At Any Cost | Book One of Exafortespent

By Alma Azura Celia All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Drama

Thirty Five: Can I Come?

I walk out of the counselor office quickly, when a hand suddenly grip on my wrist tightly, jerking me backwards. I turn around, and as what I have expected, Matthew stands there, his hand still gripping on my wrist tightly. My eyebrows furrow at him in annoyance.

“Matthew, what the hell?” I whisper-yell at him, popping my eyes at him. He rolls his eyes at me and pulls me further away from the counselor office. We take a right turn and stop in front of the lockers. He lets his grip on my wrist loosen and I quickly pull away my hand away from him.

“The assignment, what should we do?” He asks, his face seems oddly calm as he stares back into my eyes. I look away and sigh, not having any idea on what to do. “I don’t know.” I shrug.

“How about the cinema?” He suggests. I shrug my shoulders a little, frowning as I still avoid his gaze. “Whatever. I don’t really care.”

“Then go back to your house and get ready.” I turn my head and look at him in disbelief. Did he really just say that? He told me to get ready but doesn't he even see himself? He should be getting ready too!

“You too!” I gesture my hand at his way in annoyance. “You have to get ready too.” He shrugs, a little frown on his face. “I don’t spend much time. I just have to change my clothes and I’m ready to go. Girls take most of the time on their makeup, choosing the clothes, done their hair, probably, to only get out of the house for a few hours.”

“Hey! Do I look like I’m wearing a makeup, huh?” I glare at him right in the eyes, getting more annoyed than before, don’t know why, though. Well actually, that's because he's assuming that all girls wear makeups, taking much time to choose on the clothes to wear (it's kind of true, though. Sometimes it took me half an hour or so to choose the right clothes), done their hair, only when where we're going to just an ordinary place. Is it even bad to want to make yourself look good in front of other people?

“I don’t need makeup, okay? It’s not even a date. It’s just an assignment Mr. Michael gave to us, nothing more than that.”

“Whatever you say.”

One more thing that cannot be avoided: Going out with Matthew as an stupid assignment from Mr. Michael and Mrs. Rosemary. This evening, I’ll make sure I’m choosing the movie, not him.

With my white, little sling bag over my right shoulder, I step closer to the white, wooden door of my house and put my hand on the handle.

“Sophie!” I turn my body around only to see Ellie, who’s already in her blue pajamas, looking at me with confusion as she runs towards me, probably wondering on where am I going.

“Oh. Hey, Elle.” She stops in front of me and I smile down at her. I go to my knees and stare back at her sad face.

“Where are you going?” She asks as she keeps staring at me with her lower lips jut out to a pout, only to make her look so cute. Why do kids look cute when they're sad, or mad? (Not really, though. Sometimes kids look as scary as adults when their angry).

“Oh, I'm just going to do my assignment with my friends.”

“Can I come with you? Please?” She begs, giving me her cute puppy eyes look that I know everyone with heart can't resist. But if she comes with me, what Matthew would say about it? And how would he react about it? I don't really won't to get on his bad side now because I'm not in the mood to face that side of him.

“But there would be nothing you can do there.” I give her a pout and then shes look down, pouting deeply at the floor. “But I want to meet your friends.” I look at her for a moment, thinking if I should just let her come with me or turn her down which is going to be suck. I hate to turn people down just like that but if I don't have any other choice, then I have to.

“Fine." I sigh, and a smile starting to appear on her adorable face. "But you can’t tell this to Colton or mommy and daddy.” I warn her. The smile disappear from her face as she looks at me with wonder. “Why?”

“I’m actually going to the cinema.”

At the mention of cinema, her face lights up. She starts to bounce on her feet as she grins at me excitedly. “Can I come?”

I guess there’s no way for me to turn her down. I don't really want to make her sad. I'll just deal with Matthew later. Besides, it's been a long time since I bring my favorite cousin out and hang out with her.


“Yay!” She throws her hands up and wrap me in a tight hug, jumping up and down as she squeals in excitement. "Thank you!"

“You're welcome." She lets go of me, grinning as she still bounces on her feet. I rise to my feet and smile down at her. "Now, let’s get yourself ready. We’re going to go in 10 minutes.”


I take her hand in mine and walk upstairs to her bedroom. She skips happily beside me, still having the grin on her face. My smile falls as I remember about what is this going-to-the-cinema thing is about.

What should I tell to Matthew? I bet he’s going to be mad or something worse. But, I guess he can’t get mad at a 5 years old girl, right? Because she’s just a little girl who just wanna have fun and all.

I take a light blue dress of hers and help her get changed. After she puts on a shoes of her choice, which is a white flats, she holds my hand in her tiny one and pull me with her to downstairs.

“Woah, what is she doing here?” Matthew turns around in bewilderment and confusion, looking at the both of us from the driver seat with wide eyes. I let out a little sigh at his reaction. “She’s coming, okay?”

“Why?” He asks again, seems a little bit annoyed as he scowls at my way. I roll my eyes at him and sigh. “Just drive already.”

“Ashley, is this your friend?” Ellie says, looking at Matthew for a split second before she looks up at me with a questioning look. I smile at her. “Uh, yeah, he’s Matthew.”

“Ashley, why don’t you sit at the front seat with him?” She asks, pouting a little at me. I return her pout. “But how about you?”

“I’ll be here. I’m not going anywhere.” She says, grinning.

I sense something going on in here. Is she trying to get me together, like together, with Matthew? Little does she know. We hate each other with all of our hearts. But it's cute that she's trying to play cupid with Matthew and me.

“Right. Okay then. Don't forget to wear the seat belt.”

She quickly fastens the seat belt and look up at me with a smile. "I'm done."

"Good girl." I pinch her chubbby cheek once and she giggles at it. I smile at her and step out of the car. I quickly get into the passenger's side and shut the door carefully. I put on the seat belt and Matthew starts driving.

After an eternity of an awkward drive to the cinema, Matthew parks the car and quickly turn off the car engine. He steps out of the car first and shut the door. I turn around and look at Ellie, sitting at the backseat silently with a smile on her face.

“Ellie, let’s go.”

“Okay.” She grins and unfasten her seat belt quickly before jumping out of the car. Matthew locks the car as soon as we already out of the car, still look very annoyed with me. I walk beside him and he leans closer to my ear.

“Why do you bring her?” He whispers, only to make me roll my eyes at his stupid question and sigh. “She wants to come. Just act nice.”

“Fine.” He groans.

We stop near the ticket booth and I look down at Ellie, crouching a little so I'm closer to her. “So, Ellie, what do you want to watch?”

“Uh," She looks at all the movie posters and then stop and point her finger at one of the poster. "That. I want to watch it.” I look at what she really pointed on. It's an animated movie. Oh, shoot. The one I've been longing to watch. I don't even know the movie's already out yet.

“Wait here with Matthew. I’ll go and buy the tickets.”

I quickly walk to the queue and line up with other people. When I get our tickets, I quickly walk to them. I look at them and find them joking with each other. I smile at the sight and keep walking towards them. Matthew looks at my way and I quickly wipe my smile off my face. I look down at Ellie and smile. “Hey, Ellie. Do you want some popcorn?”


“Okay then. I’ll be right back.” I turn around and begin to walk to the snack booth.

“Ashley. Just wait here with her, I’ll buy the popcorn.” Matthew says. I turn around and look at him in confusion, and shrug at him. “Oh, okay.”

He jogs to the snack booth. I keep looking at him, still wondering how can he be this nice at this time when he usually saying shit and give me the cold stare. Huh, he's probably acting nice because I have my 'little sister' with me.

“Is he your boyfriend?”

I get choked by my own saliva and start to cough pretty hard, feeling my chest hurting a little as I keep coughing. People who walks by look at me weirdly and with concern. I look away from them as my cheeks burning.

After another seconds of coughing fit, I’m finally done and the itchy feeling in my throat gone. I look down at her and shake my head vigorously. “No. Of course he’s not.” I laugh nervously.

“Why are you here with him now?” She asks again. Damn, how is this child could think that far? How can she even know about a relationship and all? She's just 5 for god's sake! Kids nowadays, already know what they shouldn't really know about.

“We have a...” I think quickly of a reason, looking away from her for a few second as I keep thinking, and back to her. “An assignment. Yeah. We have to watch a movie and write down the story.”

“Oh.” She pouts and nod her head in disappointment.

“Hey,” I turn my body around and jump back in shock as I look at Matthew with eyes open wide.

“God, you scared me.” I put my hand over my chest, trying to calm my fast-beating heart. He laughs at me for a few seconds before his expression goes flat. “I don’t really care." He turns his gaze to Ellie, smiling. "What I care about is the movie. It will be starting in 5 minutes.”

“Hurry up! I don't want to miss anythign from the movie!”

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