At Any Cost | Book One of Exafortespent

By Alma Azura Celia All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Drama

Thirty Seven: The Assignment

“For next week assignment, all of you have to work in pair, and I will decide who are you going to partner up with.” Mrs. Erica says, smiling with her hands clasped in front of her chest in a slight excitement.

My eyes widened in a second as I hear those words. Oh god. Please don’t be Matthew. Please just be someone else. I don’t want to spend another time with him for now. I already spent most of the days with him and I don't want to spend another minute with him.

I look at Mrs. Erica, still hoping in my heart I will not get Matthew as my partner in this assignment. I pursed my lips, waiting for my name and Matthew’s to be called.

“Chloe and Matthew.” Feeling so relieved, I sigh quietly and letting a little smile shows on my face.

Ah, thank goodness I don’t have to work with Matthew, or else the assignment would never going to finished.

“Stacey and Ryan. Ashley and Brodie.” The second I hear his name, I turn my head and look at Brodie, at the exact time he look at my way too. He flashes me a little grin and I return it with a smile. I turn my attention back to Mrs. Erica, still calling out the kids’ names.

“So, the assignment is, you have to make a short story with minimum 3000 words and 5000 words at max. The story has to be in fiction genre. Thank you for today, class. I’ll see you on next week.” Mrs. Erica gives us a smile and walk out of the room.

I look at her walking out of the room, and close the door. I turn my head and find Brodie walking towards my seat with his attractive smile already stretched across his face. I return his smile and he stops next to my table. “Hi.” He greets, resting his right hand on the table and put his weigh on it.

“Hi.” I reply, still keeping the smile on my face.

“So, about this assignment, what should we write about?” He asks.

“Uh,” I search for any idea for the assignment, but nothing comes into my mind. I look up at him and shrug. “I don’t know. I haven’t got any idea about that.” I frown sadly.

“Okay, we’ll talk about that later. How about the time? When will we do the assignment?” I look away from him again, thinking about the right time. When the idea clicks in my mind, I turn my gaze back at him. “How about after school?” And then I remember about today. “But, I don’t know if Mr. Michael would let me.”

He furrows his eyebrows, looking down at me with confusion. “Why? What’s with him?” I sigh, looking down at the table. “You know, this assignment Matthew and I should do everyday?” I give him the obvious look and he nods his head a little. “I don’t know if he would let me go one day without doing homework with Matthew.”

“Maybe he would let you. Because, you know, he’ll understand because this is for school assignment. I know he would let you go for a day without Matthew. Just tell him about it today.” He suggests. And then something clicks in my mind again. “Oh, right.” I say, clicking my fingers, grinning. Why do I just remember that?

“What?” He looks at me, looking at me with confusion. My grin goes wider as I look up at him. “I just remembered today we have a practice.” He still looks at me with confusion, his eyebrows furrow a little more. “Yeah. So?” He looks at me questioningly with his eyebrows raised.

“I guess Mr. Michael would let me do my homework with you since today I already have baseball practice with Matthew.” I say, smiling widely at him.

“Maybe he will.” He nods, smiling back at me.


“Where do you want to work on the assignment? My house or yours? Or cafe down the street, maybe?” He asks. I look up at the ceiling, thinking.

Where should we work on the assignment? The cafe down the street? Nah, too crowded with kids from this school. And, I don’t know if I can’t work on something like this assignment in such crowded place.

My house? No. Colton would keep disturbing me, saying shit and all that would make me embarrassed of myself in front of Brodie. And, he would be a pain in my fucking ass by asking me to take things for him blah blah blah. So, no thank you.

So, Brodie house it is!

But that is if he agrees so.

“Uh, how about at yours?” I ask, looking up at him for approval. “My house?” He asks back. I nod my head a little too excitedly at him.

“Sure.” He shrugs. “Whatever you want.” He smiles. And his smile, I don’t know. It kind of, make me blushing so hard. What is happening to me?


“Kids, go back to your seat.” Mr. Lawson walks towards the teacher's desk and the kids go back to their own seat quickly. I turn my attention back to Brodie. “See you later.” Brodie says, smiling, and quickly go to his own seat.

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