At Any Cost | Book One of Exafortespent

By Alma Azura Celia All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Drama

Five: The Best Friends & Nonsense Argument

It's been three weeks and... Finally! I'm free from the lesson!

But I’m still stuck with a stack of homework and assignment that’s really getting on me! And would make my head throbbing and explode. Again. Argh!

I mean who really likes to get their own head throbbing by homework and assignment that they don’t even understand?

Well maybe, for some people homework and assignment is a challenge. A challenge that can improve their ability in school subjects. But for me, well, that is a head-throbbing-cause thing that makes me even more confuse about what I learn back at school. The thing is, I can’t even understand what is the assignment about or what should I do, and I have to work on it.

And the worst part is when it has to be done in less than a week. That’s fucking crazy! But, I’m extremely grateful that I have friends that can help me with my homework.

Let me introduce them.

For starters, Cody. The clumsy as hell boy. Accidents already a part of his life. Other than that, he has a bloody brilliant mind in math and physics. He always get A- or above; Never below. Crazy right?

One day, when I met him at physics class in 7 grade for the first time, he already mesmerized me by his smartness. We have a talk and already best friends since then.

When he told me that he got into accident often, I straightly thought that the accidents he has been in is the thing that make him terribly smart. Like he got his head slammed and BAM! he can talk Russian. He got his head knocked again and BAM! He can play saxophone.

I tell him about my thought and asked him is it true that he got all his smartness from the accidents and then he just laughed. And then he told that he's smart at math and physics because his parents already taught him about calculation since he was a little boy. To be exact, when he was 3 years old!

When I heard that, I was just like: “Wow, That’s so fucking cool! When I was in that age, I barely know the answer of 1+1!” I stared at him in disbelief and amazement.

“Well, at that age I barely know how use a potty.” He mumbled. I furrowed my eyebrow, trying to make out what he just said. “What?”

“What?” He looks at me with the same confused look as me.

And then, there’s Mikaela. Art is one of the most important thing for her in her life. She has been into art since she was 5. Well, that’s because her mother is an artist. On Instagram, she already has like 250k followers because all of her works she posted there.

Sometimes when things got boring and all, she would teach us the art stuffs she’s expert at. Because I’m pretty good in that department, I just follow her steps. But with other, I mean the boys, they failed miserably. But in the end, our works would just be a thing to be laugh at. Good or not.

Third, there’s Cameron. When you first see him, the first thing you’ll notice is his goddamn attractive face and that hot and muscular body of his. And maybe not maybe, some of the girls would just keep themselves staring at his attractive face and that drool–worthy body of his until they drool, literally.

I am one of them, to be honest. But no one knows that, even all of my best friends. And no way in hell I would tell it to someone. It’s one of my darkest secret, believe me. Why am I even telling you this?

He’s the god of sport. He’s a basketball, soccer, baseball, and lacrosse player. Oh, don’t forget the look of bad boy he has. But he’s not a boy that skip classes, kissing in the hallway, smoking cigarettes...

If you thought like that, you’re so dead wrong. But at times, he can be that one little annoying jerk who put pranks on people. And he would just laugh his fucking ass off if he succeeded. And most of the time, he is.

And if you’re wondering, he’s good at chemistry, biology, and Spanish too. At first, I never thought he would be good at those subject. That’s why we can’t judge a person by their look. Because look is blinding us from the true self of a person.

Fourth, there’s Claire. Memorizing is her greatest ability. The school’s subject she’s good at is history since she’s good at memorizing. She’s actually great on every subject.

But sometimes, she would feel bad about herself because of the bad memories she can’t easily erase from her mind. Like an awful relationship with her previous boyfriend, accident, and many other thing she has been through.

And then there’s Elliot. Have a body and face like Cameron, and a brilliant mind like Cody. He’s in the soccer team same as Cameron and great at math and physics like Cody.

And the last one is, me. A girl who’s not really good at school’s subjects but fighting and hacking. I don’t really like to fight, though. But, if someone do things that already above the line of my patience, then I will punch them. Straight on the face. And it’ll leave a very dark bruise, or a broken nose. So, don’t you ever make me mad if you don’t want me to hit your goddamn good-looking face. And, I’m not really do hacking except it’s very important. I usually do it when dad needs my help.

One of the weirdest thing in my life: Almost every person I know called me the smart one though I’m not.

Studying is not really my thing because I’m a lazy ass girl. But, my score on every quizzes and exams are always high. Not really high like Cody would get in math and physics but high enough to make everyone in the class jealous.

I don’t even know what makes me like that or why, but that always keep happening on me since I was at grade 1. And that makes most of the kids hated me and they kept saying that I’m a cheater on quizzes and final exams.

Maybe not maybe, I’m just have luck inside me that makes me smart only when I’m having a quizzes or exams. Or maybe my mind can only be used properly on times or situation like that.

And now, here we are, sitting on one of McDonald’s tables, with books, laptops, and foods scattered all over the table doing our economic homework. Yep, we’re in the same class for economic. What a coincidence! And not to mention, listening to Cameron and Claire arguing nonstop about the answer of our homework for almost 15 minutes.

“No, the right one is mine! Your answer doesn’t even match with the question.” Cameron states, his gaze on his homework paper, his eyebrows furrowed in focus.

Why is he so cute?

The hell am I even thinking?

I shake my head slightly and focus myself back on the unfinished homework of our.

“I am the right one! An economic thing doesn’t even consist in that stupid answer of yours!” Claire argues, rolling her eyes at Cameron.

15 minutes of my life, wasted on this stupid and nonsense argument.

I look at others. Their faces showing the look of annoyance and dizziness pretty clearly as they look at Claire and Cameron back and forth. Seems like they want to call them off, but hesitant about it.

“Guys.” Their keep glaring into each other eyes, deadly. That mean, they didn’t hear me. At all.

“I’m the right one.” Cameron growls, his jaw clenched tightly. And probably, his hands already curled up into fists under the table.

“Guys.” I raise my voice a little. But well, they still glaring at each other, didn’t hearing me calling, for sure. I roll my eyes and let out an exasperated sigh.

“I am.” Claire stares at Cameron with anger burning in her eyes.

What in the fresh hell is wrong with them? This is just a goddamn homework for god’s sake! There’s no need to be mad at each other like two kids fighting over the same toys they are.

“Guys.” And again, they still haven’t hear me.

Good god, help me.

“No, I am.” Cameron argues again, still glaring at Claire.

Before Claire let out a word, I yell, “Guys!” And they stop. Their gazes turn towards my way as they stare at me in confusion and shock.

Thank god it’s already late and there’s no one here beside our little group here, the staffs, and miss and mister cashier over there behind the cashier, of course. Or else, I would be embarrassed until death in front of the people who look at me like I’m a crazy bitch.

“Can you guys stop arguing for a minute, start discussing and looking for another answer from the internet? Google exist because it has a lot of answer from a lot of questions.”

“Yeah, she’s right. You two have been arguing for god knows how long about nothing but a pointless thing.” Cody says, he massages his temple as he closes his eyes, attempting to get rid of his dizziness.

“Yeah. My head feel so dizzy after hearing you guys arguing like little kids.” Mikaela adds.

“Sorry.” Cameron and Claire apologizes, grinning at us awkwardly with the look of guilt covered their faces.

“Okay. Now, let’s search for the answer.”

I step out of my car, feeling the chilly air of midnight blown at me. I get into my house quickly and lock the door behind me. I turn around and begin to walk towards the stairs with drowsy eyes.

“How’s homework?” I get wide awake in a second and gasp. I look at him. Taking a few steps closer to him, I calm myself down as I laugh awkwardly.

I thought dad is already sleep in his comfy and warm bed. But, no, he’s not. He decided to shock me to death.

“It’s finally done. At first, Cameron and Claire can’t stop arguing for a long time. But, I break it down and they finally cooperate.”

“That must be dizzying to watch them arguing. Knowing both of them are a stubborn people.” He chuckles.

“Yeah, it is.” I chuckle and it fades soon after. We keep looking at each other in silence with smiles on our faces.

Uh, why is this awkward?

“Uh, I guess I have to go to bed now. There’s a school waiting for me tomorrow.” I smile awkwardly, heading to the stairs slowly.

“Okay. Sweet dreams.” I run upstairs, almost fall down the stairs, and walk into my room. I switch the light on and walk toward my bed, fall onto it.

Ah, I missed you so much, bed.

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