At Any Cost | Book One of Exafortespent

By Alma Azura Celia All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Drama

Thirty Six: Cute

With laughter coming out of our mouths, we walk out of the cinema with Ellie between Matthew and me, and each of her hands are in Matthew and I’s. Matthew, who seems like he doesn’t forget about our little assignment, pulls out his phone from his jean pocket.

He puts the camera in front of us, a wide smile already showing on his face. “Smile!” He says. Ellie and I let our big smiles show and, click! The photo's taken. We take some photos again, with our silly faces on.

“Aww, you guys such a cute couple!” A woman coos, making Matthew, Ellie and I look towards her. I look Matthew, and he just look at me with confusion already covering his face that I find somewhat look cute.

I blink my eyes rapidly and look at the woman, who looks like already in her 40's. She's standing there with her husband beside her.

“Uh, actually, we’re not a couple.” I say, smiling awkwardly at her.

God, why is there an old lady suddenly comes out of nowhere and calling us a goddamn cute couple? Why can’t she just say that to another people that would be a real couple? Because there’s a lot of them here.

“Really? Oh, I’m so sorry.” She laughs a little, and my face burns in humiliation. “But if you guys a couple, I’m sure you’ll make a great one.” She says, winking at my way, making my whole face even hotter than before.

“Oh, uh, thanks.” I say, still smiling with my awkward smile. “I guess.” I say under my breath.

“Come on, Nita, don’t interrupt the young couple." He says, grabbing her wrist in his. He looks at our way, smiling apologetically. "I’m sorry.” He pulls her with him and she waves her hand at us. “Bye, kiddos! Have fun!”

“Well, that was awkward.” Matthew says, still look shocked and confused. And then a light chuckle comes out from him with his face still look confused as hell. I nod in agreement, staring at the lady with wide eyes. “Very.”

“Ashley, I want to go home.” Ellie tugs at my hand a little. I look down at her, her face already looking sleepy as she yawns, her hand covering her wide open mouth. I smile at her. “Sure, we’re going now. Come, I’ll carry you.” She nods, pouting with her eyes already looking heavy.

“Let me carry her.” Matthew says, stepping closer to Elle. I step aside, giving him space. Matthew takes a step toward Ellie as I look down at him with feelings mixed up inside my body and thoughts running through my head. He crouches down and Ellie throws her arms around his neck. He groans a little and carry her in his arms. “Come on, it’s getting late.” I nod in agreement, feeling myself getting sleepy too.

We walk to his car and he pulls the car keys out of his jean pocket , struggling with Ellie who’s still in his arms, and unlock the car. I open the backseat door and let Matthew puts Ellie inside the car. When he's done, he gets into the driver's side and I get into the backseat, sitting next to the sleepy Ellie as he turns on the car engine. The engine roars to life and he starts to drive the car. I move closer to Ellie and put her head on my lap as she lies across the backseat and my eyes starting to get heavier and heavier in each seconds.

I open my eyes, can’t believe I just slept through the whole ride. The car stops in front of my house and I look at Ellie, her head still placed on my lap as she sleeps peacefully. Now, how can I carry her into the house?

I move my body for a second, and Ellie moves in her sleep, letting out a little moan, and she curls into my lap. I keep looking down at her and sigh exasperatedly. I try to moves without waking her up again, as I think about ways to bring her into the house, and into her room which is upstairs.

I hear a sigh from Matthew, make me glance at his way as he turns the engine of his car off and step out of the car. He opens the door of Ellie’s side and put his arms under her back and knees and carry her out of the car carefully. I step out of the car, Matthew already on his way into the house.

“Matthew, you don’t have to do that.” I whisper at him, making him stop. “It’s okay.” He says, without even turning around and glance at me. He continues to walk as he carries Ellie towards the house.

I open the door of the house carefully. I step into the house and give him a way to get inside. When he's already inside the house, I close the door. Matthew looks around, searching for Ellie’s room, probably.

“Where should I take her?” I look at him, carrying Ellie in his arms with confusion covering his face vaguely. I look away from him, afraid I would stare at him for a long time if I spend another second looking at him, and begin to walk upstairs. “Just follow me.”

I walk up the stairs towards Ellie’s room. I open the door and walk into the room. I step to the side, giving him a way to walk in. He puts Ellie gently onto her bed and sigh. I put the duvet over her and give her a little kiss on her forehead. Her smile can be seen vaguely in the low light after the kiss, make me smile back at her.

I walk out of the room and close the door quietly. I turn around and Matthew is nowhere to be seen. I run out of the house and catch him already opening the door of his car.

“Matthew?” I look at him confusedly. He turns around, and his cold stare making me take a step back a little in a little shock. He just looks at me with the stare, waiting for me to say something.

What’s wrong with him? He was all nice when we were at the cinema, and when he helped me with Ellie. And now, he turned to the cold-hearted jerk he always is. I tried to be nice to him and he returned it with silence and cold stare? I guess he just did all of the nice things for the assignment and because of Ellie was there, not to really make up our messed up relationship. But it’s not like I care about it anyways.

“Uh, thank you for carrying Ellie to her room. I don’t know what to do if you don’t give me a hand.” I say, smiling at him a little.

He stares at me for a few second, makes me shivering a little, and with the cold wind blowing at my way only making it worse. He breaks the eye contact and get into his car. The engine of his car roars, and his car gone out of my sight within a second. I look down at the pavement and sigh.

Why am I even feeling like this? It’s not like I even want to make things up with him? He’s nothing but one of my target for my mission.

Oh, fuck. I forgot about my job again.

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