At Any Cost | Book One of Exafortespent

By Alma Azura Celia All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Drama

Sixteen: No!

Second day of school!

Today’s Mission: Say my apology to Matthew and get his forgiveness.

This isn’t sounds right. Shouldn’t he be the one who asks for my forgiveness? To apologize to me? He’s the one who snapped at me in the first place! Why am I the one who should apologize to him? *sigh* I guess he has a PMS. A man PMS you could say. Just like what Colton had said.

I let out a breath and step into the class. I keep walking towards my seat, and someone suddenly scream, right to my ear, and my ears ringing for a few seconds. After that I’m just like, what the fuck? Who’s screaming this early?

I fall onto my chair, slinging my backpack off of my shoulder. I put my backpack in front of me, taking a notebook and pen out of it. I put my backpack behind me and begin to draw on my notebook.

“Hey, Ashley.” My eyebrows furrow in confusion at the voice and I look up. A boy that already showing a I-guess-his-trademark smirk that will swoon any girl in this world but not me, standing in front of me.

“Hi.” I’m not in the mood for talking right now so can you just please go back to where you from and sit still like a freaking statue?

“I was wondering if I-” I put a hand up, showing my disinterest at his words that I know would contain an asking-me-out question. “Not interested.” I give him a fake smile.

“Hey! Let me finished my words first!” He looks at me with the look of annoyance. I let out a sigh and roll my eyes. He will say the same thing, anyway. “Fine.”

His so-called trademark smirk comes back to his face as he stares back at me. “I was wondering if we can go out sometimes?”

“Go out where? Out of this classroom? Out of this building?” I get up of my chair and smile. “Sure. We can really do it right now.”

“No. I mean-” I cut his words, pouting. “Oh, if it’s not like that, I’m sorry. We can’t, and probably never will.” I smile again. His smile falls at my words and he turns around, begin to walk back to his seat and friends.

“Nerd.” He mumble. I glare at the back of his head like I will burn a hole to it. “Hey! I heard that!” I yell, only to make his friends laugh loudly at me. I let out a sigh and sit back on my chair.

“Hey!” Someone taps my shoulder quickly, makes me turn my body around automatically. I look at Chloe in a little shock as she grins widely at me. “God. I thought you’re not here.”

“I'm already here since Nick, that boy,” She points her finger at the boy earlier. “Asking you out.”

“Really? Why did I not realized it?” I look at her confusedly.

“I guess you’re too occupied by his good-looking face.” She smirks. I laugh awkwardly as I cringe. “Uh, no.”

She takes a seat on her own chair and sigh. I think back to my mission for today and wonder what should I really do. “So, what should I do to-” She covers my mouth quickly as her eyes pop out at me, muffling my voice. I look at her in confusion as she hisses. “Shh, he’s in the back row!”

I turn my head to take a look at him, but Chloe put a hand on my face, making me look back to her. “Don’t look at him!” She whisper-yells, popping her eyes out at me once again. “Okay.”

“Let’s do the answer and question thingy on a paper.” I nod my head and rip a sheet of paper off of my notebook and then regret it after. Because why don’t we just write it on my notebook and then I can just get rid of the paper later. Stupidity of mine. It’s a bit of time-consuming, to be honest.

I hold the pen and wrote down my question.

M: 'What should I do to apologize to him?'

C: 'You could just approach him and apologize. That simple.'

I look up at her, not believing of what she just write. I mean, just approach him and apologize? Like hell it would work up with a boy like him.

M: 'Are you serious? Just approach him and apologize? It isn’t going to work.'

She lets out a sigh, thinking about another idea for a second, and begin to write.

C: 'How about writing a letter?'

I look up at her again, giving her an are-you-serious look. And she stares back at me with confusion. I shake my head, sighing as I write down my answer.

M: 'NO!'

I slam my pen on the table, glaring at her. She sighs again, and giving me a then-what look. I look away from her, thinking about another idea. But nothing comes to my head. So, I guess I have no choice but to stick with the first idea. And I’ll try to think of another idea because this one's going to be a total fail.

M: 'Okay. I’ll stick with the first one.'

C: 'When?'

M: 'After last period.'

C: 'Good luck.'

I jog after him as soon after the last bell rings, yelling after his name. “Matthew!”

He turns his head. The smile that was on his face quickly turns into a dull look. He turns his head to Ryan, saying something to him, and walk a little quicker.

“Matthew, wait!” I quicken my pace towards him, and he quickens his pace too. He runs down the stairs, make me follow after him, hitting some other kids as I keep running after him. Everyone steps aside from our way, looking at us in confusion as I follow him to the exit door.

I keep running. The thought of why am I keep running after him and yelling his name making me humiliated pass my mind. The thought continues to this thing, running after him like a maniac, would make him think that I’m a freak. And it would make him avoid me even more and then ruin my main mission here. But the real thing is, why am I still running?

He runs across the parking lot, and towards the woods. I follow him. My legs begin to hurting, but his running fastening. And my pace slows down, making me lose the track of him.

I stop in the middle of the woods, panting. I look around, trying to get the track of him back, but I get nothing. I take a few steps toward a tree, and look behind it, thinking that he's probably hiding behind one of these trees. But no, he’s nowhere to be found.

I let out a sigh and decide to go back home. He probably doesn’t want to see me for now. Let’s just give him some time and see him again tomorrow. I guess it’s better to go back home and do something else to finish my job.

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