At Any Cost | Book One of Exafortespent

By Alma Azura Celia All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Drama

Thirty One We Have to do It

The bell rings and I quickly stand from my chair as I sling my bag over my shoulder. I walk down the stairs briskly, not even minding the chattering from kids that already filling up my ear as I go towards the parking lot.

With my mind already crumpled up with this assignment Mrs. Rosemary had just given to Matthew and me this morning, I step into my car and drive to Matthew’s house, that coincidentally close to mine.

I stop my car beside the sidewalk in front of his house, cutting the engine of my car off, and then remember something. Muttering profanity under my breath, I click my tongue in annoyance.

Shit, I haven’t given my number to Matthew and I haven’t asked his. Now, how can I tell him I'm already here?

I look around the vacant street, feeling slightly confused and annoyed. Is Matthew even home yet? Because if I just go inside his house it would be very impolite, and awkward.

I'm starting to debate with my mind on what I should do, whether to yell his name in front of his house gate, or just stay here inside my car until Matthew comes back from school, or comes out of his freaking house.

I drum my fingers on my steering wheel, still debating with my mind as I bite my lip. A knock on my car window makes me jump a little on my seat as I lift my head and look out from it. Matthew stands there on the passenger side, looking into my car with annoyance already covering his face. I push my car door and quickly step out of it, smiling awkwardly at him. Why am I even smiling at him? I'm so fucking weird.

“Hurry, I’ll wait for you inside.” He says boringly and walk towards his house. I quickly take my bag and lock my car. I jog after him and when I'm closer to him, I start to walk behind him. He opens his house door and step into his house. I step into his house, observing my surrounding. Not very different from Uncle Henry house, just slightly bigger.

I close the door and follow him to the living room as my eyes keep wandering around the house. My body hits his back as he stops walking without any warning. I step back in shock and look up at him who's already glaring down at me.

“What?” I ask, looking at him questioningly with innocence.

“Watch your step, bitch.”

Does he ever stop saying that word to me? No, obviously. And that also means that he always wanting to start a freaking fight with me and I don't care because I will beat him up anyway and he will beg me for mercy for saying that one word.

I narrow my eyes at him in anger and he just stares back at me coldly. “Don’t even get started, Matthew.” I say in a low, threatening voice.

“I don’t care,” He says, looking down at me with disdain as he steps forward. “I can kick you out now, telling my guards here to throw you into the goddamn garbage.”

“Fine.” I say through gritted teeth, glaring at him. “I can walk out myself. And that also means you don’t want Mrs. Rosemary to trust our so-called good relationship. Bye, asshole.” I turn around and quickly walk towards the front door, can’t wait to get out of this hellish place and go back home.

“Hey, where are you going?! Come back here!” He yells, his voice filling up the quiet, empty house. I turn around and glare at him. “You are the one who said you want to kick me out. So, I don’t want to bother you by making all of your goddamn house guards come here to throw me into the fucking garbage. I can walk my own self.”

I turn around again and begin to continue my walk when Matthew says, “You can’t just walk away like that, you’re in my house.”

“Your parents house. Maybe that’s what you mean.” I retort without even turning around to look back at his annoying face.

“It’s—” He groans in frustration. “It’s just the same. This is my house, my rules. You step towards the door one more time, you won’t ever see the sunlight ever again.” He threatens.

“Like I care.” I roll my eyes and begin to walk.

“Goddamn it, Ashley!” The sounds of his shoes against the marble floor getting closer to me. I keep walking faster and he pulls my hand quickly and strongly, make me launch backwards, hitting his body. I turn around and glare at him once again. “What the fuck, Matthew?!”

“You can’t go. We have to do the assignment.” He says, looking away as he calms himself and his breathing. His glare softens as he stares back into my eyes. I quickly look away and sigh. “Okay. Don’t talk shit anymore or I’ll just walk out of here.”

“I won't.”

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