At Any Cost | Book One of Exafortespent

By Alma Azura Celia All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Drama

Twelve: Ugh So Arrogant, I Hate Him

Colton talks with his girlfriend, smiling as he looks into her eyes lovingly. And sometimes laughter comes out from him and her. And I’m just standing there and smiling, and sometimes laughing awkwardly with them, don't know what to do.

She’s beautiful, really. Her face is not covered by tons of makeup like many of girls I have saw in here. Lucky for him to have a girl like her though he’s one of an asshole.

“I’m sorry, but I never seen you before.” She says, looking at me with a little smile as curiosity shows on her face vaguely.

“Well, about that, I was in England, studying abroad since I was in the middle school. I move here, when I am going to be in my senior year, just to be with my family again. I don’t really have much time to go here since I have a pretty tight schedule back there. It’s pretty exhausting, to be honest. But I’m fine with it. Because I’m doing it to make the world be a better place.” I smile proudly of my fake accomplishment.

“What do you do to make the world better?” She asks.

“I was in a humanity organizations and an organizations that saves animals, especially the endangered ones.”

“Wow, you’re more into nature, aren’t you?” She says, smiling kindly.

“Yes I am.” I smile, feeling proud about it though I’m not really doing it in real life. I wish I can really do it in real life because it does sounds awesome.

“So, humanity organizations, huh? What hove you done with that organizations?” She asks.

“Actually, I was just joining that organizations two years ago, exactly when I just got into high school. And I’ve done some fundraising with my friends and a lot of other things.” A lot more thing because I can’t think of anything else.

“Oh. How about the animal organizations?”

“In that organizations, I’ve done some fundraising to save the endangered animals all over the world, taking care of animals in the shelter. I even have time to play with them. It was a great time.” Ugh, I wish I can really do that. It sounds fun.

“How about school?”

Curious one, aren’t you?

I try my best to not get mad at her for asking so many questions and force a smile as I let out a silent sigh.

“School’s great. I have a lot of friends. And it sad that I have to leave them. But that’s okay with me. We can go and meet each other anytime we want to. Or they could have a visit here.”

Natalie turns to Colton, gazing up at him with a smile already on her face. “You have a great sister, Colton. Don’t waste it. She left England, all of her friends, to be here with your family, with you.”

“Of course I am. There’s a lot of time I can’t go and spend time with her when she was away. And I won’t let that happen ever again.” He smiles at her and turn to me with the same smile still on his face.

“That’s sweet.” She smiles. Suddenly, someone’s phone beeping. Natalie stares down at her phone and type something on her screen real quickly. She looks at the both of us and smile. “I guess I better get going. My parents want to go back home now.” She says, looking back and forth at me and Colton.

“Oh, sure.”

“See you later, Nate.” They lean closer to each other faces and kiss in front of the innocence me. How could they.

I cringe at the sight and quickly smile again as they're done with each other. They hug each other for a brief moment, and then step back. They smile at one another, and then Natalie smile at me, and then she leaves.

“No kissing in front of me, I hate PDA.” I scowl at him. He looks at me grinning a little and says, “Why are you so sensitive? It’s jut a little kiss.” He laughs a little. I look at the stage, still scowling as I say, “But still it’s a PDA, and I hate it.”

“Chill, why are you so mad?” I heave a sigh, rolling my eyes, and avert my gaze back to him. “Because, you’re PDA-ing in front of me.”

He put his hands up in surrender as he looks at me in horror. “Okay. I’m sorry.”

“Whatever.” I turn around and walk away, leaving him alone standing between the people.

Hell, why am I so mad? I guess I have issues. Just like what Colton just said, it’s just a little kiss.

“Shit.” I mutter under my breath as I crash into someone else’s body. I look at his suit and feel like I have seen the suit before. Hmm, it seems oddly familiar. I bring my face up and see Matthew, look angrier than before as he looks down at me.

“Watch where are you going, nerd.” He growls with his jaw clenches tightly, hands already balled into fists. And that word, nerd, trigger something inside me that makes me angry.

“Hey! I’m not a nerd, you arrogant dick!” I retort, glaring at him as my own hands balled into fists.

“Watch. Your. Mouth.” He says dangerously through his gritted teeth, his blue eyes staring directly into mine coldly and deadly. I scoff, looking at him in disbelief as I smile bitterly.

“Who cares? You are the one who act rude in the first place.”

“And that doesn't mean you can just snap back at me, bitch.” That word already gets on my last nerve now. Never in my life I really hate someone with all of my heart.

Watch yourself out, Matthew.

I poke my index finger angrily at his chest, glaring up at him. “Don’t you dare say that word once again or I’ll-”

“Or what?” He cuts in, crossing his arms in front of his chest with that smug smirk on his goddamn face. And that goddamn face is just... fucking annoying.

Ugh, so arrogant. I hate him.

“Or I’ll slap you.” I smirk back at him.

His face turns hard again at my words as he advances closer to me with his steely glare set on mine. “I dare you-”

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