At Any Cost | Book One of Exafortespent

By Alma Azura Celia All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Drama

Seventeen: Worst Thing, Ever!

“I saw you running after him yesterday and everyone were looking at you like, you know, you’re kind of a freak?” She says, making me look down at the table, embarrassed. “I already know that was a bad idea.” I pout.

Worst thing, ever.

“You still have the second option, though. Just try it. Who knows it would work out.”

I scoff at her. “Like hell I would do that.” I roll my eyes as I think about it. Ha, writing a letter. It never works out well with people like him.

“Chloe.” My heart skips a beat the voice as my breath hitch. Matthew. Oh god. What if he has been eavesdropping Chloe and I’s conversation? It could gone wrong if he really heard it.

“Meet me after school.” He says with that serious look of his as he stares into Chloe's eyes. She nods casually and then he walks away without even taking a glance at my way. I turn my gaze at her, looking at her with confusion already washes all over my face.

“What could that be?” I ask.

“Not really sure. I haven’t seen him that serious before. And his stares, kind of get the creep hell out of me.” She stares at the whiteboard blankly with her eyes open wide. If he never looks that serious, this would be a very bad thing for me.

“Are you even serious about that?” I ask.

She turns her head at my way, looking at me with her eyebrows already knit in confusion. “His stares get the creep hell out of me?”

“No. I mean you haven’t seen him that serious before?” I ask again.

“Yeah, I’m serious. It’s just like he possessed with a spirit of some creepy guy, a murderer you could say.” She nods and then a pout shows on her face. “He usually act all good, not like this.” She sighs. “Not like after you came here.”

What does that mean? Not like after you came here? Is she blaming me for this? Hell, he's the cruel one here, why is she blaming me?

“So, you’re blaming this on me now?” I say, feeling a little ache inside my chest.

“No.” She quickly shakes her head in panic. “It’s just, after you came here, things about him changed. He’s more distant when he usually can’t be apart from us. He’s more arrogant when he's usually nice. And he’s more quiet when he usually talkative.”

Well, I guess she's right. I'm the bitch here and I ruin their friendship only in a day. Great. I shouldn't even be here. I shouldn't even take the job. I should've just stay back home and spend more times with my friends before we go to college.

“I guess it really is my fault. I shouldn’t moved here; I should have just stayed in London.” I pout.

“Please don’t blame yourself.” She frowns. I shake my head, sighing. She's the one who started blaming this on me.

“But you are the one who’s blaming me on this.”

“No, I didn’t mean that. It doesn’t mean you’re the one who’s making him like that. It could be something else. It could probably because you look like one of his ex. She’s uh,” She pauses, sighing as her gaze falls to her lap. “She’s my best friend too. I actually don’t want to talk about this anymore but, she died because of cancer.”

“Really? I’m sorry to ask but, when did she died?”

“8 months ago. We didn’t know about her disease until the day of her death came. It really hurt us to lose her, especially Matthew. He skipped school for a month because of her death, mourning over it.” She sighs again, looking down at her hand with a frown.

“I’m sorry, It sounds like she meant a lot to you.” She brings her face up and smiles sadly. “It’s okay.”

A silence stay between us for a second, lost in our own thoughts, until I say, “I guess I can’t do this anymore.” I sigh.

“Do what?”

“Apologize to him. I just can’t do it anymore.” I shake my head, frowning. Because this boy is fucking impossible! I just bumped into him and he acts like this. What is going to happen if something more bad than this happened? He'll fucking ruin my life.

“Oh, come on, Ashley. Why giving up already? You can’t just give up because of your first trial failed.”

“Well, I'm giving up now.”

“Ashley, you can't give up. No matter what will stand in your way, you have to go past it. I will help you. I’m serious.” She says, staring at me with seriousness.

“It’s just doesn’t sounds right.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, he’s the one who’s yelling at me in the first place. But why it should I be the one who apologize to him?”

She stares at me with disbelief and I shrug at her. She rolls her eyes, sighing loudly. “It’s very obvious. Because you slapped him.”

“And that slap happen because he kept yelling at me. If he didn’t yell like that, I’m very much sure I won’t do that.”

She lets out a sigh, shaking her head slightly. “I guess you both should apologize.”

“Like heck he would agree.” I scoff, shaking my head.

“I’ll make him.” She says simply.

“It’s impossible.”

“It is going to. Just handle this to me.”

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