At Any Cost | Book One of Exafortespent

By Alma Azura Celia All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Drama

Twenty Six: A Spoon and Frying Pan

Boys cheering loudly wakes me up from my deep sleep, making me annoyed. I let out a loud groan and cover my face with a pillow. I keep staying that way, but their laughter still blaring through the fucking house.

I jump off my bed with the look of annoyed plastered onto my face and unlock my door, stomping towards Colton's room. I push open his door, still scowling deeply. I take in a deep breath and clear my throat loudly. The still laughing a little as their heads turns at my way.

“I’m sorry to interrupt but, can you guys please be quiet? I’m trying to sleep next door.” I fake a little smile and they glance at each other, smirking.

“We will if you play with us.” A boy says. I look at the TV, a soccer games already put into a pause mode, and scoff. “That?” I point the TV and scoff again, shaking my head. “Too easy for me. You guys should have chosen the harder one.”

“Who says you’re going to play that?” A brown-haired boy smirks. My smile falls and I look at him blankly. “Then what?”

“Please take a sit first, miss.” He says, gesturing his hand for me to sit as the smirk still has it place on his face. I roll my eyes at the too formal words and sit next to him since he sits closer to me. “Tell me.”

“Truth or dare without truth.” He says simply.

“So, it’s a dare or dare.”

“Yeah, you could say that.” He shrugs, grinning. They want me to do whatever they want me to do while I just got up from sleep? I'm still effing sleepy and also hungry and they expect me to do whatever they tell me? Hell to the freaking no!

“Oh come on! Can we do something else? Dare or dare is so fucking boring. And so freaking overrated.” I roll my eyes.

“Boring or scary?” He asks, smirking. I give him a look and roll my eyes. “It’s not scary.”

“If it’s not, then don’t reject it.”

“What? I’m not rejecting!”

Well, I am, actually.

“Yes you are. With the ‘no I’m not’ and shouting.”

“Once again, I’m not. I’m just disagreeing. Can’t we just go on a race with our car and-” He cuts in. “No, it’s too dangerous. It’s already late. And even if it’s not, it’s still dangerous.”

I look at him in confusion.

Did I just heard that it's already late? How late? And how long have I been out? How long did I sleep? It can't be that long, right?

“Wait, it’s night already? I thought It’s still like 5.”

“5 in the afternoon with the sky this dark? It’s already 10 for your information.” Ben says. I frown at it and sigh. “And no one knocks on my door to wake me up for dinner?” I look at all of them in disbelief.

“Not our fault, but Colton’s.” He points his finger at Colton. I roll my eyes and glare at him. “Ugh, why?”

“Because you’re one of a heavy sleeper and I’m tired of waking you up. And besides, there’s no dinner. Mom and dad goes out for a meeting. And they took Ellie with them.”

“Ugh, I’m so hungry.” I frown.

“Stop whining. We’ll leave you in peace and you can eat if you do the dare.” Ben says, looks pretty irritated. Damn, what is it with these boys?

“Fine. So what’s the dare?”

“It’s better if we know each other first, right?”

“Yeah, whatever.”

“I’m Ethan, this is Colin, Ben, Dylan, and Kyle.” He introduces.

“I’m Ashley. Now, the dare.” I ask impatiently. Hurry up, I want to go eat and back to sleep. Why do attractive people have to be so goddamn annoying most of the time?

“Okay, grab a frying pan and spoon and go back here.”

“That’s it?” I scoff.

“No. When you back here, we’ll tell you what to do next. And, don’t you ever think about get away from this. There’s no running away from this.”

“Okay, I won’t.” I roll my eyes at them, and running out of the room as I curse. I'm too tired to run away anyway.

Damn why? Those fucking jerks must already planned this since they got here. I’m fine with this but why now? I just want to eat and go back to my comfy bed and sleep.

With a scowl on my face, I grab a frying pan and spoon and go back upstairs. I walk into Colton’s room and say, “Now, what should I do?”

“Go outside and shout about something as you bang the frying pan with the spoon until we say you’re done.”

“What?! Are you serious? The whole fucking neighborhood will hate me with their whole fucking life! I don’t want to disturb someone else’s sleep because I know they hates it because I do hate it when people do that. I don't want to get bad karma because of it.”

“But that’s the dare and we don’t care. Now go. We’ll be few meters away behind you.”

“Fucking great.” I roll my eyes and head downstairs. I step out of the house and begin to hit the frying pan with the spoon, and loud noise can be heard now in the quiet street. I cringe at the loud noise and mutter a curse word.

Someone stands behind me and whisper-yells, “Hit it harder, Ashley. Hit it until everyone awake!” I turn and look at Kyle who’s already grinning widely at me. I look at him in disbelief with my eyes open wide.

“Are you serious? I will wake everyone in this fucking neighborhood up!”

“That’s the point of the dare.” Ethan shrugs.

“Ugh, fine!” I turn around and begin to hit the frying pan again, louder than before. I begin to move my feet, still hitting the frying pan as I look around the street.

“Matthew, Matthew, where are you buddy? Come out?”

After I said those words, I can hear the boys behind me begin to murmur about it, not clear enough for me to hear since I’m hitting the frying pan hard.

I keep saying the words repeatedly, like I really am looking for my fucking dog. But my face didn’t say that I really am looking for my dog. It’s just look expressionless. Because I’m sleepy and hungry! And these boys here decided to give me a dare that would make myself embarrassed later.

Few windows that was dark begin to lighten up with lights. With shouting and yelling from people that telling me to shut up follow after. But still I continue. Because the boys still won’t let me stop.

Ugh, this is so unbelievable.

“Matthew, where are you? Come out, buddy.” I keep hitting the frying pan as I look around the street. Now, the streets sounds a bit quiet and I can hear the boys behind me chuckling. I rolled my eyes again at them and continue.

“Can you shut up?”

I stop when I heard the familiar voice and look up at a house that is slightly bigger than any houses here. And there’s Matthew, standing on his balcony with anger plastered onto his face. He narrows his eyes at my way and scowl when he realizes it's me.

“Ashley, what the fuck? Shut up and go back to your fucking house, bitch.” He shouts, now already scowling at me with the sleepy look on his face.

“Well, I’m sorry to wake you up from your beautiful dream, princess. I’m trying to find my own dog, you mind?” I glare back at him.

“Of course I am! Everyone here trying to sleep! Are you insane? You don’t have to use those thing to find your fucking dog!”

“I did this because he likes the voice!” I hit the frying pan loudly and repeatedly, trying to piss him off more, and not even thinking about the other angry people in the neighborhood.

“Stop it, Ashley! Go back to your house, bitch! Or go to the fucking asylum! You are fucking crazy.” I glare at him and raise my hand, getting ready to throw the spoon. Someone yells, “Ashley, no!” But it’s too late. The spoon already get off of my grip and flies towards Matthew.

The spoon keeps moving and it gets to, Matthew face. He rubs his face repeatedly as I can see him wince in pain, and then look down at me, 1000 times angrier!

I’m so freaking done.

“Go and shut the fuck up!”

“I won’t until I found my dog, you grumpy old man!” A hand placed on my shoulder gently, but I'm still glaring at Matthew with the same intensity of his.

“Ashley, come on. Let’s go. Mom and dad must be home already.” Colton’s says. I let out a sigh and roll my eyes. “Fine.” I turn around, walking back to our house with the same scowl still cover my face.

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