At Any Cost | Book One of Exafortespent

By Alma Azura Celia All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Drama

Twenty Three: Werewolves and Shit

We sit on Colton’s bed, arguing about what we should to watch for almost 10 minutes, until he gives up and tells me to decide it. “If that’s so, Teen Wolf it is then.” I say, grinning.

“Okay, fine.” He lets out a defeated sigh and choose Teen Wolf. And the series starts. After a few minutes watching the show, Colton says, “What’s even the fun watching this? I mean, werewolves and shit?”

I turn my head, smiling, and say, “This is what girls like me called, fangirling. Just look at Scott, Tyler, Derek... They're such a bae.” I sigh dreamily at the sight of the beautiful people on the TV screen. He sighs and frown. “This is so boring.”

Your own fault bro. You said I can pick to watch what I wanted after you giving up choosing. So I choose Teen Wolf. And now, stop whining like a little bitch, bro.

“You said it yourself I deserve things. So, I want what I deserve. And that is,” I point the TV, “what I deserve.”

“I know. But, can’t we just change it to something with more action? With more fighting and guns?”

“No,” I shake my head. “Not a chance, bro.”

“Fine.” He groans.

We keep watching it in silence. In silence that mean he just watching the show boringly with a little frown on his face and with me squealing at the sight of the boys. Until Aunt Sarah yells, “Kids, It’s dinner!”

“Okay, mom! We’ll be there in a few minutes.” He shouts.

“Okay! Hurry your asses down here before the food gets cold!” Aunt Sarah shouts.

He shifts in his seat and turn at me. The smile on his face keeps growing wider until it turns into a grin. And I look at him in confusion as I ask myself what he has in that mind of his?

“Sophie, I have an idea to get things better between you and Matthew.”

I hope what he's going to say going to be a good thing. Because I'm already tired of the shits between me and Matthew. Mostly, at the shitty words that thrown out of his mouth. I’m tired of keep getting into fights with him. I want the fight to stop and it would make things easier for me to finish my job.

“What is it?” A smirk appears on his face and he says, “A deal. Or you could say, a bet.”

“Uh, what deal?” I furrow my eyebrows at him.

“Did he said something that kind of important?” I look away from him and the thought of baseball match next month comes into my head. “Yeah. He said that there would be a match next month.”

“Okay. Then, tell Matthew this. You tell Matthew if you can at least do one home run,” My eyes pop at the word. Home run. What the hell, I should at least do one home run?! How? I'm an amateur at this kind of shit and he already expected me to do a freaking home run?! He has to be wanting something bad to happen to me. It's just like a death wish to have the deal with Matthew. He's going to win in the end.

“What?! No! I can’t do a home run. He will definitely beat the shit out of me!”

“Of course you can. Yesterday you learn baseball just in a few hours. Then you must be can learn to do home run just within an hour. And you just have to keep practicing.”

I let out a sigh. I guess he's right. I just need to do some practicing and I will be fine. And I can definitely beat Matthew and win the deal.


“Okay, let me continue about the deal. If you can do at least one home run, you win. And if you can’t, then you lose. If you win, tell Matthew he has to apologize to you. And if you lose, he can do what he want with you.”

What he want?! Are you serious, Colton?! He definitely is trying to kill me.

“What he want?! No, no, no. That would end up pretty bad.” I shake my head, a bit frighten at the thoughts running inside my head. “What if he want to beat me up? Or, you know, do ‘that’ with me? What if he wants to do the thing that I don’t want the most?”

“What do you mean with ‘that’?” He looks at me confusedly, and then his eyes go wide as he realizes what I mean. “Oh, don’t tell me you mean ‘that’ with what I have in mind.”

“I really am mean that.”

“No, just calm down, Sophie. He's not going to do ‘that’ with you. He’s not such jerk who’s wandering around to do ‘that’.”

“Fine. If he wants to do ‘that’ with me, it’s your fault.” I narrow my eyes at him. He shake his head and says, “No, he won’t. Trust me.” He stares into my eyes seriously. “I know this boy since the first time he came to that school. Not well enough but I know he won’t do such thing like that.”

“Okay.” I sigh. “But what if-” He cuts in, glaring at me a little. “Stop Sophie. No what if and but.”

“But-” He raises his eyebrows as a warning and I sigh. “Ugh, okay. Fine.” I roll my eyes at him.

We stay in silence for a little while, and it makes me feel a little awkward already. Until I decide to break it. “Uh, Colton?” He glances at me. “Yes?”

“Thank you for this.” I smile. “This?” He gestures his hand to the foods and TV. “Oh, it’s nothing. But, you’re welcome.” He smiles.

I suck in a deep breath and say, “You said I have to do at least one home run,” He nods. “Mmhm.”

“Then you have to coach me again.”

He grins. “Gladly

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