At Any Cost | Book One of Exafortespent

By Alma Azura Celia All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Drama

Forty Three: Phone Number

Now is the last inning of the match. One more chance for me to do a home run. I’m so proud of myself, I have scored one score for my team. Yay! But it’s not really the point why I am here. The point of why am I here is to win the deal I made myself and that means I have to do the home run.

For all the time, Matthew just sits with us in silence when we take rests, only listening to the boys talking as he gulps down his drink, nothing more. And when he glances at my way, I swear to god I see a hint of smirk on his face. That must be because he knows he will win the deal. Damn it.

What should I do? I can do a home run! I’m going to ruin my own life by having the deal I make myself with him. And he already said that I would lose the bet and he would win. And now, I think he’s right. There’s no way I can win this. But I guess I should try. No matter what.

“Ashley! Go into the field! Now!” Coach yells through the cheering kids for the both of the team. Oh, I forgot to mention but, we have a lot more score than the Beverly High team. What a fucking great thing. They can kiss my ass and the boys goodbye because we’re going to be in the final!

“Yes, coach.” I put my helmet on and run quickly into the field and grab the bat. I hold it tight with so much confident inside me, a little bit to much, actually. I focused my eyes on the pitcher, that I just realize look hot as hell and suddenly feel my cheek burning.

Get yourself in the game, Sophie! No time for having a crush on a hot boy. You have to do the effing home run.

I focus myself back to the game, eyes narrowing into slits because of the blinding sunlight in front of me. He throws the ball and I quickly swing my bat and, I miss the ball. Or the ball is intentionally thrown so I can’t hit it. Ugh, damn it.

I focus myself again. and hold my bat up. The pitcher throws the ball and, I hit it! I quickly run to the first base and stop there when I see the boy on the second base already hold the ball in his glove.

Shit, it’s not a freaking home run. I look up from the ground and see Nick already get to the home base. One more score for our team. I look at the third base and see Matthew there. He fucking laughing quietly at me! His shoulder shuddering a little with a smile has it place on his face as he looks at my way.

I growl and turn my head to Brandon. Now he’s standing on the home plate with the bat in his hand and hold it up. The ball thrown at his way and he quickly swing his bat and it hit the ball. The ball fly quickly away from him, out of the field. A home run!

I quickly run to the second base, the third base, and step my foot to the home base, followed by Brandon. 3 score at a time. After that, the referee blows the whistle, meaning that our turn as the offense is over.

I take my helmet off, swear rolling down the sides of my head. I wipe of the sweat off and walk to Brodie who’s downing his water and look up at me, smiling. I return his smile and I sit next to him and take my water bottle, gulping down my water quickly and put it back into my bag.

“Ashley, great skill you have out there.” I look at him, smiling.

Everyone thinks I’m great when I’m not. Most of them can do at least one home run and while me, I’m just hit a ball not really far from where I was standing.

“It’s not great. I can’t do a home run at all.” I look down at my hands, frowning as I remember the deal I make with Matthew. Shit, I lost the deal. That mean he can do anything he wants to me. He’s going to make me his freaking slave. I'm going to have to take him his lunch, do his homework, or maybe even worse.

Matthew snorts and I look at him. He looks up at the field, drinking down his water. He puts down his bottle into his bag, a hint of smile on his face. I bet he’s fucking happy because of this. He really does. Shit, I can’t get away from this. Someone please help me.

We walk back into the field, the sun shining its hot light above us. I squint my eyes because of the blinding sun. I put my baseball cap above my head and now the sun not blinding my vision anymore. I put my glove on as I walk to the first base, sighing.

My team going to win this game, for sure. But not with me. Because I just lost the deal I made myself and I have to face the consequences I’m going to get.

“Hey, you weird girl.” Matthew says casually, maybe happy for himself that he wins the deal thanks to myself that can’t even do one home run. I turn around, rolling my eyes at him with a scowl already showing clearly on my face, the heavy bag I carry make me even angrier because I can feel my body sore by the batting and the running.

“Don’t be fucking mad at me. You’re the one who makes the deal in the first place.” He says, now smiling so smugly and his arms are crossed in front of his chest as he stares down at me. And it’s making me more angrier.

“What do you want?” I say with the scowl still on my face.

Why am I even pissed at him? It’s my own fault I made a deal that I have a little chance on winning. That’s why you can’t be a person that makes or do something when you can’t think straight or clearly. But I was in my right mind when I told him the deal.

Stupid me.

His smug smile disappear from his face and he loosens his arms and put it on his side. I look at his hands for a second and they already balled into a fist. I look up at him and he shoots me his angry glare.

“You know what I want? Stay the fucking away from me. Don’t ever talk to me ever again. Don’t ever lay that eyes on me ever again. Don’t even make me warn you about the consequences you’re going to get if you break it.” He warns. When he closes his mouth, I can see his jaw locked tightly. And anger flares inside me when his words already sink into my head.

Who even want to be close with an egocentric jerk that is so fucking arrogant and is a self-centered asshole?

“Who the fuck wants to even get close to you? Who the fuck wants to talk to you? And who the fuck wants to lay their eyes on you? Well I’m not!” I yell at his goddamn gorgeous but annoying face. I scowl at him deeply and he just stand there in front of me, his blue eyes staring coldly at me.

“So stop being so cocky about yourself because you’re not as good as you think about yourself. You’re so full of yourself and you’re not thinking of anyone else. You only think about yourself! You doesn’t even seem care about your friends!” I yell again, just realizing I’m only a step away from him now.

“You don’t know me, bitch. So stop talking like you know all the things in the universe. It won’t hurt me and it won’t even affect me even for a little bit.” He says, still staring at me with his cold stare. I look away and scoff at him.

He thinks I want to hurt him. Fucking ridiculous thought of his.

“Who told you that I say all of that to hurt you, huh? No one. I told you that because it is the truth. You are nothing but a little egotistical jerk face, asshole, and most importantly, a person that doesn’t even bother to know about a person a little better before he says that she’s a fucking bitch.” I can feel my heart beating fast inside my chest, my breath quickens, rage filling my body.

“Ha, I don’t even bother to do that. I already know you’re a bitch and a drama queen from the way you look and act. So shut up and get the heck out of my sight.” He says, oddly calm, but his face telling me that’s he could explode anytime from now.

“Fine!” I turn around quickly. Finally I can look at anything but his face. I stomp my feet toward my car angrily with the scowl still covering my tired face. A hand grips my wrist and I quickly turn around.

“Fuck you Matthew!” I yell at him.

“Whoa, I’m not Matthew.” He says in shock. And he’s definitely not Matthew. I turn around and look up at him, looking so confused, and I’m suddenly feel so embarrassed of myself.

Why am I yelling at people before I even look at their faces? Stupid me. Always humiliated my own self by doing the things that I shouldn’t.

Shit. He’s the pitcher boy. The hot pitcher boy. I’m going to drool over him. Help me! I don’t want to look stupid in front of a boy like him. But I guess it’s bound to be happen to us girl when it comes to hot boy, right? And what is he even doing?

“Oh, sorry.” I say, looking down at my feet as I try to hide my embarrassment behind my hair.

“Uh, it’s Ashley, right?” He asks nicely. I toughen myself up and look up at him and found his blue eyes already staring at my face, and now averted to my green eyes.

Keep yourself calm, Sophie. Keep yourself calm.

“Yeah. What's up?”

“I just want to say sorry about earlier. I accidentally threw the ball at you. I didn’t mean to hurt you. So, will you forgive me?” He says, seems like he’s pleading for my forgiveness. And he looks so cute when he’s doing it!

“Of course. You already say sorry about that earlier and I already forgive you.” I say, still trying holding myself together, hoping I won’t lose my cool in front of him.

“I thought you’re angry at me for doing that.” He says, and now he seems pretty nervous as he rubs the back of his neck. I smile at him a little at his nervousness.

“Uh, so, how’s your team dealing with the loss?”

“Well, most of them not taking it really well. But I guess it’s their own fault for not practicing their skill to the max. I already told them to practice but they just being the cocky people they are and now, they lost. Well I am too.” He says, chuckling a little.

“So, I’m guessing you’re the captain of the team?” I say, looking at him questioningly.

“Yeah. How can you know?” He asks, looking at me with an amused look on his attractive face.

“Just a guess.” I shrug, still smiling at him.

“You’re doing great out there, you know?” He grins. He shoves his hands into his grey hoodie pocket in a casual manner.

People still think and say I’m a good in the game but I don’t think and feel so. But, what can I say, anyway?

“Really? Thanks. You’re doing great too. But it’s sad that I can’t do a home run.” I frown. He smiles at me with his perfect little smile.

“Practice makes perfect. Keep practicing and I’m sure you can do not just one home run, but many of them.” He says encouragingly, and I smile back at him.

Yeah, he’s right. I should do more practice so I can do a home run.

“I’m not being nosy and all but, what happened between you and Matthew?” He asks. I let out a sigh, feeling myself not in the mood to talk about it. And hey, he’s still a stranger to me after all. He haven’t told me his name.

“Nothing.” I reply simply. He looks down at me with the serious and sympathetic look on his face, frowning at me a little.

“I’m sure it’s something, I can see it from your face. You can tell me, I promise to keep it a secret.” He says, smiling reassuringly at me.

Why does he even care about it?

“I can’t really talk about something personal with a complete stranger.” I say, a little hesitant of my words, afraid it might hurt his feelings a little. But instead, he gets into a realization of something and laugh a little.

“Oh, sorry. I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Austin.” He introduces, grinning widely at me. Damn his teeth is so perfectly aligned and white.

“Nice to meet you, uh, Austin.” I say, smiling a little too awkwardly. God, I almost say, hot boy instead of his name.

“It’s nice to meet you too. I’m wandering if we can know each other better and be friends?”

Who can reject him to be their friends? No one can. Just look at him. A perfection make by God himself. There’s no way people don’t want to be friends with him.

“Sure we can. I would like to.”

I can be friends with a hot boy. Who’s probably a man-whore. Damn.

“Can I have your number then?” He asks, smirking a little at me.

“Uh, sure.” I tell him my phone number and he types it to his phone. As he looks down to his phone, typing my number, I stare at him, taking in his features. Sharp and strong jaw, soft and light red lips...

“Like what you see?” I blink my eyes rapidly, just realizing he's already done typing my phone number to his phone and my cheeks feel hot in a quick, probably look red as his lips.. Ugh, stop thinking about him! And look at him in so much embarrassment.

“Uh...” I say, not really knowing on what to say. Because someone who gets caught on their act can’t just admit that they are guilty of their fault.

“Aww, you’re blushing.” He says, smiling adorably at me. And it makes my cheeks feel even hotter.

“Stop, I’m not.” I scowl.

“Yes you are. Just admit it you’re staring at my good looking face.” He smirks. I roll my eyes at his words, thinking that maybe he is a man-whore.

“No I’m not.”

“Okay then. I know you won’t admit it so, goodbye.” He says and begin to walk away from me.

“Wait! You haven’t give me your number!” I yell. He turns around and walk towards me and stop a bit closer to me, smirking as he look down at me. “You want my number?”

“Of course! I already gave mine to you.”

“Well, what are you willing to do to get my number?”

What am I willing to do? Of course I do anything to get his freaking number! Every girls would! But I can’t just say it like that.

“Nothing! I give mine without asking you to do things.”

“But it’s different with me.” He says, still smirking gorgeously. Ugh, why?

“No. I’m not going to do anything for you. Give me your number.” I demand.

“Okay then, bye.” He turns around and begin to walk away again. I groan a little at him ans let out a little sigh.

“Fine then, if you don’t give me your number then I won’t reply any texts from you.” I threatened.

“I don’t have to texts you then.”

But I need the number of this hot boy alive! I can’t let him go that easily.

“Fine. What you even want me to do?” He seems surprised at my words for a second and then he grins at me with amusement. “Just be my date on Saturday, would you?”

“Really? Just that? I’ll do it then.” I grin cheekily. Shit, why am I even grinning? Because I’m so fucking excited that he asked me for a freaking date and I bet every girls at his school or mine, or in this world, would be jealous of me.

“But, I have one more thing if you want me to give you my number.” He smirks.

Please don’t be a bad thing. Please don’t be a bad thing.

“What is it?” I ask, a little bit scared of his answer. He leans his lips close to my ear. “Dress nicely.” He says lowly. And then he takes a few step back, smiling at me. And me being the awkward person I am, smiling awkwardly at him.

“Uh, okay. I will.”

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