At Any Cost | Book One of Exafortespent

By Alma Azura Celia All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Drama

Thirty Four: What The...

After taking pretty great videos and pictures, pretending that we are ‘good’ with a lot of arguing and glaring, I walk out of his freaking house and shit, I haven’t even start my investigation yet. What should I do? One week of my deadline already passed and I have done nothing for my own freaking job.

I let a out a sigh and get into my car. I turn the engine on, and put my foot on the pedal, thinking about what should I do to get the information about his parents. Because that is a big no no if I should do it when we do our little assignment from Mrs. Rosemary.

I park my car into the garage and my eyes land on a sport motorcycle. Its color is black, and it somehow lures me towards it. I walk closer to the motorcycle and asking myself why did I just notice this babe. Who’s motorcycle is this even? If it’s Colton’s, I would like to ride it to school sometimes, showing people that I’m not that typical nerd they know. Just because I'm 'smart' and wear glasses, doesn't mean I can't be a badass too. But, it’s going to be hard for me to ride a freaking motorcycle to school, because I use skirt as an uniform. Ugh, sucks.

I walk away from the motorcycle, frowning at it and walk upstairs and step into my room. I throw my bag and open the door of my bathroom. The sounds of water raining down the floor making me look up from the floor to the shower and my eyes find Colton there, taking a goddamn shower. In my fucking bathroom!

What the fuck? And why is he taking a shower this early? And why it should be in my bathroom?

“Colton, what the fuck?!” I quickly look away from him, a little shocked and annoyed by him being in here, in my bathroom (this is not really my bathroom, though. But still...).

“Holy shit! Sophie, get out of here!” He yells, turning the faucet off, trying to cover himself from my view from the corner of my eyes.

“No, until you explain me what the hell are you doing here.” I fold my arms in front of my chest, still looking away from him because I know he still standing there, fucking naked.

From the corner of my eyes, I can see him quickly snatch his towel and wrap it around his waist. “I was taking a shower, as you can see.” I turn around and stare at him in annoyance. “And why it has to be in my room?”

“I just like the shower in here. Your bathroom has the best shower.” He shrugs.

“And why are you taking a shower this early, it’s only 4 in the afternoon.”

“I’m going on a date.” He answers.

“Oh, well then. Are you finish in here?”

“I am.”

“Then get out of my room.” I scowl at him. He looks at me with wide eyes, hands raised in surrender. “Chill. Why so mad?”

“This is my room.” And I pause for a second. Well, this is not really my room either but I guess it is for now, right? Because I'm technically living in here. “Well for now.” I mumble, shrugging. I turn my gaze back to him, giving him a glare. “Now get out.”

He keeps his hands up and begin to walk out of the bathroom. “Okay, okay.”

I shake my head at him as he walks out of the room and he closes the door behind him. I let out a sigh and walk to the sink and wash my face. I take a pair of shorts and a plain white shirt and put it on right away. I walk out of the bathroom and jump onto my bed, sighing.

Damn, daily activities with Matthew for 2 weeks, what can be worse than that? Nothing! Because that’s the worst thing ever in the history. How did Mrs. Rosemary even come up with this idea?

I stare at the ceiling, once again, thinking about my own job here. For this past week, I forgot about what is the point I’m here; I forgot about my job. And for the past weeks, I haven’t done anything for my job. Just even for one thing to get those information of his parents. If I don't start to find anything about his parents, then I would keep procrastinating my job and that means, I’m going to keep doing nothing for my own job.

I guess I have to start looking for it from tomorrow, or tonight. Just search something about them on the internet, then I'll be getting to know them a little bit better. Well, that mean I have to start now. Yes, now!

I crawl on my bed and take my bag, groaning. I pull out my laptop from there and throw my bag back to its place before. I fold it open and push on the power button.

It’s working time!

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