At Any Cost | Book One of Exafortespent

By Alma Azura Celia All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Drama

Twenty Seven: Morning Attack

“Ashley!” Chloe waves her hand in excitement, a wide grin gracing her face. I wave back at her, smiling nervously as I thought about what would happen to me because of what I did on last night to Matthew.

She walks closer to me. Worry replaces the excitement that was showing on her face. She sits beside me and look at me with a frown . “What’s wrong? You seems nervous.”

“I’m just having a morning attack.” Her eyebrows knit together at the made up words in confusion. “Morning attack? What is that?”

“A little anxious attack in the morning. It’s because of, you know, I’m still new in here?” I raise my eyebrows at her and she looks at me weirdly for a second, seems like she doesn’t believe me, and the look disappears from her face within a second and nod. “Oh.”

As we wait for the class to start, we keep talking about random thing. Suddenly, Matthew yells, “Ashley! You’ll fucking pay for this!” From the hallway, making me look at the open door nervously.

In a second, with the look of anger on his face that makes his face goes red, he walks into the class, eyes sweeping the room, until his eyes meet mine.

Oh, fuck me.

He walks towards me, with face already turns red in anger. He stops in front of me, and now I can see a dark bruise showing clearly on his face close to his eyes.

“Ashley, you’ll pay for this!” He points the bruise. “Thank to god it didn’t thrown into my fucking eye, bitch!”

I stand from my chair, looking at him apologetically. “I’m sorry! It was an accident!” I say pleadingly to him.

“What are you guys talking about?” Chloe asks, already standing beside me with confusion covering her face, looking at Matthew and me back and forth, asking for answers.

“She fucking threw a spoon to my face!” He glares at me.

“I told you, it was an accident!” I defend myself.

He stares at me in disbelief. A hand run through his brown hair as an exasperated sigh comes out from his mouth. “Accident? It was an accident?! You fucking did this on purpose!” He yells, already standing a few inches away from me.

“What? No! I was looking for my dog and I got slipped! The spoon was thrown accidentally!” I argue.

“Thrown accidentally until it reached the second floor that meters away from the sidewalk? Oh come on! You got to be shitting me! And who the hell named their dog Matthew, huh?!” Laughter comes out from some of the kids who already crowded our classroom. Matthew glares at them and they quickly stop.

“Well I did!” I yell.

“Stop making things up, Ashley!” He yells back.

“Okay! Just calm your shit down.” I glare at him and sigh, running my fingers through my hair. I take my attention back to Matthew, looking at him apologetically.

“I’m sorry, okay? I was doing a dare from my brother’s friends, waking everyone in the neighborhood with a spoon and frying pan. Or else, they won’t leave me alone! And when I saw you on the balcony and yelling at me, I was pissed.” I stop, realizing people already quiet, watching me convicting to my own fault. “Damn, really? Do I have to say this shit? You know what happened!”

“You should admit your fault!”

“But it doesn’t have to be here! With people watching like this!” I look around the room, just realizing that most of the people already have their phones up, recording the argument between me and Matthew.

“Can you please put your fucking phone away?! This is not a fucking reality show, bitch!” I go through the crowd, humiliated, and run down the stairs.

“Ashley!” Mrs. Rosemary, the principal, shouts, but I just ignore her, keep running. I run toward the woods, keep running as tears begin to fill my eyes and blurring my vision. I run and stop in front of a tree. I step to the side where people from the school way won’t see me.

I climb up the tree, putting my feet on branches. I keep climbing up, almost fall when a branch break as I put my weight on it. I hold onto the branch above me stronger, breathing rapidly in fright. I let out a sigh as I start to calm down and continues on climbing higher.

I perch on one the branches that strong enough to support my weight. I rest my back on the tree trunk. I look at the leaves of tree in front of me blankly.

Even a little spoon can bring a damn big trouble for me.

I scoff at the thought, just realizing that the tears that was flooding in my eyes, already gone. Not even one drop of it comes out from there.

I keep sitting there, sometimes the sounds of birds chirping accompany my loneliness, and it makes me somewhat calm. I keep staring at the leaf leaves, seeing birds perching there for a second and when they realize I'm sitting near them, they fly away.

And even the bird can smell the loser scent from me and hate me because of it.

I take a look at the time on my phone screen and groan internally at the time. Damn, it's only the first period of today and I already make an effing drama with Matthew and people seemed to fucking love it from the way they had their phones in their hands as they recorded Matthew and me arguing.

I keep spacing out, and does it feel good to not think about anything and just stay there in silence. I look down at the ground and suddenly feel dizzy.

“Ashley! Where are you?” I look around me in panic, not wanting any of them found me. I stand on the branch carefully and face the tree trunk, hugging it as I keep looking down and hoping they won’t see me up here.

“Ashley, where are you? Please come out!”

They finally come into my sight. The twins walking underneath me, looking around the woods in worries. I hug the tree tighter, close my eyes as I pray to god they won’t see me.

I keep my eyes shut close, until their voices can’t be heard clearly by me. I look down at the ground, and sigh in relief. Thank god, they’re not here. I turn around carefully and sit on the branch again. I look up at the leaves and my phone suddenly rings. I quickly pull it out of my shirt pocket and put it into a silent mode.

Oh my god, the twins will definitely find me.

The twins run back to where I’m at, looking around their surroundings. “Ashley, we know you’re here. So please, come out.”

“Yeah, Ashley. Please come out. We know you don’t want to talk to anyone right now, and we won’t talk to you. The kids already deleted the video, I promise you. Please, just come out.”

I keep sitting on the branch in silence, looking down at them as they keep looking around the place.

“I guess she’s not here. Come on, let’s go there. I guess that’s where the voice came from.”

“Okay.” They begin to move their feet, and I let out a sigh of relief. But, the feeling of relief turns into fear when the branch beneath me begin to break, and the twins freeze on their tracks.

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