At Any Cost | Book One of Exafortespent

By Alma Azura Celia All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Drama

Twenty Four: I Like Them Already

I walk into the class and Nick walks towards me with grin already stretched across his face. “You wear the jacket” He eyes me for a second and then at my face, still grinning.

“Of course I am. This jacket is so awesome.” I grin back at him.

I bet this jacket I wear right now would make everyone in this freaking school jealous. Not only because the jacket, but because I’m in the team now. The first girl in the team. And getting into the team is not an easy thing to be done.

And one other thing. Because I can be with the hottest boys in school for almost everyday. Woo hoo, who wouldn’t want that? I bet every girl in my class would already jealous at me right now. They would probably do anything to sit next to the boys.

But, they, the boys, must already have girlfriends, right? Or probably exes? Just like Matthew. That jerk. Ugh, why does he has to be my target?

“If you want to, you can join our table at lunch.” He smiles.

“Really? Cool. I’ll think about that.” I smile back at him.

“Okay.” He gives me one last smile and turn around, walking back towards his friends that I just realized\ are one of the twin, Brodie, I guess, and Chris. I turn my gaze at them, greeted with their toothy and dorky grin.

I like them already.

Someone tap on my shoulder and say “Hi!” Quietly to my ear. So quietly I can’t hear it and know if she doesn’t tap on my shoulder.

My heart stop for a second in shock as I jump and turn around, looking at Chloe who’s already putting a wide grin on her face.

“God.” I sigh, rubbing my chest. “Chloe, are you a fucking ghost? Why do you always appear out of nowhere in a sudden?”

“Nothing. I just like the pleasure of shocking people and getting the shit out of them.” She says, still grinning.

“You should really stop that. It’s very unhealthy. I could have had a heart attack when you did that.” I scowl at her a little. She keeps grinning and say, “I don’t care.”

“You’re so annoying.” I deepen my scowl at her, only to get her grinning wider. “I know.” We walk towards our table and sit there.

“So, you’re in the team now, huh?” She raises her eyebrows and smirk at me.

“Yeah. It was Nick who told me to join the team. And now, I’m the first girl in the team.” I say too proudly, I can say, with a grin showing on my face and quickly regret it, hoping I will evaporate at any second because of the humiliation

What I thought before yesterday has become real. I say the shit too proudly and now I just wish it didn't happened and I could just suddenly transported somewhere and I can be free from this humiliation.

Her face turns serious in a second and she moves towards me a little closer. “You know that Matthew is in the team, right?”

’Yeah.” I nod. “Maybe you knew this already but Matthew's still mad at me.”

Sucks. I thought what I did yesterday would impress him to the point he makes up his mind to apologize to me but no, it didn't. It only makes him a lot more angry at me. What should I do so he's not going to be mad at me anymore?

’What?!” Her eyes widen after I say the words. “It’s so unbelievable! How could he mad at you this long? He never mad at someone this long before. So weird.” She looks down with confusion washes all over her face, making her face scrunches up.

“Maybe he's mad at me just because I can get into the team. But I don’t know, it could be something else's.” She nods a few times thoughtfully. “It could be.”

We stop talking for a few seconds until she says, “Is it true?”

True what, Chloe? Can you be more specific?

“What?” I furrow my eyebrows, confused at her question.

“Nick asked you to join the team table?” She asks again, raising her eyebrows at me questioningly. I nod at her question. “Yeah."

“You’re in the team now, the only girl, and you’re going to sit next to those boys in lunch. Wow, you’re going to be popular from now on.” She looks at the whiteboard blankly with her mouth gaping a little.

“I know.” I grin.

“You’re so lucky, and I’m so jealous.” She looks down at the table, pouting, and makes her receiving a little laugh from me. She looks up in all of a sudden and asks, “Oh, do you want to come with me?”

“Where are you going?”

“Coffee shop down the street.”

Sounds great. I could use a little distraction from Matthew and his shitty demeanor.

“Uh, sure. Who else going?”

“Just Mackenzie. Since we haven’t know each other very well, why don’t we go hangout and get to know each other better?”

“That’s a good idea.” I grin a little at her. “After school?”

“After school.”

“Okay. Great.”

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