At Any Cost | Book One of Exafortespent

By Alma Azura Celia All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Drama

Fourteen: Smirks & Scowls

I lift my sunglasses from covering my eyes and put it on my head. I lay on my side and rest my head on my hand as I look over Colton, who’s just laying on his back with sunglasses over his eyes. “Colton.”

“Mmhm?” He says, nodding a little as he still laying lifelessly with his hands behind his head in a relaxed state.

“Can you take me around the town after this?” I ask, still looking at him.

Memorizing the places and the streets and other important things will definitely be one of a hell because I'm not really that good in that department. This is going to be tough.

“Sure.” He pulls himself to sit and put off his sunglasses, looking down at me with a questioning look. “Why don’t you just go by yourself?”

“I don’t know the way, dumbass.” I roll my eyes at him, feeling annoyed by his question full of stupidity.

So you're telling me to go around this place that I obviously not familiar with? It's just like you're saying that I should go to the forest and get myself lost without no clue of where I should really go.

“I’m kidding.” He chuckles, punching my arm playfully with a smile on his face. And it only make my scowl deepen and I do another eyes-rolling.

Ugh, why is he still annoying? As ever? I guess an annoying behavior won’t just disappear from a person. But sometimes it’s fun to have someone to go mess around with.

Oh, yeah. Colton was in the same school as Matthew. Maybe I can ask him a few things. He probably knows him better in person. And he can be one of a useful person than being an annoying jerk he always is.

Ugh, I wish he’s not going to be as mean as he was at the gala. I was expecting him to be a good guy, or a flirtatious one when I first saw his pictures. I guess expectation is not as good as the reality, right?

I grab my cup full of soda and ask, “Do you know Matthew? You were in the same school as him , right?” I drink my soda, looking at him curiously as I wait for his answer.

“Yeah, I know him. He’s the nice guy in the school.” He stops for a second, looking into the swimming pool blankly and then continues. “He’s in the school baseball team too as I was. He’s a great player, I admit it. He’s the one who replaces me to be the captain of the team. And we’re not that close as a friend just like you would've probably thought.” I nod at his explanation.

A baseball player. The captain. Okay.

“But, when I saw him that night, yelling at you like you’re a freaking nerd,” He shakes his head, his eyes burning with rage and then it all just disappear as he rethink of his words and then do a shrug. “Well I guess you are.”

“Colton!” I shoot him a glare and then he does another shrug. "But it is the truth."

First Matthew. And now it’s him! How dare and could he!

“People wearing glasses don’t mean they are a nerd.” I roll my eyes at him, annoyed by him once again.

Because it is the truth. The prove is the internet; The social media. Lot of girls, and some of the boys using glasses as a trend. And it looks pretty nice and cool.

“Okay, okay.” He puts his hand up in surrender. “I’m sorry.” He lets out a sigh and put his hands back down. “Now, let’s go back to Matthew.” I nod, signaling him to continue with his information about Matthew. He nods and continue.

“I really hate him now for yelling at you. He probably just having a PMS. A man PMS you could say.” He smiles, and I chuckle a little.

Yay! His joke getting a little tiny tad bit better! Though it’s not that funny of a joke. But still, it's better than hearing him talking about cutting someone limbs off and other kind of creepy as hell jokes.

“So, you don’t have to worry, I guess.” He shrugs.

My face falls and I let out a sigh. “I hope he’s not going to get angrier than he was at the gala.”

“Same here.” He put a hand up in agreement. “He touches you, I’ll break his finger. Or I’ll probably cut it off his hands.” He narrows his eyes angrily at an innocent tree far away in front of us.

Oh no! His weird sense of humor is back! What should I do? He really does need to go and see a psychiatrist or a psychologist!

But I’m so glad to have him as my ‘brother’. Though he was an annoying jerk, he’s one of a goddamn protective and ‘funny’ cousin too.

“Colton, please stop with that finger-breaking and finger-cutting thing! It’s so creepy!” I grimace at the thought of he really break someone fingers or cutting them off but a smile appears on my face anyway. "But thanks, anyway.”

“No problem.” He smiles.

My phone beeps and I take a look at it. A notification for me to go sleep now to get a full 20 hours and 40 minutes of sleep?! Who needs to sleep that long? Me.

Of course not. It too sickening to sleep for that long period of time. And it’s bad for our health too, after all.

A water shot at my direction, making me look at its source, glaring angrily at Colton who’s holding a big, blue and red water gun in his hands, grinning widely.

“Hey! Where is that thing from?!” I yell. He keeps pointing the water gun, shooting it towards me, and making me slightly damp from the water.

“Didn’t realized it, did you?” He smirks with one of his eyebrows raise at me. I give him a glare and yell, “You’ll pay for this.” Didn’t seem to listen to me properly, he stands to his feet, makes me look up at him.

“I don’t think so.” He shakes his head and crouches down and well, lift me off of the ground, not to mention effortlessly like I weight nothing to him, and carry me over his shoulder.

How can he be this strong? Am I that light of a person? If I’m that light of a person, damn, I’m so skinny! And if he’s that strong of a person, damn, he’s so fucking fit!

“Colton! For the sake of my hella fabulous hair, put me down! Don’t throw me into the blue-watered swimming pool!” I panic, squirming in his grasp and keep punching his back as I feel my head filled with a lot amount of blood. And well, Ellie just sit there, giggling at me who’s under a huge circumstance that threatening the existence of my fabulous hair.

“Like I care about your hair.” He keeps walking, that I just realized, closer to the pool. He stops, ready to throw me into the pool anytime.

“Nooo!” And he throws me. He just throws me like I’m nothing than just a light-human-sized barbie doll.

For a few seconds, the world around me goes into a slow motion. Because of that, I can see Colton laugh his ass off as Ellie keeps giggling behind him. The speed of the world goes back to normal and my body hit the lukewarm water. The water drown me into them and I scowl as I puff my cheek in annoyance.

My hair!

Ladies and gentlemen, that’s it for today because, damn it, I need hours to get my hair look as fabulous as it was before.

Colton. You’ll pay for this. One day. Or right after this. Just wait.

I swim upwards and surface above the warm water. I gasp for air and glare at him. He just stands there, laughing hysterically at me.

“Colton. I swear to god, I’ll make you pay!”

“How?” He smirks as his body gets lower into a squatting position, and I return his smirk as an idea crosses my mind.

“Like this!” I grip his hand and launch backwards. He falls into the pool and look at me with shock all over his face.

Haha, we’re fair now. But no. I still need hours to get my hair look fab again. So, he still has to pay his doing to my hair.

“The hell, Sophie?” He looks at me with his eyes still open wide, the look of shock still plastered onto his face.

“That’s what you got when you mess with me. Just wait, Colton, the revenge hasn’t ended yet.” I smirk.

“I’ll wait.” He smirks.

Why does boy always smirking so fucking smugly?

Finally, after 1 hour, 36 minutes and 24 seconds, my hair look as gorgeous at it was before. It looks wavy and soft. And it really is soft.

“Sophie, can I come with you?” Ellie pleads as she looks up at me with those big, round green eyes. I smile at her softly. “Sure, let’s go.”

Actually I have to since Aunt Sarah gives the maids and butler day off for today. And there’s no way I can resist those pleading eyes of her. Those cute, adorable puppy eyes.

“Colton, is there any ice cream parlor near here?”

“Oh yeah. It’s running gelato, best ice cream in town.” He smiles.

Running gelato? Now I can’t stop imagining what the logo of the parlor looks like. Weird, it is. I'm always curious and I even imagine stupid things at times.

“Is it what it really is called?” I grin almost laughing, still not believing if it's really the name of the place.

“Yeah, I’m serious.” He chuckles.

“Can we go there, please?” Ellie asks. Now she’s tugging at Colton’s shirt as she shows him his pleading look.

“Sure, anything for this little princess here.” He smiles and pinch her cheek gently.


We walk into the garage and go towards Colton’s car. We get into the car and I quickly fasten my seat belt. “Oh, and is there an arcade games here?”

“Yeah. Want to go there?”

“Yeah. I’m in the mood to play some of it. Perhaps, it’ll make my mood lighten up after you ruin my hair.” I scowl at him a little.

“Sorry, I can’t resist it.” He chuckles. He ignites the engine and it roared. “Off we go!”

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