At Any Cost | Book One of Exafortespent

By Alma Azura Celia All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Drama

Three: Cold as Mount Everest

“So, what was yesterday about?” Claire puts her pencil down, her eyes avert from her notebook towards me.

“Well, I will told you if you promise me not to mention this to anyone first. Even if it’s Cody, Cameron, Mikaela, or Elliot.” Her was-clear face turns into a confused one in a second. But she nods her head anyway. “Okay.”

I tell her everything, even the littlest detail, and finish my story with a proud smile covering my face. Claire stares at me, her lips part, and her face covered with amazement. “Wow, that’s cool.”

“I know. But, there’s something making this thing doesn’t sounds right.”

“What do you mean?” Her face scrunches in confusion, eyes gleaming with wonder.

“I mean, why it has to be me? I’m not even a part of the secret agency. And the people I should face, almost everyday, are dangerous people, according to my dad’s chief. And when it comes to dangerous people, shouldn’t it be a professional to face them?”

“Yeah, you’re right. But, I guess there’s nothing left you can do. You’re already chosen. And you didn’t even protested, right? Or just disagreed?”

“No.” I shake my head, a little pout forms on my face.

“If that’s so, you have to take this thing seriously. Though it doesn’t make any sense. Because, there’s no turning back now." She frowns. “So, do your job, and don’t you EVER think about giving up. Because, giving up is one thing that would make you stop from doing the thing you should. And that’ll make you... failed.” She shrugs, a pout stretch on her face.

“Okay. I’ll keep your words in mind.”

I walk up the steps and push open the front door of my house and quickly get inside. I make my way to the living room, jumping and dancing to the beat in my head as my eyes close.

I open my eyes, I open my eyes and take one step back, shocked. I cover my mouth with a hand, almost letting out a high-pitched scream.

I do a controlled breathing, trying to calm myself down.

Why is he even here? Doesn’t he has a work to be done? And why am I so freaked out on the millisecond I saw him there, just sitting comfortably as he watches the news?

Thank goodness he didn’t saw me. Or else, he would already laughed his freaking ass off all day long and I would die in humiliation.

I quickly push the thought away from my mind and continue walking into the living room, putting on a neutral face. Sighing, I throw my bag to the foot of the couch and drop myself next to him.

I keep my gaze on the TV, watching the news boringly until I feel somehow uncomfortable. I shift a little on my seat, yet the feeling of uneasiness still stay.

I turn my head and look at dad. His eyes still trained on the TV, until he looks at me. His face keeping a neutral look on it. We keep staring at each other, his face keeps turning into a bright red color and a smile keeps stretching wide on his face. Until laughter bursts out from his mouth.

Great. He really did saw it.

I scowl at him, my face burning in humiliation I can melt soon because he can’t even stop laughing! His hands keeps clutching his stomach as laughter still comes past his mouth freely.

“Dad, stop!” And he stops. His watery eyes staring into mine, face already in the same color as tomato. He keeps staring at me, and continue to laugh again! Argh! I rolled my eyes and cross my arms in front of my chest, huffing as I frown.

After god knows how long, his laughter finally dies down. Finally!

“Sophie, my dear, I’m sorry. I just can’t help it. Your face is,” He chuckles, “just too hilarious at the second you walk in. What’s wrong with you? You look at me like you’ve seen a ghost.” He laughs a little.

“I thought you’re not home yet so I just got into a shock when I saw you sitting here.” I explain, the scowl still plastered over my face.

“Sorry, Sophie. For the next few weeks, I’ll be staying home and give you all the lesson just like what Mr. Warren had said.” He smiles.

The next few weeks going to be a very, very, looong weeks.

“Come on, Sophie!”

As we sit in the living room, I keep shouting internally to my head, thought it would be helpful for me to remember anything about Victoria Williams, Matthew’s older sister because dad told me to remember things about all the closest people to Matthew Williams, my target. His friends, family...

“Uh, Victoria Williams is Matthew sister. She’s 20 years old and a model. Her hair is brown and wavy, her is blue and her height is 5′9, right?” I look at him questioningly with eyebrows furrowed tightly and quickly relax it.

“Right and you’re done for today.” Sighing, my stiff body turns more relax and I slump into the couch, exhausted.

Finally, the lesson ends for today. If it isn’t, I’m sure I’m not going to go to school tomorrow. And, the sad thing is the people I just remember are only 1/4 of the list. Damn.

“We’ll continue on this tomorrow.” He rises from the couch and begin to walk out of the room.

“Wait! Dad!” He turns and look at me. “Yes?”

“I guess I can’t do it tomorrow. I have a lot of homework and assignment to work on.”

“Okay then. We’ll continue on this when you done with your school’s stuff.” He smiles for a second and walks out of the room

Free from the lesson, stuck with the homework. No good at all.

“Shit!” I shriek and quickly sit as cold water drowns me in it. And also with fucking tiny ices! And it’s making me shivering like I’m at the top of Mount fucking Everest. And I’m sure I’ll get a hypothermia soon. Drenched by cold water and tiny ices, I give dad a glare who’s just look at me with a dull look.

“I guess you need to hurry. School starts in 15.” He points his index finger at the alarm clock and leave, like nothing happened! I roll my eyes and look at the clock, still annoyed by what dad has done.


Shit! He’s right!

I get off my bed and run for the bathroom. I quickly hop into turn the tap on. Cold water pouring down on me making me shivering even more.

Is it just me or the water is cold?

I take peek at the heater and it’s off.


Well actually, I’m so thankful by this freezing surprise, it makes me refreshed and ready to start the day with so much spirit. This is so freaking great.

“Are you serious?! Wow, that’s fucking awesome! I wish I could be one someday.” Cody says with astonishment already covering his whole face. I shake my head, smiling, amused by his words.

“Na uh. Not with all the clumsiness you got. You mission would probably ruined just after a few minutes you work on it and you would get caught. Or worse, dead.” I laugh at it and others joins in quickly. But Cody just sit there, pouting deeply like a little boy.

“Hey! Don’t underestimate me! I could probably be the next James Bond. With girls going crazy over me.” His deep frown turns into a smirk within a second. Claire nudges him on the rib, popping her already big eyes at Cody. And his smirks gone.

“I mean less the girls.” Cody stutters, only to make all of us laugh again.

He’s such a dork.

“That mean you’ll be moving?” Mikaela asks, her face turns a little sad. I nod my head slightly. “Yeah. But we still can meet each other. I’m just half an hour away.”

“School will be sucks if you’re away. And, it’s our senior year!” Elliot huffs in frustration and throw his hands, and let it fall onto his lap.

I know, Elliot. School will be sucks too because I can’t be with my closest friends and have to make one again. Not that I will forget about all of you. They are the best people I’ve ever known.

“I know, I’m sorry. I want to stay, but I can’t. I have an important job is waiting for me. You can call or message me anytime you want to and I’ll try to call or message all of you back.” I smile at them brightly, hoping they're going to lighten up a bit. But everyone just nod as their gazes falls to their laps in sadness.

“Want some pizzas?”

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