At Any Cost | Book One of Exafortespent

By Alma Azura Celia All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Drama

Twenty Two: I Don't Care!

I get my car into the garage and turn the engine off. Humming, I sling my bag over my shoulder and step out of my car. I walk into the kitchen and go towards the cabinet. I grab a pack of crisps and make my way to my room. I go past Colton's room and suddenly feel confused at the quietness of his usual loud room.

It feels weird when the room usually filled with blaring music now it’s gone. Maybe he’s not home yet, working on his assignment with his friends at the his college. But it’s great if he’s not home yet, playing video games like usual with loud music playing in his room. That means I can relax in my own room, reading some books maybe. Or is he sleeping?

I step closer to his room door, putting my hand on the handle and push the door slowly. I take a peek and, woah, am I really seeing this? His room, that usually look like a bomb site, now looks very organized.

How can his room can be this clean? Well of course it’s because the housekeepers here. Stupid me. But, they are having a day off until Sunday. Or are they being too diligent decided to go back here and work? No, it's definitely impossible.

Shaking my head, I close the door and get into my room. I close the door, not to forget to lock it. I walk towards my bed and fall onto my bed, face first. And my wrist suddenly hurting and throbbing. I quickly roll on my back and pull myself to sit, looking at my already bruised wrist.

Shit. This must be because of Matthew. He’s the one gripping on my wrist as we argued again. I sigh, arguing with my own mind whether to take some ice from the refrigerator or lying on my comfy bed. Sighing, I decide to stay and lay back on my bed.

I look up at at the ceiling above me, thinking about exhausting it was today, how happy I was, until Matthew came out of nowhere like a freaking ghost with rage burning in his eyes and ruin my day within a second.

A hand grabs my hurting hand, and a loud shout shock me. I let out a high-pitched scream as quickly turn into a sit position and grab the hand, throwing it away quickly. I look down from my bed and see Colton, rubbing his hand as he hisses. “Shit, that was hurt.”

“Colton, what the fuck?” I look at him with the look of shock showing on my face. And what the fuck?! How did he got in here? I’m sure I already locked the door when I close the door. Don’t tell me if he has a spare keys of my room. Because it’s creepy as fuck if he really has it and decide to prank me every midnight. Or he's already in here by the time I get in here.

I press a hand to my chest and my wrist starting to hurt again. “Damn it.” I hiss, staring down at my bruised wrist and look back at him. “What are you doing here? And how did you get in?”

“Waking you up from your daze. And I was hiding in your closet. And when I got out of it, I already saw you, looking up at the ceiling, lost in your thoughts. So, I guessed that was a great chance for me to scare you.” He shrugs, grinning. And his grin disappear as he looks at me closely. “Is it about Matthew again?”

“Of course! I just can’t stop thinking how can he be such a cruel person that can’t stop glaring and saying shits at me. How can I finish my job when keep acting like that? He’s just so unbelievable!” I groan, throwing my hands in frustration.

“So, that mean the getting-into-the-team plan isn’t working, at all?”

“It’s not! It only making thing worse.” I sigh loudly and look down at my lap, frowning.

“Okay, how about uhm, hey, what happened to your wrist?” He quickly grab my wrist and I wince, pulling my wrist off his grasp and rub it gently. “It’s nothing.”

“I know it’s something.” How can he always see through me? I close my eyes and sigh. “Okay, fine. It is something.”

He takes a sit beside me, and I can feel his eyes already fixed on me. “Tell me.”

“It’s just the usual, you know, Matthew glared at me, and he said that I’m not like what I looked like. He said I acted like a good girl when I’m not. I’m a bitch. And he said that something would happen to me.” My breath catches in my throat, and I look down at my lap with tears already clouding my gaze.

“Oh Sophie, don’t cry.” He pulls me into a hug and I put my arms around his back. I put my face on his shoulder, with tears falling from my eyes and drenching his shirt quickly within a second.

“You can’t give up. Not for now. You just met him for a few days for god’s sake, and you can’t take his act toward you anymore? You have to stay strong. This is what happened to Uncle Tyler for probably everyday and he can handle it just fine. And that, what makes him to be the person he is now. A first-class agent.”

I scoff at his words with bitterness and say, “I don’t even know if I still want this job or not.”

“Sophie, don’t let Matthew acts and words get inside you, especially your heart. Because if you want to be a professional agent, you have to ignore those kind of things and just do your job. Be strong.” He rubs my back gently and sigh. “Stay strong for me. Stay strong for Uncle Tyler.”

I snake my arms around him tighter. “Okay, Colton. I’ll try.” I mumble to his shoulder.

“That’s my Sophie.” He loosens his arms and stand from the bed. He begins to walk and I look at him confusedly. “Where are you going?” I wipe the remaining tears away from my cheek and look at him again.

He turns around and look at me. “To the kitchen. I’ll take some ices for your wrist.” He turns around and begin to walk out of the room. “No, Colton! I can take it myself.”

He turns around again and look at me. “You don’t have to. Just stay here, I’ll take it for you.” He gives me a little smile.

“Uh, thanks, Colton.” I smile.

“No problem.” He turns around and leave the room.

Damn, why am I crying? Why am I being so emotional lately? I guess I’m having a PMS now which means my period is close. Sucks.

I keep sitting on my bed in silence, fiddling with my fingers as I look at the door, waiting for Colton to come back. And finally he comes back. With ice cream, chocolate, and popcorn in his arms, he walks into the room, grinning widely.

“What’s all of that for?” I laugh.

“We’re going to watch movies and get your mind off of the suck things in life. Sounds great?”

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