Defenders Episode 1: Guardian

By Brian Misher All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Fantasy


Nearly four thousand years ago, an evil and malevolent force threatened the Earth. That force was the Dark Realm and its army led by their evil ruler known as Jaquio. Jaquio had his sights set on conquering Earth just as he has conquered the Light Realm known as Argetha one millennium ago. It was once a beautiful place and the Argethan people lived in peace for a long time. Until a malicious being and his army come to the peaceful plane and wreaked havoc across all of Argetha; they brought chaos and destruction to the land, decimating everything in sight and ravaging the land with death and destruction stripping it of its former beauty. The Argethan ruler’s castle was demolished and in its place stands a twisted and malevolent spire known as the Tower of Darkness; a sinister castle brought out by hate that the Dark Realm lord called Jaquio calls home. The Realm of Light was turned into the Dark Realm and the Argethan people were enslaved, forced to build weapons and armor for the army of Jaquio. However, Jaquio wanted more. He gathered his army and set out to conquer a little blue planet called Earth.

Edenia, the Spirit of Earth, sensing the threat, called upon four gods from the four corners of the Earth to come together to combat an evil that threatened man and god alike. An epic battle ensues. The four gods, having set aside their differences, clash with the forces of the Dark Realm in a conflict that shook the Earth. After the intense clash, the four gods succeeded in driving Jaquio’s army back to their desolate realm. With his plans in ruin, Jaquio left, vowing to return the Earth and succeeding where he has failed. Millenniums pass by and the remnants of that epic battle are lost through history. Lost but not forgotten.

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