At Any Cost | Book One of Exafortespent

By Alma Azura Celia All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Drama

Thirty: I Forgive You

I look at Chloe and the boys one at a time, with confusion already can be seen all over my face. They answer my gaze with shrugs and I rise from my chair as I turn my head to look at back at Matthew, who’s already looking at me with an unreadable expression.

I begin to walk, and make my way to the principal’s office. Matthew walks further away to my right, a single word hasn’t come out from his mouth. I push open the door, thinking about what would be happening to me and Matthew after this.

“Miss Reynolds, Mr. Williams, please come in.” Mrs. Rosemary says, her facial expression is unreadable. I step into the room with a little fright and then walk towards her desk and sit myself at one of the chair in front of her wooden desk.

Matthew takes a sit on the other chair beside me, his face is unreadable like Mrs. Rosemary, but anger glinting in his eyes as he stares at her.

“Ashley, Matthew, you must be already know the reason why you’re here.” She says, seriousness showing on her face. “Yes, ma’am.” I bow my head as a little frown forms on my face.

“Matthew, say sorry to her, now. Because I know you haven’t said that to her yet.”

I stare at her in bewilderment as she fixes her gaze at Matthew who's just sitting there in silence. I turn my gaze back to Mrs. Rosemary. “It’s not necessary, ma’am. It was my own fault he got angry.”

She turns her gaze to me, frowning. “But that doesn’t mean he can humiliated you in front of other kids.” I sigh at her words and stare into my lap, have nothing left to say.

“Matthew,” She warns him, giving him a look. He sighs, shutting his eyes close for a split second, fighting the urge to burst in anger.

“Okay, okay. I’m sorry, Ashley.” He apologizes, but his gaze still trained on his lap, seem to be a little annoyed that Mrs. Rosemary forces him to give me an apology.

“Apologize seriously, Matthew.” He rolls his eyes a little, sighing as he turns to me and I look at him in a little fright because he seems like he wants to strangle me and choke me to death by the look in his eyes for a split second before it changes to a sad look.

“Okay. I’m sorry I humiliated you in front of the other kids. I’m sorry I yelled at you. I’m sorry I made you cried.” He apologizes, and I don’t know even why, but he does sound very genuine when he said all of that. Or is that just another mask he puts on his face to hide all of his lies?

I let out a quiet sigh, keep thinking that he's really apologizing to me when he's probably not, and say, “I forgive you.” I smile. A little smile appears on his face for a second before he turns his gaze back to Mrs. Rosemary.

“One more thing for both of you.”

I turn my eyes away from Matthew and look at Mrs. Rosemary already looking back and forth at Matthew and me. I glance at Matthew for a second, and at the same time, he taked a glance at my way too, his face seems a little confused by her words and then he quickly takes his gaze off of me and back to Mrs. Rosemary.

“This is not a punishment, but I’m just making sure you both really forgive each other. So, I want both of you to go and do some activities together.” Mrs. Rosemary says, look at the both of us back and forth with a bright smile showing on her face.

My back straightens as I say, “what?!” with my eyes open wide as I stare back at her, feeling a bit shock. My mouth gapes a little at her idea that I find kind of stupid for this kind of thing Matthew and I been through which is just a little argument, fight, and angry glares.

“Some activities, together.” She repeats herself simply, grinning a little. My brows merge at the idea in so much disbelief because I know this is kind of unnecessary. I mean, some activities together? With Matthew and me in the same room for a long period of time? Doing some activities together? Pfft, that's impossible if we could last long. That won't happen, not in a million years.

“But why?” I ask.

“To make you both get along with each other after yesterday incident.” She explains, still having the same smile on her face. I take a glance at Matthew in confusion and his gaze still fixed on Mrs. Rosemary as he seems to want to say something.

“You don’t have to, Mrs. Rosemary, we already get along with each other now, right Ashley?” Matthews turn his gaze to me, smiling as he puts his arms around my shoulder in a friendly way which feels so awkward and maybe seems not so real in the eyes of Mrs. Rosemary. I know she won't buy it but it doesn't hurt to try, right?

I let a grin quickly appears on my face and I put my arm around his back. Uhm, ew. “Right! We’re fine now!"

“No. You both still have to do that.” She shakes her head slightly, a little pout already has it place on her face. My grin fall into a little frown and Matthew takes his arm off of my shoulder slowly, and it’s suddenly makes me feel much more awkward than before.

“If that’s so, what should we do?” I ask, a little sad and mad about Mrs. Rosemary’s suggestion as I relax my body, trying not to get angry and flip over the table. I just want to get out from here fast, pronto. Man, is this bad.

“So, I want you both to go and do some activities together. Like doing your homework together, go hangout together, and many other thing only for 2 weeks. And both of you have to send me pictures and videos of what you two do together. And every after school, you both have to come to Mr. Michael, the counselor, and tell him about your progress. And then he will tell me about your progression.”

“Okay. How about the time? When should we get started?” I ask, hoping we don’t have to start from today.

“You both have to start from uh,” She puts a finger on her chin for a second as she thinks of the time and her face suddenly lights up in acknowledgement. “Today! Yes, today!” She grins, looking a little too excitedly as she stares at the both of us.

“What?!” Matthew and I say in unison. We look at each other for a second and I turn my attention back at Mrs. Rosemary. “Why it has to be today? Can’t we just start next week?”

“No. It has to be today.” She says, her grin already turns into a smile. I look at her in disbelief once again, but quickly change my expression into a neutral one.

“Okay, Mrs. Rosemary.” Matthew says, rolling his eyes slightly at her with his arms already crossed in front of his chest.

“Now, go back to your class.” She gestures her hand to the door behind us. I stand up from the chair and say, “Thank you, ma’am.” And flash her a little smile.

I step out of the office and walk briskly towards my class, thoughts about the material of this morning subject suddenly clouding my mind because I probably missed most of it. And that means, I can’t do the homework Mr. Gerard will give the class which is the physics calculation that I don’t understand .

I keep walking briskly towards the stairs and Matthew grips my wrist, yanking me backwards a little too harshly and my wrist begins to hurt a little. I turn my body around and give him a glare. “Hey! What the hell is wrong with you?”

He pulls my hand with him as he walks toward a door. He opens a door which is the storage room door, and push me into the storage room. He quickly closes the door and turn towards me. I glare at him again, annoyed by his weird act. “What the hell, Matthew?”

“Okay, listen. Here’s the deal.” He says, stepping closer to me, and make me look up at him. “We’re going to take some pictures and video as what Mrs. Rosemary said. But that doesn’t mean things are fine between us. Or you could say, never.” He says, anger burning in his eyes clearly. And my eyes stares back into his with the same intensity.

“Since she said we have to start today, you will go to my house, pretending that we’re doing our homework together and take some pictures and videos. And then you can go back to your house.”

“And why does it have to be at yours?” I retort angrily and then remember something.

Wait, if we do that at his house, that mean I can do a little investigation at him secretly. Damn, I almost forgot I’m here because of my job. Shit.

“Because there’s no one at my home since my sister and parents is abroad. And if we do that at yours, your brother would be such a disruption. And it could blow our cover up.” I groan a little and say, “Okay, fine.”

“Okay. So today, after school, go straight to my house. No excuses.”


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