At Any Cost | Book One of Exafortespent

By Alma Azura Celia All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Drama

Four: I'll Take His Offer Anyway

Homework, homework, and homework. That’s summed up what’s school’s life like. Plus, the spy job that suddenly comes into my life and never been expected by this little mind of mine is going to be my real job in few weeks making things a little worse.

I sigh and jump off my messed up bed with messed up mind and go downstairs.

Ugh, I’m so dizzy! My homework never comes to an end! And it’s exhausting my mind, and taking my body strength away. I hate homework. Everyone hates it. You must've hate it.

“Hey,” Dad averts his eyes to me and smiles.

“Hi.” I return his smile. I drop myself onto the couch and sigh loudly.

“So, how’s homework?” I sit cross-legged and put the bowl of mac and cheese on my lap. I stare into the bowl, frowning at his question.

“I still got a lot of it.” I shove a spoonful of mac and cheese into my mouth, pouting.

“Need some help?” I stop chewing and think about his words.

Some help? It would be nice! But, I don’t want to make him dizzy by just reading the questions of my homework. But I don’t want to get dizzier either. I’ll take his offer then. But, this bitchy mind of mine keep refusing his offer.

My bitchy mind: Don’t take his offer. You can’t take it. Just do your homework alone and make your own head throbs :)

Me: Hell no. I will take his offer. Goodbye dizziness and goodbye head throbs. I’ll see you another time.

“No, thank you.”

What the heck? Did I just said that? I should’ve take his offer! My mind is so evil (well, that’s why I called it bitchy mind). My bitchy mind rather make me tortured by head throbbing than see me happy and head-throbbing free.

I shove another spoonful of mac & cheese into my mouth, with regrets fills myself.

“Ready to continue what we left off yesterday?”


“No! Of course not! I still have a lot of homework. And what’s with the rush? We still have two months left to train!” I moan in frustration and look at the ceiling above me, frowning.

“Fine. If you don’t want to get through this faster, I’ll let you be. And that mean, I’m going to teach you two weeks before the school year starts.” He rises from the couch and walk out of the room with a grin probably already plastered onto his face smugly. I roll my eyes and quickly follow him.

I guess I have no option left other than play with him in his own game.

“Okay, fine. The faster it is done, a lot more day I can relax.” For a second, I thought about what I just said. And it is true. But because of I'm still annoyed by his act, I just roll my eyes again.

He turns around and, as I expected, grin already stretches wide on his face. “That’s the spirit. We’ll continue what we left off tomorrow.” He pats my shoulder and walks out of the kitchen, leaving me with an unfinished dinner of mine.

Why do I even bring this?

I put the bowl down on the table, almost throwing, and catch it quickly before it falls from the table as my heart skips a beat.

That was close. If it really falls and crack into pieces, I have to clean it and it is definitely suck.

I put the bowl to the table carefully and sigh.

Head throbbing and dizziness would be the only thing I feel tomorrow. Probably. Prepare for the worst!

“Let’s go somewhere.” Cameron puts his phone down beside his lunch tray and look at us.

“Where?” Mikaela straightens her body, her brown eyes glints with excitement.

“I don’t know.” He shrugs. “Universal Studios?”

“Yeah, that’s a pretty good idea.” Claire smiles, her face covered with excitement.

“I can’t. I can’t go for the next few weeks.” I pout, putting my elbow on the table and prop my chin on my hand.

“Why?” Cameron looks at me with confusion.

“Because of the lessons I have to go through, of course.” I scoff and roll my eyes.

“Oh, right.” Cameron nods, his lips purses.

Silence swept across the table, faces falls into sadness.

“But don’t worry. I’ll try to finish the lessons as fast as I can. So, we can spend our time together.” I grin at them brightly, but they only return it half-heartedly, with some of them nodding their head too.

“Come on, Sophie. I know you can dig deeper into that mind of yours. You can find that thing. Just keep trying.” I close my eyes and focus myself on remembering him. And the thought of him appears, making me grin widely.

“Ryan Thompson is one of Matthew close friends. He’s a baseball player, same as Matthew. His hair is dark blonde and his eyes is brown. And of course, he’s in the same school and class as Matthew.” Dad give me a grin and show Ryan’s files for me to check.

Yay, I’m right!

“You’re right. And congratulations, you’re done for this lesson.” He smiles. “What makes you so keen about this? I mean, yesterday you didn’t even have the look of excitement on your face. And now, you have the opposite of it.” He looks at me strangely, but still keeping a smile on his face.

“I doing this for my friends. I already told them I’ll finish this as fast as I can so we can go somewhere. And I’m not going to let them down.” I smile.

“Where is it, exactly?” He stares at me with seriousness.

Here it comes, the protective side of him.

“Not far, just Universal Studios.” I shrug.

“Okay then. Keep yourself motivated. And you will be finishing all of this lesson soon.”

I walk down the street, casually, until my eyes catch a glimpse of someone that seems all too familiar. Not just someone. But Matthew Williams, my main target. And he’s here with Ryan Thompson. What are they doing here?

Shit, I guess I have to hide.

I look around at my surrounding, panicking.

Where should I hide? Where?!

Oh, right. I have a sunglasses in my sling bag. Maybe it could be a bit useful.

I grab it from my bag quickly and put it on. I walk briskly towards him and trail behind them. They walk into Starbucks (this is a coincidence, isn’t this? Because I go out to buy some coffee from here) and follow them to the queue line, still keeping on a proper distance.

“How about that thing you will do soon?” My forehead creases at Ryan’s question. What thing?

“No need to worry about it. I’m already an expert on that thing.” Matthew says, smirking at Ryan.

“Of course you are.” Ryan chuckles, patting Matthew’s back and order his drink.

What the hell is that mean? Is that something important? Or is that just a party planning? And, why are they here? Messing around? I guess.

“Miss!” I blink my eyes rapidly, snapping myself out of my thought and order my usual.

After I pick my order, I get out of the place and walk back to my house as I sip the warm liquid from the cup.

Should I tell dad I saw Matthew or what? I guess I didn’t have to. I mean, what both of them talking about didn’t sounds too important.

And if I told dad, this will probably take me somewhere. It could be dad telling me to be careful, or it could be him telling me to look after him. And that is the last thing I didn’t want to do for this time.

I need some rest from this spy thing.

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