Heaven's Base

By Stephanie Eastwood All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Fantasy

Chapter One

I sighed and watched as the clock tick in the utter silence of the classroom before Lunch began. After the bell rang, I quickly snatched my backpack and slung it onto my back. I stuck my earbuds into my ears and blasted Linkin Park.

I walked to my locker to the beat of New Divide. Opened my locker and grabbed the lunch I made because I was the only one that cared if I ate.

I walked into the cafeteria and up to a table full of freshmen. They took one look at me and I glared at them, in seconds they picked up their food and moved toward a different table. I haven’t had friends since my mother was murdered when I was in sixth grade. I haven’t been social or nice.

I sat by myself almost the whole lunch, while a group of younger kids and a new kid looked back at me. The new kid stood up from the table and started to walk toward me, it looked like his friends were telling him it was a bad idea. He sat down across the round table from me, “Hello, my name is Greg. Would it be okay if I sat here with you?”

I glared at him, “You should have listened to your friends, Greg. Go sit somewhere else.”

But he didn’t move, “Why do you sit alone?”

I ignored him, eating my burrito. “What is your name?" A pause, "How long have you been here?" Another pause, "Why are you ignoring me?”

“Why are you full of questions? Why won’t you leave me alone? Why won’t you take the hint that I want to ignore you?!” I stood up and walked away.

After school, I drove home in my beat-up Mercedes. I listened to the voices of Black Veil Brides Wretched and Devine cd in the stereo. I drove responsible, and I apparently didn’t notice the stop sign. A Ford Explorer came toward me from the right. The nose of the truck connected with my passenger door and kept driving, denting more of my Mercedes. The Ford shoved my car into the corner of the stone wall, crashing the corner into the driver side and into me. I made my way out of my car and onto the ground somehow.

The driver of the Ford stepped out of his truck with a shotgun in his hand. I was dragging half of my body on the ground. The man stopped in front of me. “I have to put you down. You cannot be fixed. You should have been nicer at Lunch.” He was the kid from the cafeteria, Greg? Right? He aimed the shotgun at my head and pulled the trigger. Nailing me right between my eyes.

I felt my head rock back and hit the cold cement but I could feel something warm run down my forehead. Greg turned and walked over to his truck, got in and pulled off. Hit and run, typical. I stood up and looked down. A former shell of myself lay crumpled on the ground. I looked pale and lifeless, like any dead person.

A light flashed behind me, I turned around. The light was blinding, there was a sound of horse shoes hitting the cement. I looked around and into the bright light but saw nothing. A faint figure of a white horse and a golden chariot came into view.

The chariot stopped right in front of me. The horse had no rider. I looked around, something told me to get into the chariot. I placed my hand on the side of it and slowly stepped onto the chariot. After I stood in it, the chariot lurched forward almost throwing me out of it.

The white stallion turned the chariot around and started trotting back toward the bright light. I twisted my head around and watched the town I was born and raised in fade out of my vision.

After the town vanished from my sight, I turned back around and tried to see where the chariot was taking me. Of course, I couldn’t see where I was going because of the light.

I closed my eyes because the light started to give me headache. When the chariot suddenly stopped, I opened my eyes and looked around. A golden road laid at my feet, I looked around and a fluffy cotton ball ran into my face.

I swatted at the cloud and stepped off the chariot, onto the golden street. As I walked up the street, I noticed that nothing but the white cotton ball clouds surrounded them.

While I walked, questions filled my head, Why am I walking on a colored road after I had just been shot in the head? What is the point to exercise after I’m dead? When I came to the end of the road, I noticed a ghost town of houses that seemed like they were built out of clay. Although it was freezing in my home town, it was cool and warm in this place. So I pulled my hair back and peeled off my leather jacket.

I walked up to the first house I spotted, I opened the door and walked inside. I never thought a house would be full of furniture if it were placed in a ghost town. Pictures of multiple people filled the walls and told many stories of which I didn’t know.

I proceeded to walk through the house and finally came to a hallway. I stopped when I noticed stairs in the hallway. My brow pulled together in a frown, This looked like a one-story house from outside. Something was very off about this house. I slowly took one step at a time up the stairs. When I reached the top, I noticed that there were three bedrooms. The house was peacefully silent so I walked into the first bedroom on my left.

The bedroom looked like it was for a little boy. Posters of famous baseball players from the nineteen-fifties were plastered all over the walls. Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Jim Blackburn, Jimmy Bloodworth, and Jack Fisher were all in order by the years they played. There was a bedside table obviously next to the bed, a picture of a fair haired brunette girl from what I could tell because the picture looked like it was an old yellow. She had a bright smile on her clear face and was holding a small boy that looked almost like she did.

A creak from the hall made me jump, the girl from the picture stood in the doorway of the bedroom. I was right, she had fair brunette hair but had big hazel eyes to match, “Hello. Who are you?”

I was at a loss of words, “I’m… I’m Sam. Who are you?” I tried not to sound weak.

“Denise. What are you doing in my house?”

“I was just trying to find out where I am. I didn’t mean to intrude.” Why am I being nice all of a sudden? Don’t be weak!

“Well, you did. Now leave.” She had a hard look on her face.

“Where am I?” I inquired.

“In my house.”

I was starting to get irritated, “No, what town am I in?”

“Why do you need to know?”

She was pushing the wrong persons buttons, “Because some Jack-“ I couldn’t finish the insult I tried to yell at her so I tried again, “Because some Jack-“ I sighed, “Some guy from Lunch that I wasn’t nice to decided it would be smart to do a hit and run, but also killing me in the process!” I yelled.

“Don’t yell at me.” Denise calmly stated.

Anger bubbled in my chest again, “I can yell at you because you are not my mother and I am close to the age of Eighteen!” I was so close to her I could feel her breathing.

She replied with a right hook to my jaw, but I ducked and wrestled her to the ground. She laid on her stomach, while I sat on her back. “Now, I’m gonna ask you again. Where am I?”

“Does it matter?” She didn’t wait for an answer, “Meet me in Courthouse tomorrow and don’t worry about where you’re at so much, you could be easily manipulated.” Before I could blink she stood with me in front of her, with my arm in a Chicken Wing hold. She pushed me out of her house, and back onto the golden street. Leaving me to wonder what’s next.

I walked forever not remembering what I just walked by while I tried to figure out what had happened in Denise’s house. I don’t know where the Courthouse is, let alone, where I am. I was so lost in thought that I didn’t realize that people were walking around me, as soon as I ran into the shoulder of a woman. I glared at her, “Watch where you’re walking.”

“I sure hope that is not how your father raised you.” The soft voice came from behind me made me stop walking.

My heart began to speed up, that couldn’t be who I think it was. I slowly turned around, my mother’s sister, Penny. My heart slowed down, while I sighed with relief. She looked the way I remembered her when I was five, “Hi, Aunt Pen.”

“Hello, Samantha.” Her sweet smile reminded me of before Mom was murdered, and when everything in my life was great and had no worry or responsibility.

“It’s Sam now.” I tried to give her a smile, but it has been so long since I’ve really smiled, I sort of forgot how to.

Her brow pulled together, “What’s wrong?” I gave her a puzzled look, which made her continue, “You never liked to be called Sam because it wasn’t your real name.” It didn’t surprise me that she knew something was up. Even before the car accident that killed both her and her only daughter, she knew when something was wrong with someone. It was sort of a gift of hers.

“It’s nothing.” I didn’t make eye-contact as I tried to hide what was really wrong. But the longer she looked at me the longer I couldn’t take it. “I guess ever since Mom… left. Dad’s been drinking-“

“Your Father has been drinking?” I nodded my head, “Oh, when he finally does follow you up here, he will hear a thing or two from your favorite Auntie.”

I laughed inside, “You’re my only Aunt.”

“Therefore, your favorite Auntie.” Her smile faded, “What happened to your Mother? I know she wouldn’t leave you unless she was deceased.” Aunt Pen was right, my Mother was so kind hearted and giving that she would never hurt a fly. I am being a hundred percent serious. Her and I would sit at a window in the summer and catch flies then take them outside and let them go. The memory almost brought a tear to my eye, but I couldn’t show weakness around anyone that hasn’t seen me cry.

I sucked in a shallow breath, “Well, her car broke down one night on her way home from work. Her phone had died so she couldn’t call anybody. So she started walking to the nearest gas station. She never reached that far though. A couple of guys gagged her and kidnapped her for two long excruciating months. During that time, they rapped her repeatedly every day, almost all day. They supposedly chained her to things so she wouldn’t run away. The last day they held her, they stabbed her repeatedly in the chest. They stabbed her for everyday they rapped her. Dad and I received all the information from the Police after they found her in a ditch.” It didn’t surprise me when I didn’t start crying.

“Oh, Samantha. I’m so sorry.” She placed her hand on my shoulder and started walking in the direction she was earlier. “If only your Mother told me when she got here, I wouldn’t-“

“Mom’s here?”

“Yes, just a couple houses from mine.” She pointed in front of us, “Mine is this one.”

I ran in the direction she pointed and ran into the house she said was my Mothers. I ran in without thinking another thought. “Mom! Mom!” I ran through the house, the only sound of my footsteps replied to my calls. The hope that had filled my heart when I heard that my Mother would be here, slowly started to fade.

I walked through the rest of the house from the Entryway. Pictures from when I was younger filled the halls and walls through the house. Family photos we took when Mom was still alive had both me and Mom in the picture but a paper white silhouette of my Father. The house looked like my house back from when I was little. I started to walk to the back of the house, where my room used to be.

When I stepped into the doorframe, it felt like I was nine again. Everything was where I had it when I was nine. But as I stepped in closer into the room, it slowly changed to the way I had it now. All the books I had on my book shelf decreased, and the pictures on my wall disappeared, to leave an empty space on the wall. I watched as the curtains over my window, slowly grow to a darker shade and closed further on the window letting no light in. “It always saddened my heart to see your room become more gloomier than what it was when you were younger.” A familiar voice filled my heart with joy and my eyes with tears.

I spun around and saw my beautiful Mothers green eyes and dirty blonde hair. Tears sprang to my eyes and flooded down my face, “Mom, I’ve missed you so much.” I stated wrapping her in a hug.

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