s really mad. But why? Just because of a simple question I asked. I just want to know why does he even care if a eat a lot of a little. And now he’s fucking angry. He should really do some anger management shit.

I take in a deep breath though this little jog makes me hard to breath for a little while. I halt and I pull my wrist out from his grip forcefully. Fortunately enough for me, my wrist is freed from his grip. He turns around with the look on his face that would make anyone shut their mouth and stare at him in fright. But not me.

We hold a staring competition with each other. Same intensity of anger in our eyes, the deep scowl on our faces and heat of anger seems to fill the atmosphere around us, making our breathing pace uneven.

“What the hell is wrong with you? I’ve done nothing!”

“You have done something. You know what? You’re not going to go back home today. You’re staying at my house. Do what I told you to and you’re not going to get into a lot more of trouble.”

It’s not like I’m not going to stay at his house today. I’m intentionally doing this. Remember the plan, Sophie.

“Fine.” I respond calmly. He stares at me in shock, mouth gaping a little. “Fine? You’re not going to fight back? Or just complain about this?”

“No. It’s already a part of the deal so yeah, I’m not going to fight you anymore. I’m fucking tired of it.” I shrug a little.

“Alright then. I don’t have to struggle to drag you into my house and yell at you to do things for me.”



“Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going back to the class. I’m not going to hear about all of those shits the kids talking about us right at this moment.” I begin to walk towards the elevator, feeling tired to use the stairs. He takes a hold of my wrist and turn me around to face him. “But you haven’t eaten yet. Your parents will blame me when you get sick.”

“No thank you. My stomach already full of all the shits the kids are talking about now.” I fake a smile and pull my wrist out of his hold. He grips on my wrist again and turn me around. I sigh and roll my eyes again at him.

“You have to eat.” He says sternly. I shoot him a little glare and think of what the other kids are thinking about what just happened back in the cafeteria. “No way I’m going back to that place after what you’ve done.”

“I’ll bring your lunch for you then.” He shrugs. He lets go of my wrist and begin to walk back to the cafeteria. I stare at him in confusion and walk after him. “Is that even allowed? And why do you even care?” He stops walking and I do the same thing.

“Yes, it is allowed as long as we’re not eating inside the class and as what I told you before, I don’t want your parents to blame me about you getting sick.”

“They’re not going to even know about me eating or not.”

“Your parents are the people that know we spent a lot of our time together and I’m the one that could be blamed. And I don't want to be blame.” Fuck this pointless argument, it's better to just let him go and take my goddamn food for good.

“Bring it then.”


Why are these past day getting a lot more weirder? Actually yesterday is the weirdest day of my life and I know a lot of weirder things are about to come.

I lean onto the locker, resting my head on it as I wait for Matthew. After a few minutes he walks towards me with our lunch in his hands.

“Here.” I take my lunch and look up at him. “Hurry, we don’t have much time until the bell rings.”

“Where should we even eat?” I look around, only to find classes around us.

“The garden.”

“Oh, okay.”

He walks past me, his shoulder nudges mine and almost make my lunch fall to the floor.

“You dumbass, you almost make my foods fall!” I glare at him, and receive a blank stare from him.

“I don’t care.”

Is he even serious?

“You said you don’t want me to get sick because I haven’t eaten yet and now you say if my lunch fall you don’t care about it?” I scowl and he stares back at me with a blank look.

“Yes. Because, if your lunch fall, you can still eat mine.” I look at his lunch. He has meatballs and spaghetti and french fries. I shake my head, frowning. “No thank you. I’m not in the mood to eat those.”

“Just stop fucking arguing with me or you’ll be staying at my house for another one week.” He threatens.

“I don’t really mind about it.” I shrug.

“One month.” My eyes widen at the two words and I stare at him in disbelief. “Are you crazy?! No way!”

“Don’t call me crazy when you’re the one who rather stay for a week at a boy’s house that you hate rather than eating some french fries and spaghetti.”

“Goddamn it. Fine. I’ll eat those.”

We sit under the tree and I sigh, looking at my own food and start to eat it. Matthew puts a hand on mine and put his french fries on my tray. I stare at him with wide eyes and he glares at me. He nods his head at the french fries as he eat his spaghetti.

I sigh and pick on of the fries. I put it into my mouth, chunking it and swallow it down. I put another fries and eat it. The cycle keep repeating until all of the fries Matthew gave me already goes down into my stomach.

“There you go. It’s not that hard, isn’t it?” He says, drinking his mineral water and then smirk. I roll my eyes and look away from him. “Yeah, yeah.”

I continue eating my salad and chicken nuggets when suddenly the bell ringing. I glance at Matthew and he looks at my way. I swallow the food inside my mouth and frown.

“What should I do? I haven’t finish my lunch.”

“Just hurry up and eat all of your lunch.”


I quickly eat all of my lunch and run upstairs to our class and knock on the door. Matthew pushes the door open and thank god that this is Mr. Bradley class. If it’s Mrs. Jennifer class, we would be dead.

“Ashley, Matthew, where were you?” He says, looking up from his textbook.

“Sorry, sir. We were just finished eating out lunch.” I look at the rest of the class, staring back at me. I let out a sigh and avert my eyes from them.

“So, I heard that you both went into a fight again?” He asks, staring the both of us back and forth. I take a glance at Matthew and he nods at him once. “Yes, sir.”

“After class, you’re coming with me to the principal office.” He says. My eyes widen in shock and I look over to Matthew.

“But we’re fine now. We don’t have to go and see Mrs. Rosemary. Right Ashley?” He says quickly, staring back at me and I nod my head quickly. “Yeah. He’s right.”

“I know you both are. But still you have to see her after class.” He frowns. A pout forms on my face as my gaze fall to the floor.

“But the class after this? What about it?” Matthew asks. Mr. Bradley put his hands on our shoulders, smiling. “I know you both are smart students so it wouldn’t really matter if you leave the class for once.”

“Alright, sir.”

“Go to your seats.”

I walk to my table and sit there, Chloe staring at me with confusion on her face when suddenly the look of mischief glints in her eyes as she smirks a little. “What both of you have been doing?”

“Eating lunch.”

“I know it’s more than that.” She retorts, still smirking at me.

“Fucking hell, Chloe. Nothing happen!” I whisper-yell at her.

“Oh, really?” She asks, her smirk stretching wider. I gape at her. “Of course!”

“Ashley, please be quiet.”

“Sorry, sir.” I give him an apologetic look and turn my attention back to Chloe, making sure to keep my voice lower.

“You know we’re like, hate each other, things like that will definitely never happen to us.”

“Oh, trust me. It will.”

“Just stop. I want to study.”


“So, both of you fought again, yes?” Mrs. Rosemary asks, her eyes going back and forth between me and Matthew. I nod my head. “Yes, ma’am.”

“What was it about?”

“Just a little fight about lunch.” Matthew answers.

“What was it about lunch?”

“Well, I was just eating salad and a few of chicken nuggets and Matthew thought that I eat too little and I will get sick and well, he has never been telling me things like that and I asked why does he cares? And he don’t answer why so I sneered at him and he got mad.”

“Matthew, why did you get angry at her?”

“Because of the sneering, of course. Who wouldn’t get mad when someone sneers at you?”

“Of course everyone will, but at least they can contain their anger. You should have be patience about it and respond it with positive and calm manners, not like that.”

“I know. I already apologized to her and we’re fine now. It was just a little fight.” I nod at his words and turn to look at her.

“So I’m guessing that the last assignment didn’t work well with both of you.”

“It’s working!” I quickly refute. “Weeks ago we can’t look at each other without scowls or glares and throwing cuss words at each other. Now we are fine.”

“But that’s not enough. At least you both can be with each other without sneering and make each other angry. Now I’m going to give you another assignment.”

“Mrs. Rosemary, it would be very unnecessary. We already make a deal with each other to not to get angry or do another bad things to each other. If one of us break it, then it would be consequences we get.”

“That’s not enough. I’m giving the assignment now.” I open my mouth to protest and she gives me a look. “Ah. No complaints on this one. You have to follow my rules from now on.” I let out a sigh and lean my back onto the seat, frowning deeply.

“The rules are, both of you should be seated in the same table, I will tell all of the teacher to put you both in the same group for assignments, you both have to go hangout together, I’ll tell both of your parents to make sure of it, and you both have to go to Mr. Michael again to tell about your progress.”

“Please don’t make me go to Mr. Michael again. It’s just so boring to just tells us about what we do for hours. Can’t we just send our progress from e-mail?”

“Oh, sure. Why wasn’t that cross my mind before?” She asks to herself, shaking her head slightly. She brings her gaze back to us, smiling widely.

“So, from tomorrow you will be sitting on the same table. The point is, you have to do everything together. No excuses to make this thing not happen. End of conversation.”

“Alright then.”

“Now, both of you can go back to class.” She smiles.

“Thank you, ma’am.”

We walk out of the room silently. And the silence remain between us as we go upstairs to our class.

“Now we get into more trouble.” Matthew says.

“Hey, it’s not my fault! You’re the one that seeing red and drag me all the way out from the cafeteria.” I scowl at him. He stares at me for a little while. “And you’re the one that make me go all angry.”

“I’m just asking you why do you care in all of a sudden. And you’re not answering.”

“Fine. It’s both of our fault. You make me mad and I gone mad. So yeah. We have to do this shitty assignment again together.”

“Yep. You’re right.”

“Oh, you know what? I’m really going to be staying at yours today.”


“To get things straight? I’m tired of fighting with all of those arguments and scowls and glares we do, it’s just so childish. We’re going to be in college in a few months and we’re still act like 6 years-old? That’s just stupid.” I scoff, shaking my head.

“But why does it have to be at my house?”

“Because I’m sure you’re not going to let me go home if I haven’t finish your homework and tomorrow is the day of the most homework have to be submitted ever. Every damn subject we’re having tomorrow has homework and a lot more worse, there are quizzes awaiting us tomorrow. Damn, tomorrow is hard. I guess I’m not going to go to school.”

“First, you can’t stay over. Mom, dad and Tori would be home. I just remember it now. Second, you don’t have to work on my homework today, I’ll just do it myself. And third, you should fucking go to school tomorrow.” He glares at me.

“Hell no I’m not. I’m even already planning to get myself sick tomorrow so I shouldn’t go to school. Or just think of some excuses to get me free from school tomorrow.” I shrug.

“Are you insane?" He stares at me in disbelief. "People out there who are really sick want to be healthy and now you’re the one that healthy and want to get sick? You should be checking yourself to psychiatrist.”

“I’m not fucking mental. I just don’t want to go to school. I have much more important things to do anyway.” A lot of things.

“What is it?”

“Oh, just getting myself some more sleep and eat.”

“You’re not fucking serious, are you?”

“Of course I’m not. Wait, why are we still here and talking? We have the last period left.”

“I don’t care. It’s just some literature shit. I’m just gonna go straight to home.” He turns on his feet and begin to walk back to the stairs.

“You can’t skip class although that class it’s not that important.”

“Well I can and I’m doing it now.” He continues to walk and I stare at him, sighing. He's fucking unbelievable. Doesn't he remember that he still has his bag in the class?

“Hey, where are you going? You know your bag is still in the classroom, right?”

“Fuck right." He curses, just remembering about that. He walks back to me and I roll my eyes. "But I don’t want to get in there and read some old shit.”

“Matthew, stop cussing!” I give him a glare, and he rolls his eyes. “Like I fucking care.”

“Just shut up. And, if you’re going to skip class, where do you going to wait for school to over?”

“The woods. Do you know there’s a pond there?” I raise my eyebrows at the new information. “Really? I never know.”

“There is one. Actually only few of the students that know the pond exist.”

“So I’m guessing that place is the place you often go to?”

“Yeah. When I’m upset or just want to have a time to myself, I go there.” He shrugs.

“So you’re going there, just mourning about life, complaining about it?”

“No. Just listening to the trickles of water and sometimes just look into the water and watch the fishes swimming back and forth.” An image of him staring into the pond and watch the fishes suddenly cross my mind and make a smile form on my face.

“That’s sounds very cu-” I quickly stop myself and cover my mouth with my hand. He stares at me expectantly, waiting for me to finish the words but nothing comes out from me.

“What? Can you stop doing that? Talking about something and then just stop mid sentence?” He asks and seems annoyed by me.

“No. If I finish the sentence, I would only embarrass myself.” I shake my head and remembering on what I was about to say, mentally cursing myself.

“Just say it. I don’t like people keeping something from me.”

“I can’t. It’s just some silly thought that I have in mind.” I look away, avoiding his intense gaze.

“Say it.”

“No. Never will I tell you that.”

“What so silly until you wouldn’t tell it to me?” He scoffs, amusement showing clearly on his face. “Oh wait, you’re still in a deal with me so you should be telling me the words that was I your mind or you’ll get something bad in return.” He smirks.

“But you already get rid of the punishments yesterday! You can’t give me punishment anymore.” I frown.

“Yes. The punishment is gone. But I didn’t told you that I still can to tell you what to do, right?” He raises one of his perfect eyebrows. I frown at him.

“It’s not the same!” I protest.

“Well for me, it is. Now tell me.”

“I was just thinking that the place sounds very nice.”

“I know that’s not it.” He folds his arms in front of his chest, stepping closer to me. I take a step back, suddenly feeling self-conscious.

“It is what I thought.” I say, trying to sound convincing as my heart starts to be faster in my chest.

“I know it’s not because you’re saying that something sounds very cute, I’m guessing.” His smirk gets even wider as he takes another step closer to me and I take a step back in return.

“I mean the place sounds cute. You know, it’s in the middle of the woods, pond with fishes in it, the chirping of birds...” I look down at my shoes, feeling more nervous than before.

“I know you’re thinking I’m cute, aren’t you?”

“What?" I snap my head up and stare at him with my eyes popped. "No! I’m not. Why do I even thought of it?” But my words don’t really match with what I’m really thinking and feeling. Heat starting to crawl up my cheeks and I look down, trying to cover my red cheek from him.

“Stop lying. You’re blushing. That means what I’m saying is the truth you were about to say about me.”

“No, it’s not.” I scowl at him. “You want to go to your pond and little fishes? Fine. Go. I’m going back to that boring, shitty class.”

“Go then.” He motions me to go first but I don’t move.

“You go first.”

“No, you go first.”

“You first.”




“Yo- fuck it. We’re being childish again.” I let out a huff of air, running my fingers through my hair.

“You’re the one who started it.”

“No I’m not.”

“You are.”

“Who’s the one telling the other to go first? You. You’re the one who started this.”

“Ugh. Just go.” He groans.

“No, you go.” I scowl.

“You go-”

The bell ringing make me stop saying all that stupid same words at him and make me look at him. He just smirks and I groan at him.

“The school is over already and you know what I’m thinking right?”

“I’m going home.”

“Yes. Don’t go to my house.” He raises a finger threateningly. I pout at him. “I was ready to stay over. I already bring my stuffs. And now I’m going home? You can’t just do that to me.”

“Well I just did.”

“Fine. I’ll go.”

“Bye bye.

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