At Any Cost | Book One of Exafortespent

By Alma Azura Celia All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Drama

Thirty Two: But It Is The Truth...

I walk into the school hallway, and as it usually is, the hallway already crowded with kids and fills up with chattering of theirs. Some of the kids greet me kindly with little smiles on their faces, and I return it, though I don’t really know most of them.

After a week of faking a good relationship with Matt (Yeah, that’s our agreement to call him Matt since it’s kind of make it sounds like things are okay between us and yes, I fucking hate it) by taking picture of us ‘doing’ our homework, things still not okay between us. Of course. That’s because we’re just faking the good relationship and also because things can’t be okay between us since we argue a lot, like almost all the time.

Today after school, we should go to Mr. Michael’s office, as usual, and we tell him what we had done the day before. And because yesterday was Sunday, and before Sunday was Saturday, and before Saturday was Friday, we should tell him our activities 3 times longer than before. Sucks. I just want to go home and eat ice cream and just watch some movies or series that I haven't finished yet.

Before going to his office, I have to suffer by going through today’s subject which are Chemistry, mathematics, literature, and Spanish. Damn, chemistry and mathematics. I like those subjects, but because I remember that after school Matt and I should give and explain Mr. Michael our report like any other day, it kinds of makes me hate those subjects for today because I know I can't really focus and think straight on those subject.

And one last thing, since we have to look like we have a ‘good’ relationship, we have to fake our smiles and friendship in front of all the teacher because I know Mrs. Rosemary and Mr. Michael told every teacher to keep their eyes on us every goddamn second which also sounds kind of scary because they're watching our every moves and we can't make a little mistake because it would be suspicious.

Shit, man, it’s still 8 in the morning and I'm already rambling too much.

I walk into the classroom and as usual, it’s full of the kids and their chattering. I sit on my chair, and as usual, Chloe already there with her eyes fixed on her phone screen as she plays on a for-five-years-old looking game. Well, I won't blame her for playing it most of the time, though, because the games are kind of addicting and fun to play.


She turns her head to me and smile quickly. “Oh, hi.” After looking at my crumpled face, her smile fades a little. “What’s up? You look kind of grumpy.”

“After school I have to tell Mr. Michael about Matthew and I’s ‘good’ relationship activities 3 times longer today since yesterday was Sunday and two days ago Saturday and 3 days ago Friday. That means, the explaining would last for hours! God, when will I have a good rest and not have to meet Matthew everyday?” I sigh, banging my head on the table carelessly. She holds my head and I stop from doing it, sighing. She lets go of my head and I look up at her.

“First of all, you will be meeting Matthew for everyday for months, and actually, this thing is kind of great to me since it will make things better between both of you guys.” Chloe says in a matter-of-fact voice. I shake my head and give her a frown. “But no, it’s not working. At all.”

“It hasn’t. But I’m sure it will. Maybe both of you haven't felt it for now, but it’s actually working a little bit everyday, every hour, or every minutes you both spend together.” She smiles. I grimace a little at her words of positivity. Why does she always being a positive one? It's like she doesn't even know the word negativity herself.

“Please don’t say that, it’s too cringy and cheesy at the same time. I hate it.”

It's not really true, actually. I really like the positivy she always send to people and really does make them happy and be more positive in life but I'm just feeling so pissed by what's going to happen after school and that makes me a little grumpy and shit.

“But it is the truth.” She shrugs, her lips turns into a little pout. I sigh, thinking back to what Matthew and I had done for the past few days, for a week, and nothing really great happened. We're just doing things like the agreement we made from the first day we started doing our task. And we only do this so Mrs. Rosemary wouldn't give us any other stupid assignment. To make people think that things are alright between us when it's actually not.

“No, I’m not feeling better from the first time we started that, I feel like this facade we’re showing to all the people makes things get even worse. Outside of the school of course since we have to look okay with each other in front of other people here.”

“Okay, whatever. I already told you my words.” She shrugs lightly. I ignore her words thinking about something else to talk about so I can get out of the subject we're talking about now. “Oh, have you do your math homework?”

She turns her face at me, her eyes widen at the words. “What? There’s homework?” I nod a little, looking at her sadly. “Yeah.”

“Oh, shit.”

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