At Any Cost | Book One of Exafortespent

By Alma Azura Celia All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Drama

Eighteen: Am I Really That Annoying?

Third day of school.

Today’s Mission: Still same as yesterday.

Once again, why does it have to be me who apologizes? Because boys are weak as fuck. Kidding though. I don’t want to get punch by boys, especially the one like Matthew. I bet his punch would throws me far, far away into a coma. Or worse, death.

“Ashley.” A familiar voice says. I bring my face up and my green eyes meets with Nick’s brown ones. I look at him with a blank look on my face, asking myself what is this damn boy want from me. I swear if he’s going to ask me out again...

“Yes?” I say, faking a smile.

“Can we meet after school?” He raises his eyebrows, smiling a little.

Meet him after school? For what? Is he going to try to kidnap me so I will go on a date with him? The level of stubborn of this person... It won't happen anyway. He will definitely regret whatever plan he has in mind when he tries to make it happen and failed.

“For what?” I narrow my eyes at him suspiciously. He lets out an exasperated sigh. “Just come.”

Ha, this boy gets annoyed by me though he just talked with me for a few minutes. Or maybe seconds. Am I really that annoying?

“Do anything suspicious, I’ll break your arm.” I stare at him with my eyes narrowed threateningly at him.

“Okay, okay. I won’t, I promise. I just want to talk to you.” He sighs, probably holding his anger from bursting at my annoying self.

“Where is it then?” I ask.

“The parking lot.” Okay, that’s one of a crowded place. So, there’s a little chance for him to do things to me. But if he's sneaky enough, he probably can do something to me that his future self will regret.

“Okay. But I’ll be late for a few minutes. I have something else to do first.”

“Okay.” He gives me a little smile and turns around, walking towards his friends casually. I keep looking at him, wondering what does he wants to talk about. But the thought of him going to ask me out again still staying inside of my mind and I start to have a feeling that he does want to ask the same thing to me again.

“Hey.” Chloe greets me, and I turn around and see her grinning cheerily at me. I smile at her in return. “Hi.”

“So, any idea for the apology?” She rests her cheek on the palm of her hand, a little curiosity shows on her face.

“Yeah.” I nod and quickly say, “But not really.” With a little frown.

I hope this one does work out well though I'm very pessimistic about this. If not, I don't know what to do anymore with this boy. I already give up on this.

“What is it?”

“Well, I’m going to approach him, but in a more proper way.” I say, cringing a little at the image of yesterday’s flashing in the back of my mind.


“I’ll tell you later.”

I stand beside his car, my foot tapping to the ground impatiently as I look around the parking lot. I keep looking around for Matthew, make me receiving weird stares from other kids, especially the girls. The girls are like, what the heck is she doing beside my future boyfriend's car? But don't have enough courage to call me off.

And again, why does it have to be me who apologize? Because he’s not a gentleman and a coward. A coward, yes he is. He is a coward for avoiding me for these past three days and for not being the one who apologize.

I keep standing beside his car, with my arms folded over my chest. My eyes stop wandering around the place as I see him jogging towards his car, looking down at the paved road with a frown on his face, until his face is brought up. His eyes staring into mine for a second as he stops in his track, his face clear from any emotion, until he looks away and quickly grab onto the door handle.

I quickly take a grasp of his arm as he pulls open his car door. “Matthew, listen to me.” And he stops from moving further, standing still as his hand still gripping on the door handle, tighter than before from the way his knuckles turning white.

“What?” He snaps, his gaze avoiding mine as his jaw clenches tighter from anger building inside him.

“Why are you avoiding me?” I ask.

And why do I sounds so effing desperate it makes me sounds like I’m his ex, trying to get back and make things up with him because he gets a lot more better than he was when we were still boyfriend and girlfriend. That sounds weird as heck.

“Nothing.” He replies, still avoiding my gaze. I let out a sigh, tired of asking what's actually happening to him because he won't give me a goddamn answer. All I ask is just for what makes him really mad until he keeps on avoiding me. But him being difficult as he always is makes me so fucking pissed off.

Is he even serious he's still mad at me because I only bumped into him two times and calling him names that were not even that bad? Well, it's definitely because of the slap. But he won't even let me apologize because of it because he keeps avoiding me!

“I know it isn’t nothing. Chloe said you’ve been distant since I came here. It must be has something to do with me.”

“It’s nothing!” He shouts. I take a step back at his outburst, letting go of his arm in shock. He glares at me for a split second and turn around, quickly getting into his car and zoom out.

I let out a sigh and searching through the parking lot for Nick. I walk towards Nick, who’s sitting at the hood of a yellow Camaro with his arms crossed. He looks around the parking lot, giving girls smirks as he winks at them and the girls giggles in return. That is a fucking cliché shit.

I roll my eyes at the view and suddenly, when I look back at him, he looks like Shia Labeouf. I blink my eyes rapidly at that and he looks like he was before, smirking at girls.

My mind playing tricks so hard on me until I’m hallucinating him as Shia Labeouf. Maybe the car makes me imagining him like that. But still, it’s so freaking weird. I even thought he was the real Shia Labeouf for a few seconds and almost run to him like a goddamn mental woman. Wait, why am I even rambling about this?

I stop beside him and fold my arms. “So, what do you want to say?” He looks at me for a second and smirk. “I saw you talking with Matthew over there.” He points his finger to where I was standing. I turn back to him, scowling. “It’s none of your business.” I growl.

“Just saying.” He puts his hands up in surrender and put it back down after a few seconds. “So, when I saw you ran after Matthew the other day, you seems like a quick runner, one of a tough girl. I thought maybe you can join one of the sports club here, especially the running team.” He shrugs.

“Is there even one girl in the sports club?”

Because it’s seems impossible if rich daddy’s girl playing sports when what they all care about probably is Chanel dresses, Christian Louboutin heels, Gucci sunglasses or many other things. Or other simple reason: They doesn’t want their hands get rugged by callouses, scared if they haired ruined after a minute of running, or the probably scared of sweating.

Well, most of them are, I think. Please don't hate me any rich girls out there who likes sports. I'm just saying my thought.

“A few in the basketball, swimming, soccer, and running team.”

“But I’m not really interested in those thing.” I frown and the frown vanishes as a thought crosses my mind. “Oh, how about boxing? Do they have it in here?”

“You like boxing, huh?” He smirks. I nod my head, grinning. “Yep.” His smirk fades from his faces, a sad smile replacing it. “I’m sorry. But we don’t have it here. Maybe you prefer karate?”

“I guess no.” Breaking things not really my things, though.

“If that’s so, you can join our baseball team then.” He suggests, only to make me look at him with my eyebrows shoot up in confusion because I know they only have the boys team in here, but not with the girls team. Then, why is he suggesting me to join a baseball team when there's no girls team?

“But there’s only boys team, no girls team.”

His smirk comes back to his face and he says, “We can make an exception for you. You can get into our team if you prove to our coach that you can.”

“Really? I don’t think your coach will let me.” My eyebrows furrow tighter as I get more confused by his statement. His coach will let me? How? Does it even allowed to have a girl in an all boys team?

“He told me, all of the team, if we can bring one girl into the team, then he will gladly accept. If you passed the test, you’ll get a reward. Not just you, but all of the team. Some of the boys already bring some girls into the team, but they failed on the testing.” He frowns as he remembers that. “If you get into the team, you will do us a favor to get the reward and, this is your chance to get closer with Matthew.” He wiggles his eyebrows with the smirk still plastered onto his face. And it makes me laugh.

“Okay. I’ll think about it.” I smile. Maybe this won't be that bad. And this is definitely my chance to get him closer to me and so I can dig all the information I need from him for the agency.

“Cool, Just let me know when you’re ready.”


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