At Any Cost | Book One of Exafortespent

By Alma Azura Celia All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Drama

Forty Nine: Psychopath

“What?” I stare at him, my jaw drops slightly as I think of what he just said again in my head if what I heard is true or not. And sadly, it’s true. But- what the fuck?!

“You heard me.” His face remains flat as his blue eyes stare back at me. Not even a glint of irritation or sly in his eyes can be spotted. For a few second, we keep staring at each other, motionless, until I break the staring competition between us as a scoff comes past my lips with a humorless smile on my face.

“You’re crazy.” I bring my eyes back to his, still smiling with an unbelievable feeling in me toward his craziness. He motions his hand towards me, shifting on the stool he’s on and leaning back at the counter for a second in a relaxed manner.

“Ah, you get one more punishment.”

“Matthew!” I protest. He stands on his feet and saunter towards me graciously. I can’t even do that as good as him but how can he?

Damn that.

He stands before me, towering over me and bring his gaze down to mine. “I told you the rules before. And you break it. And that means you get a punishment.”

My mouth opens wider than before at this unbelievable shit he just told me which he couldn’t just said that easily. He can’t just told command me to kiss him as a punishment. What shit he has in his mind until he thinks of that?

“I’m joking. I’m not going to ask you to do that.” He laughs a little, receiving another scowl from me. “You should really see your face, it looks so ridiculous.” He chuckles as he walks back to the island and grab the plate and fork. He holds out the plate and sigh. “Just wash this very clean.”

I grab the plate from his hand and scowl at him. Turning on my heels, I roll my eyes at him and make my way to the sink. I let out a sigh and begin to rub the sponge on the plate surface, a deep frown cover my face.

“Where are your parents even?” I wash the plate and fork under the running water and put it onto the rack.

“They’re out of the country.” I dry my hand with the hand towel and turn around to face him, still look expressionless as before. I sit on the counter and cross my arms in front of my chest.

“How about Austin, Ava, and Victoria?” I raise my eyebrows, looking at him in the eye.

“Austin and Ava goes back to their home, of course. They just staying here only on weekends. And Victoria has her own job. Just another photo shoots and fashion shows.” He shrugs.

“Oh.” I nod my head a little. He just sit there, not even moving as he sits on the stool rigidly but calm at the same time.

And now I’m done! Can’t wait to lay down on my comfortable bed and go to the dreamland. But first, I need to go fucking eat something. My head’s killing me and I’m sure it’s because of the loads of homework and for not having a light meal after school.

“I’m done in here so, goodbye.” I flash him a little fake smile and jump off the counter. I quickly begin to walk out of the room giddily, feeling happy to finally get out of this hellhole.

“You’re not.” The words make my feet stop from moving any further and an annoyed groan comes out from me as I throw my head back.

“Are you kidding me?” An exasperated sigh comes past my lips. I don’t even have to turn around and look at him to see the little scowl that’s clouding his face now.

“No. You still have to do one more thing for me.”

One more thing? What else he wants me to do? Haven’t I look miserable already for having lack of rest and food?

“What?” I turn around, frowning with eyes heavy and head feels light. My eyes open wide at the proximity of his body with mine. I take a few step back quickly and calm myself down.

“Bring my books to my room.”

“Fine then.” I roll my eyes and turn my body around.

I walk out of the kitchen, frowning and step into the lounge, holding his books in my arms and hold it close to my chest as I walk out of the lounge. I ascend the stairs and walk straight to the end of the hallway and walk into the room without even looking to make sure it’s his room because it is his room.

The books falls out of my hold and fall to the floor as I bump into Matthew's body that comes out of nowhere. I look up at him, scowling, until I realize that he already has his shirt off.

What the heck?

I shake my head and quickly go down to my knee, huffing in annoyance. I pick up all the books and stack it in front of me quickly. I grab the books and jump to my feet quickly. Matthew takes a step back, surprised by the sudden movement and step to the side. I laugh quietly at his reaction and put a straight look on my face.

“Where should I put these?” I look up at his face, avoiding to look down at his shirtless body and planning on keeping it like that.

“There, on the desk.” He points his study desk and I give him a little nod. “Okay.”

I quickly walk to the desk, can’t wait to get out of this house and go take some shower and eat dinner. I’m freaking hungry right now, after all this working his homework and shit. I put down his books and turn around and look at him, smiling brightly.

“Okay. I’m done. Bye.”

I turn around and go for the door at the same time he shuts the door close in one push, making me flinch a little at the loud slam of the door. The smile fades from my face as he walks past me to his desk and I just stand there, not even do a little move as I stare at him in confusion.

What the hell in the world is happening right now? Did he really just close the door with me still inside his room?

He turns around, his eyes fixed into mine, not even blinking once. He takes a step toward me and I stare at him with confusion swarming inside my head, making me furrow my eyebrow a little.

He keeps taking another step toward me, which making me take a step back in return when I realize what is happening right now. My heart beat and breath pace quicken as I take a step away from him, only to make him take another step closer to me. It keeps going on like that until my back hit the door behind me.

Sophie, do something! Just freaking hit him! What’s happening with you?! Move!

Though I think about to do it, but my body seems to not taking the order from my own mind. It feels like something hijacked me to do nothing but breathing and staring at him.

His body gets closer to mine, almost touching mine. He places his hands close to the sides of my head. His eyes still staring at mine with something glinting in it and I can’t seem to avert my gaze away from his. His eyes stares down at my lips, and back to my eyes.

Wait, is he really going to do this?

Wait, remember what Colton had said to me before. Let’s just do that shit though I’m going to regret it later.

He leans his face down, closer to my face in each second and make my breath stuck inside my chest and throat, not daring to take or let out a breath. I take the control of my body again and leans into him, trying to hold myself back from laughing hard at his face. He stops leaning in to my face, taking one step back away from me with his face scrunches up in confusion.

“Are you just going to kiss me back?” He looks at me, seems pretty confused and scared at the same time.

“Uh, no.”

“Then why are you leaning in to me?”

“I’m just messing with you.”

“You’re fucking weird.”

“I’m not. You are the that is fucking weird. No one just going to do such thing like that other than a psycho.”

I roll my eyes at him and turn to reach the door handle. My wrist grasp by his hand and he turns me around forcefully and hold my wrist close to his chest tightly. A scowl now on his face as he stares at my way angrily.

“Don’t you ever roll your eyes at me like that again. I forgive you this time. But next time you do it again, there’s a punishment waiting for you afterwards.” I try to get my wrist out of his hold, but his grip is way too strong.

Why am I not fighting him? Why can’t I fight him? I can just kick him on the stomach or on other parts of his body but why can’t I now? I look up at him, still scowling at me as his blue eyes bores into mine with anger burning in his eyes. I let out a sigh and let the scowl fades from my face.

His grips on my wrist loosen and I quickly pull my hand away from him. I punch his chest with all the strength I have in me, making him stumbling away from me a little and I quickly turn and pull the door open and begin to run out of his room.

I feel a pair of arms wrap around my body, pulling me back into the room. I struggle to get out of his hold, but he’s too strong and it’s a waste of energy to struggle out of his hold.

“Let me go!” I yell, still struggling to get out of his hold though I know it’s only a waste of energy.

“Ashley, stay still would you?” He says firmly yet quietly, his lips close to my ear, make me feeling something weird inside my body. I shake off the feeling and keep put up a fight against his hold.

“I’m not going to. Let go of me!” I say through gritted teeth. His hold getting tighter around my body, making it harder for me to breathe and move.

“No.” I stop moving, staring at the wall in front of me in disbelief of that one word he just said and mouth hangs open.

“No? You must be really out of your mind. I’m sure of it now.” I go back to struggle, groaning.

“Just stay still!” He shouts to my ear and I stop struggling and just stay there in his arms, shocked by the shouts that deafening my ear for a little while. Ringing is now audible in my ear and a little pain shoots trough my ear.

“Do that once again, I slap you.” He says to my ear in a low voice, alerting me that he means it and that nothing would stop him from doing it. I’m sick of this shit and I will slap him back if he manages to slap me. But I know he wouldn’t dare. Though he’s angry, I know he won’t do such thing.

“You won’t dare.” I scoff and immediately get pushed onto the wall. He stands right in front of me, too close, to be honest, and smile wickedly at me like just got possessed by a wicked human being.

“Oh, am I?”

“Yes, you are.” I smile back at him and keep my gaze fixed on his. The smile vanishes from his face, turns into a scowl as he raises his hand and swings it, and I quickly grip his wrist tightly before the palm of his hand comes in contact with my cheek.

I push his hand away and slide through his body and the wall and run down the stairs and out of his house. I quickly step into my car and drive it fast to my house.

What is wrong with him? And what is wrong with me?

I walk into the house, feeling exhausted and lightheaded than I’ve ever been. I walk into the kitchen only to bump into Aunt Sarah. I quickly take a step back, almost fall backward in process, and look at her with a mix of shock and apologetic feeling in my chest.

“Aunt Sarah, I’m sorry.” I narrow my eyes at her, my vision getting blurry than before.

“It’s okay. Why did you just come home? Are you okay? You look a little pale over there.” She stares at me with concern in her green eyes and I laugh a little. I don’t even know why am I laughing. Is there something funny to be laughed at? No.

“Oh, I have to do some group project and it’s quite a work so yeah, that’s it.” I shrug.

“Come on, the dinner is just ready.” She smiles.


I walk behind Aunt Sarah into the kitchen clumsily, still feeling the lightness in my head as I step into the dining room. Colton walks past me, turn his head around and glance at me for a second, giving me a little smile and it quickly disappear from his face as he stops me from walking.

“Woah, what just happened to you? A vampire sucked out all of the bloods from your body?”

“Am I really that pale?” I look at him with worries bubbling inside me and I touch my face, feeling it and I quickly get my hands off of my face as I feel the coldness on it.

“You are. Even paler than a vampire I could say.”

“Colton!” I scowl at him, only to get a frown from him.

“It is the truth. You haven’t take any meals after school, aren’t you?”

I look away from him, deciding whether to lie or not. But it’s no use to lie at him and all of the people here. It’s just doesn’t worth it to lie about little thing.


“Don’t do that ever again. You know you’re going to get sick when you don’t eat some foods after school, right?” He says, his eyes staring deeply into mine with a high intensity of worries in it.

“I’m fine.”

“No you’re not, Sophie. Colton’s right. You need to eat. Now, eat.” Aunt Sarah demands, make a frown shows on my face.


I take a seat beside Collton and eat the spaghetti in front of me. Aglio olio. Damn, this is the one I make for Matthew. Suddenly, my appetite decreases as I remember him. Remembering what he done to me this very evening.

What is wrong with him? He banned me to scowl, to let out some cuss words, glare, and punch him when he’s the one who triggered me to do all of those things.

How can I not do all of those things when I already get used to do that to him? The sanity in his head must be gone piece by piece when he says some bull crap and smirking so fucking smugly at me.

He must be a psychopath.

What should I do? I just make a deal with a psychopath and I’m sure he won’t let me go and would keep me suffering for the rest of my life on this beautiful yet scary earth.

“Sophie, what’s wrong? You haven’t touch your food for this whole time? Is there something you want to tell?”

“No, I’m just still thinking about the group project. We haven’t finished it yet. And the last time for us to submit the project is this Friday.”

“You still have four days to go. Just calm down, forget about it for a moment, and eat your food.”

I let out a sigh, deciding it’s better for me to forget about him for tonight and just eat. I don’t want to make everyone worried because I’m not eating and going to be sick. Though my appetite on eating is already gone, the hunger inside me force me to put the spicy yet delicious spaghetti into my mouth.

After eating my dessert, which is some vanilla and blueberry ice cream, I stand on my feet, excusing myself first than other. Aunt Sarah and Colton look at me with a hint of worries on their faces I give them a little smile before I go upstairs to my room.

I shut the door close behind me and walk into the bathroom. I turn on the water tap and let it fill the bathtub as I walk to the sink and stare at the mirror in front of me, gathering my hair and pull it into a bun. I pour some vanilla and rose scented soap, waving my hand beneath the warm water.

I strip my clothes off, letting it fall to the floor and step into the bathtub and lower my body, feeling the warm water swarms me as I sit down and wrap my arms around my body as the thought of Matthew comes back into my head.

When will I stop thinking about him?

He’s a complicated boy. One time, he could just act normal, joking around with people, and sometimes including with me. And then, on the other time he could be the cold, expressionless, cruel and intimidating.

His acts and behaviors messing with my head. I can’t seem to know what is happening inside that head of his. And it’s feels like his bipolar act affected me in some kind of ways.

It makes me lose my mind and crazier than I was before.

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