At Any Cost | Book One of Exafortespent

By Alma Azura Celia All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Drama

Twenty Five: I'm Soo Busted

I lick the spoon, and smile at the sweetness of the Ice cream. Ice cream, one of the best things that exist in this universe. I put the spoon into my mouth, sucking on it just like a lollipop, as I type some words on my laptop, working on my essay.

“Sophie.” Colton yells, maybe from downstairs because his voice sounds pretty distant. I jump off my bed and open the door, putting the spoon off my mouth. “What?”

“Did you eat my ice cream?”

Fuck. The ice cream I just ate probably the ice cream he means. And I just ate all of it until the last drop of it. I clear my throat, suddenly feeling nervous. “What ice cream?” I yell, trying to make it sounds as normal and innocence as I can.

“The cookie dough flavored one?” My eyes pop at the words. The cookie dough flavored one. Damn, I’m right. I just ate it. I just ate all of it. What should I do? What should I freaking do? He can't find out about this? Never.

“No I don't.” I yell back and quickly close the door in panic. I run towards my bed and grab the empty container, looking around my room in panic as I mutter profanities under my breath.

Where should I hide this? I can't let him find out! Oh my lord, please give me help.

I quickly pull the drawer, thinking it's the best place to hide it, and put the container in it. I jump onto my bed and put my laptop onto my lap. I look at the screen as I try to remember what I just want type for my essay. I keep staring at the screen and, damn it, I forget it. Damn you, anxiety.

The door swings open and Colton steps into my room. “Sophie, are you sure?” Colton looks at me questioningly and suspiciously. I grin at him, too widely and say, “Uh, yes! I'm very sure!”

“But you sounds like you don’t.” He says, still won't take his eyes off of me as he keeps staring at me with suspicion.

“I’m sure. Besides, if I want some ice cream, I would’ve bought it and eat it on my way home.” I smile at him, letting out a nervous laugh. Adding more to his suspicious.

“Then why do you have a spoon in your hand?” He points my hand. I take a look on it and, oh shit, I’m so busted. I sigh and say, “Okay, okay. I ate your ice cream. I’m sorry, I don’t know it was your so, yeah, I ate it.” I shrug.

“It’s no like I would mad at you anyway.” He grins. I look at him with an apologetic smile and say, “Sorry. I thought it wasn’t yours.”

“That’s okay, really.” He smiles back. I let out a sigh in relief and look down, still feeling a little embarrassed.

Phew, that was close.

“But,” I look up at him and his expression turns serious. “In order to pay for my ice cream go buy me McDonald’s fries and pizza.”

I knew it. He won't just let me go that easily.

“What?” I look at him in surprise.

“Yeah, go outside and buy those things right now. Here’s the money.” He takes some money out of his jeans pocket and hold the money out for me to take. “Hurry up. My friends would be here in an hour and half. Go.” I scowl at his unbelievable act.

How could he?

“Ugh, fine.” I snatch the money and take my car key from the bedside table and stomp out of my room.

Ugh, why is traffic exist in this world? Though it’s a hard traffic out here, I have to buy fucking McDonald’s fries and pizzas for his fucking friends! It's been one hour and the car in front of me hasn't move yet, not even for a centimeter.

My bitchy mind: 'Got what you deserve, bitch.'

Me: 'Shut up, bitch.'

But, it’s right. It’s my fault I ate the I-don’t-know-whose-ice-cream. Sucks that it turns out to be Colton’s and now I have to pay for it by buying these food here.

I learned my lesson now. Don’t eat someone else’s food or you get what you deserve.

I get out of the car, still pissed about the traffic though I'm already home, and go upstairs with bag of foods in my arms. I barge into Colton’s room and say, “Colton, here’s your fucking...” I gape at the sight of Colton’s friends. Ben, his friend that I met at the gala, is here too.

Colton says his goddamn friend would be here in 30 more minutes but now I see them, already here. And damn, why do they look so fucking hot? They're like models straight out of the fucking magazine! It can't be possible that they're all a real human beings.

“Like what you see?” A boy sit close to me look up with his piercing blue eyes. An attractive smirk playing on his face as he keeps staring at me. My mind was blank for a second, with my lips parted I’m sure I’m already look dumb enough.

I let out a groan after realizing what he just said and shove the foods at him, scowling. I mutter, “Shut up” and quickly walk out of the room. I step into my room and close it, a little too hard, and lock it.

Sighing, I walk to my bed and fall onto it. Within a second, I fall into a deep slumber and everything turns black.

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